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Subject: FW: Birdline NSW Weekly Update
From: Peter Ewin <>
Date: Tue, 14 Sep 2010 21:21:45 +1000
The very last sighting in this weeks NSW Birdline is a very interesting record 
of Scarlet-chested Parrot near Silverton. Is Garry Carter on Birding-Aus or 
does anyone have a contact as I am interested in this species in NSW (for my 
own sake but also to try and get some details on habitat usage for conservation 
reasons). I would be interested in further details but may not respond straight 
away as I am travelling the next couple of days.

The Gilbert's Whistler at the Inland Botanic Gardens is a good record too. I 
have not seen them there (also not visited regularly in spring) but John Hobbs 
recorded this species in 'scrub between Buronga and Dareton' in the 1960s and 
there were some Atlas records also from the vicinity. There is some crown land 
that would be worth exploring in this area and I think they mainly use 
Exocarpos species (Native Cherries) for habitat here - would be interested if 
this was the case with this record.

Have spent last night at Barham on the Murray - the river is very high and best 
bird was one or two Zure Kingfishers in the vicinity of the Barham Lakes.

Subject: Birdline NSW Weekly Update
Date: Mon, 13 Sep 2010 01:30:50 +1000

Birdline NSW
Published sightings for the week ending 12 Sep 2010.

Sun 12 Sep

Pallid Cuckoo, Boobook Owl
Schofields, NSW (approx. 10km NW of Blacktown CBD)

Along Kensington Park Rd in Schofields, I saw my first Pallid Cuckoo for the 
season and saw a Boobook being mobbed by various birds. In other areas around 
Schofields, I also heard a few more White-throated Gerygones, Rufous Whistlers, 
a Brown Goshawk circling low, nesting Fairy Martins etc.

Edwin Vella

Horsfield's Bronze-cuckoo, Fan-tailed Cuckoo, White-browed Scrubwren, Collared 
Eastlakes Golf Course, Sydney

Some nice bush birds at Eastlakes, all uncommon inner/eastern suburbs Sydney 
species. Cuckoos feeding on caterpillars in flowering acacias. Other species 
inc Collared Sparrowhawk, Aust Reed Warblers returned in small numbers, Little 
Grassbird, 60+ Fairy Martins, 3 Black-fronted Dotterel, 2 Royal Spoonbill. 
Water levels high, no returned snipe or sandpipers seen.

Eric Finley

Latham's Snipe
Marsden Park (approx. 10km W of Blacktown CBD)

Along Hollinsworth Rd at Marsden Park, I saw my first Latham's Snipe for the 
season and saw 2 Yellow-billed Spoonbills.

Edwin Vella

Tawny Grassbird, Spotless Crakes (6), Australian Owlet-nightjar
Air Services Land, Shanes Park (approx. 10km NW of Blacktown CBD), NSW

This morning, Mark Fuller and I were amazed to find a very large reedy swamp in 
the very northern end of the Air Services Land at Shanes Park adjacent to the 
creek than runs from the south-east of the area (the same and only creek within 
the Air Services land). We were initially delighted to see at least one Tawny 
Grassbird (I attached a poor photo of it) as we walked to the edge of the swamp 
and soon found at at least 6 (3 pairs) of Spotless Crakes in the reeds in 
different parts of the swamp. They were very close to us and calling frequently 
with their machine gun rattling calls but we could not entice them out in the 
open with squeaking. There were also a few Reed Warblers in the swamp. Other 
interesting finds at Shanes Park this morning included the usual Owlet-nightjar 
peeking outside its hollow, a few Speckled Warblers (including one carrying 
nesting material), a number of White-throated Gerygones, several Rufous 
Whistlers, a displaying Brown Gosahwk etc. Als
 o heard here my first Channel-billed Cuckoo for the season. The Tawny 
Grassbird brings my Blacktown LGA list to 216 species! It was also my first 
time I have had Spotless Crakes in my LGA.

Edwin Vella and Mark Fuller

Channel-billed Cuckoo
Castlereagh Cell

This morning while observing a nesting Australian Hobby, Laughing Kookaburra 
and Galahs I heard the raucous call near the lakes with the Great Crested 
Grebes. My first for this spring out in the Penrith area.

Ákos Lumnitzer

Australian Hobby eating on the wing
Castlereagh Cell

This afternoon while observing the Great Crested Grebes at the Castlereagh and 
Cranebrook Rd T-junction, I noted an adult Australian Hobby cruise above us. It 
appeared to be eating a large insect while on the wing. They do have an active 
nest in the area that I found yesterday afternoon.

Ákos Lumnitzer and Joyce Vears

Ground Parrot, Eastern Bristlebird, Flame Robin
Barren Grounds; Budderoo

Ground Parrot seen at Barren Grounds. 5 Eastern Bristlebirds calling at 
Budderoo along with a pair of Flame Robins and numerous Fan-tailed Cuckoos.

Paul Bruty

Channel-billed Cuckoo
Cross St, Mosman

Heard at different intervals over 1 hour, then flew over (loudly!) Seems that 
cuckoos are slowly building up their numbers, this is the 4th NSW record this 

Joshua Bergmark

Sat 11 Sep

White-headed Petrel
Offshore Sydney

A White-headed Petrel was the highlight of the September Sydney pelagic trip 
with a total of 20 species recorded on a very enjoyable day. Also saw five 
albatross species including Buller's and both Southern and Northern 

Roger McGovern

Emerald Dove
Yippen Creek, Wauchope

One only, seen on the road at 6.40 am. I have not seen one here, or in the area 
for many years.

Ian Kerr

Common Koel
Manly Lagoon

Heard the last two mornings .

Joshua Bergmark

Swamp Harrier
Penrith Swamp

Exactly one year ago I reported a pair in the swamp performing their aerial 
acrobatics perhaps a prelude to mating? I have again observed very similar 
behavior there this morning. (excuse the photo, they were quite a distance from 

Ákos Lumnitzer

Fri 10 Sep

Lewins rail, Bassian Thrush, Topknot Pigeon, Tawny Grassbird, Reed Warbler
Warriewood Wetlands/Irrawong Reserve

Lewins Rail called strongly for 2 or 3 minutes from deep cover near the 1st 
little footbridge in Irrawong Reserve.
Pair of Topknot Pigeons and Bassian Thrush seen near the Cabbage Tree Palm 
junction in Irrawong.
Tawny Grassbird seen from the elevated boardwalk at Warriewood.
Reed Warbler calling from reedbed at the water treatment ponds (with the 
fountain) in the Shearwater housing estate round the back of Warriewood 
Wetlands. Also a Brown Goshawk & Royal Spoonbill here.

Tom Wilson

Brush Bronzewing
Deep Creek Reserve, Narrabeen

Pair of Brush Bronzewings seen on the far side of the creek from the dog 
training oval.
Also here a large (60+) flock of Red Browed Finch on the oval and the approach 
road (I've never seen a group that big before) and 2 very vocal Fan Tailed 

Tom Wilson

White-winged Chough nesting update
Nimmitta (Private Property)

The chicks I reported exactly three weeks ago have fledged as of last Monday. I 
finally got to see only two of the three young fledged choughs with the parents 
still busily feeding them. They were hiding at the base of a gum tree in some 
fallen shrubbery. I doubt the third offspring survived since for the hour I 
watched them this morning there were clearly only two young ones that the seven 
adults came back to feed. Quite often the adults would display with open wings 
and bills in front of the fledglings after the food was exchanged. There is 
another nest about 500m away, which is behind schedule compared to this, so I 
will keep and eye on that too.

Ákos Lumnitzer

Thu 9 Sep

Tree Martins; Peregrine Falcon

I was pleased to see several Tree Martins today near the Shell Terminal, Gore 
Cove. They were breeding here in 1994-1995, but since moving back to Greenwich 
in 2007 I had not seen them again till now.
On Sept. 6th a Peregrine Falcon made a run over Berry Island towards Ball's 

Ted Nixon

Tue 7 Sep

Black-necked Stork, Crested Shrike-tit, Spectacled Monarch
Port Macquarie

An adult Black-necked Stork was seen in the old Port Macquarie STW in the 
industral estate, a pair of Crested Shrike-tits was found along a Corduroy 
Firetrail in Lake Innes NR and there was an early Spectacled Monarch at Sea 
Acres NR. On 5/9/10 a Koel was calling at Lyndale Ave Port Macquarie, while on 
1/9/10 Tim Morris heard a king Quail calling on Mundays Rd off Maria River Road.

Alan & Tim Morris

Eastern Koel, Black-faced Monarchs, Leaden Flycatcher, Rainbow Bee-eaters

First Koel for spring here, calling after dark (at ~19:00).  Also a  pair of 
Black-faced Monarchs and a Leaden Flycatcher in coastal reserve. Following 
initial report of Bee-eaters last week (2 Sep), birds were passing over 
throughout the day on the weekend, with some birds also hanging around in the 
reserve. Orioles have started calling again, and Little Shrike-thrush also 
heard singing more over last few days.  Red-whiskered Bulbuls continue to sing 
strongly at the northern end of the reserve.  We await Dollarbirds!

Peter Higgins & Michael Cheers

Bassian thrush
Warriewood Wetland

Seen beside track in rainforest about 100 m bfore waterfall in Irrawong 
section; also shining bronze-cuckoo near main road; great egret at main 

Carl Weber

Wompoo Fruit-Dove; Regent Bowerbird
Coorabell, Nr. Bangalow

Four Wompoo Fruit-Doves and two female Regent Bowerbirds feeding in  Blue 

Phil Murray

Mon 6 Sep

Tawny Frogmoth, Powerful Owl
Botanic Gardens, Sydney CBD

Tawny frogmouth roosting on Swamp Mahogany near the Macquarie Wall's portal, 
and Powerful Owl shifted position but in same tree today in the Aust Rainforest 
Walk - its scats show some sizeable fur clumps.
Noisy miners calling in street trees down Park St to cnr George St, and S. 
Gulls swooping low at car height tonight outside Macdonalds Town Hall.

Bruce Roubin

Sun 5 Sep

Wedge-tailed Eagle, Pied Butcherbird, Cockatiel
Foreshore Walk, Mungo NP

Wedge-tailed Eagle: 2 adults flying over nest site, 1 small white eaglet in 
nest (3). Pied Butcherbird: 1 adult flew to nest, calling like baby, sat on 
nest, was fed by another adult, then flew off.  Repeated this behaviour again 
later (2). Cockatiel: many - at least 2 pairs seen mating .

Janine Duffy, Roger Smith

Powerful Owl
Royal Botanical Gardens

As noted yesterday, still in the Rainforest Walk.  Also a Buff-banded Rail and 
all the usual species.

Tony and Johanna Keene

White-bellied Cuckoo-shrikes
Riverstone (approx. 10km NW of Blacktown CBD)

The pair of White-bellied Cuckoo-shrikes (light and dark-morph pair) I saw a 
few weeks ago, where still at Knudsen Reserve in Riverstone and were together 
mobbing a Kookaburra. I would say they would be breeding in the area. Also 
heard along the creek was an Azure Kingfisher.

Edwin Vella

Sat 4 Sep

Ground Cuckoo-Shrike, Banded Lapwing
Euabalong Road, Lake Cargelligo

Several Banded Lapwings & a Ground Cuckoo-shrike in a recently ploughed field 
beside Euabalong Road on Lake Cargelligo side of Murrin Bridge.

Chris Charles

Superb Parrots, Barn Owl
The Escort Way between Orange and Forbes

Driving to Forbes in the wind and rain, the day was brightened by a pair of 
Superb Parrots crossing the road just west of Cudal and a Barn Owl between 
Eugowra and Forbes which floated over a paddock before dropping to the ground. 
Interesting to see it active at 1pm in the middle of the day.

Iain Blake

Fri 3 Sep

Gilbert's Whistler
Australian Inland Botanic Gardens, Buronga

male bird singing loudly.  (1).

Janine Duffy, Roger Smith

Thu 2 Sep

Black-eared Cuckoo
Capertee Valley

The first Black-eared Cuckoo I've heard this season was calling on private 
property at the foot of Mt Gundangaroo. On the same property, a Horsfield's 
Bronze-Cuckoo just arrived, Painted Button-quails and all the other usual 
species including Black-chinned and Striped Honeyeaters. Elsewhere in the 
valley, Turquoise Parrots seen along the roadside near the Nioka gate on the 
Glen Davis Road. At Lansallos B&B on Noola Road, several Western Gerygones in 
full voice.

Carol Probets

Wed 1 Sep

Eastern Osprey

the wind storm that hit Ulladulla last Sunday morning sadly destroyed the 
Ospreys nest on the Telecom tower.
When we checked the nest last week there was nothing in it so hopefully they 
may try again this spring.

Bob Rusk

Tue 10 Aug

Scarlet-chested Parrot
approx 3 km E of Silverton

One male bird clearly seen perched on a small tree and then moving to another 
tree close by.On the Silverton to Broken Hill road approx 3km east of Silverton.

Garry Carter

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