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Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2005 12:25:19 +1100
At 06:52 PM 27/02/2005, Vincent Lee wrote:
Hi to all birdos have the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ20GN camera or any computer buffs

I am desperately would like you to shed some light on the subject.

I bought this camera two weeks ago. I read and followed instructions in the booklets provided. Took some pictures (with the 16MB card provided). The pictures were beautifully sharp and clear with different zoom sizes (through the LCD viewer) and then something really weird happened. I couldn't download pictures to my computer (running Window XP Professional) using the USB cable privided. So I tried to install the software provided but the computer tells me "there is no supported memory card" when I tried to download.. Then I tried to install the driver and the computer tells me XP already have one. When I connect the camera to the computer using the USB cable and turn the camera on the only thing on the camera LCD is a picture, there is nothing tells me pc access. There is nothing on the computer screen tells me to view, save or copy images. I first thought it might be the USB cable (provided) or the USB port in my computer (although the scanner and the printer using USB ports). I contacted a friend has the same camera and tried with his cable and camera. He couldn't download his or mine pictures to my computer. I then took it back to the store where I bought the camera from. It didnot work there either and they told me to contact Panasonic helpline. Instead I emailed to them and so far there is no reply. I then contacted another friend has the same camera and tried with his USB cable and camera and also his card reader. Again no avail. I then took the camera to a computer shop and tried with one of shop's computers and hey presto it worked. I unplugged it and reconnected a few times it worked perfectly. The owner of the compute shop thinks it might be the USB port in my computer. I then bought a USB 2.0 PCI card from him and guess what it didnot work (I have not gone to see him yet). Following this I tried three more different computers and also didnot work. I am completely utterly bamboozled. Is there something wrong with the camera? Is there something in the computers conflicting with the camera configuration? How come only one computer recognized the "download" signal but not others? I have a video camcorder and have no problem of downloading still pictures or movies to my computer. My daughter has a Canon digital camera and has no problem of downloading pictures to my computer. Can you help?

I can't speak specifically for the Panasonic, but most cameras just appear like one more disk drive to the computer when you plug them in via USB. In effect, the camera is just behaving as a memory card reader for the computer. So I wouldn't expect the camera to do anything special when you plug in the USB cable. Windows 2000 and XP have built-in support for USB disk drives, which is why no special driver is necessary for them to read pictures off the memory card.

Windows XP has a special pop-up window when you connect a USB disk drive, but I wouldn't rely on this to decide if the computer can see the memory card. Rather, look in My Computer for any new removable disk drives. The pop-up window is the Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) service, and it's possible it has been turned off. Have a look in Start-All Programs-Administrative Tools-Services, and see if Windows Image Acquisition has a status of "Started". If not, right click on WIA, choose Properties, change the Startup type to "Automatic" and click on the Start button.

If WIA is not the problem, I wonder if you don't have the generic Windows drivers for cameras and Mass Storage Devices. At, someone this problem with another Panasonic camera, and had to copy the INF files from another computer to fix the problem. This is non-trivial, I suggest you print out the web page and get your friendly computer technician to help you.

Apparently some Panasonic *video* cameras don't work if there are already two or more USB devices attached. Try disconnecting all other devices, plug in the camera and turn it on, then power down and restart the computer. If that fixes the problem, a permanent fix might be to invest in a memory card reader so you don't need to connect the computer to the computer at all.

On, another Panasonic customer has encountered the same "there is no supported memory card" message a few weeks ago. It might be worth adding a message to the forum to ask if he or she solved it.

At, someone discovered they had some rust on their USB connector. Once they cleaned it everything worked. You could try shuffling the USB cables so the camera connects to a connector that you know is working for your scanner or printer.

Your camera works fine with another computer, and you can't get anything off the card with a card reader when the camera is totally out of the equation, so I think the camera is not the problem. I too wonder if the problem was the USB connector on the computer. Do your other USB devices work through the new USB 2 card? Can you try another USB cable to ensure it's not the problem?

An interesting experiment would be to temporarily install your friend's card reader on your computer. If that works with your friend's memory cards, the USB port on your computer is fine. Now try it with your memory card, and cross your fingers!

One more possibility is the memory card itself is corrupted. I wonder about this, because you said the camera works fine on another computer. A common cause of corruption is removing it from the camera while the camera is still writing to it. If you can test with another memory card in your camera, try that. There are several programs that can retrieve images from a corrupted memory card. An article at gives a review of them. Several of the programs have free trial versions. After you've tried to get the pictures off the card, there should be a way in the camera to reformat the card. That will erase all the pictures but get rid of the corruption.

Let us know how you go, there may be others with a similar problem.


Paul Foxworthy

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