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Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2004 17:50:45 +1000
Hi All,

As you may be aware the current Australasian Bird Image Database ( has been up and running for over a year now, and we have nearly 2300 images of approximately 718 of the 1550 species. This equates to about 46%.

I've just had a quick look through and of the species which can be found in Australia we are still short of about 130. I've made a list of these and included it below, if you have good quality images of any of these (prints or digital) we would love to display them on the ABID. I realise that most are rare and difficult to photograph but there are some that are surprisingly missing. (ie. Grey Plover, Little Crow, Red-browed Treecreeper etc)

Please have a 'surf' of the site and let me know if you can help out,

Look forward to hearing from you,

Tom Tarrant

  Dendrocygna guttata - Spotted Whistling-Duck
  Aerodramus spodiopygius - White-rumped Swiftlet
  Aerodramus terraereginae - Australian Swiftlet
  Apus pacificus - Fork-tailed Swift
  Hirundapus caudacutus - White-throated Needletail
  Pluvialis squatarola - Grey Plover
  Falco hypoleucos - Grey Falcon
  Falco subniger - Black Falcon
  Fregata andrewsi - Christmas Island Frigatebird
  Anous tenuirostris - Lesser Noddy
  Gygis alba - Common White-Tern
  Procelsterna cerulea - Blue Noddy
  Sterna paradisaea - Arctic Tern
  Bulweria bulwerii - Bulwer's Petrel
  Calonectris leucomelas - Streaked Shearwater
  Garrodia nereis - Grey-backed Storm-Petrel
  Oceanodroma leucorhoa - Leach's Storm-Petrel
  Oceanodroma matsudairae - Matsudaira's Storm-Petrel
  Pachyptila belcheri - Slender-billed Prion
  Pachyptila crassirostris - Fulmar Prion
  Pachyptila salvini - Medium-billed Prion
  Pterodroma nigripennis - Black-winged Petrel
  Puffinus assimilis - Little Shearwater
  Calidris melanotos - Pectoral Sandpiper
  Gallinago stenura - Pintail Snipe
  Sula dactylatra - Masked Booby
  Phaps histrionica - Flock Bronzewing
  Ptilinopus cinctus - Black-backed Fruit-Dove
  Streptopelia senegalensis - Laughing Dove
  Syma torotoro - Yellow-billed Kingfisher
  Cacomantis castaneiventris - Chestnut-breasted Cuckoo
  Coturnix chinensis - Blue-breasted Quail (King Quail)
  Amaurornis moluccanus - Rufous-tailed Waterhen (Bush-hen)
  Eulabeornis castaneoventris - Chestnut Rail
  Climacteris erythrops - Red-browed Treecreeper
  Colluricincla boweri - Bower's Shrike-thrush
  Corvus bennetti - Little Crow
  Corvus boreus - Relict Raven
  Cracticus mentalis - Black-backed Butcherbird
  Cracticus quoyi - Black Butcherbird
  Manucodia keraudrenii - Trumpet Manucode
  Monarcha frater - Black-winged Monarch
  Pachycephala melanura - Mangrove Golden Whistler
  Pachycephala olivacea - Olive Whistler
  Psophodes nigrogularis - Western Whipbird
  Psophodes occidentalis - Chiming Wedgebill
  Ptiloris magnificus - Magnificent Riflebird
  Ptiloris paradiseus - Paradise Riflebird
  Rhipidura phasiana - Mangrove Fantail
  Cheramoeca leucosternus - White-backed Swallow
  Hirundo daurica - Red-rumped Swallow
  Amytornis barbatus - Grey Grasswren
  Amytornis dorotheae - Carpentarian Grasswren
  Amytornis housei - Black Grasswren
  Amytornis striatus - Striated Grasswren
  Amytornis woodwardi - White-throated Grasswren
  Stipiturus mallee - Mallee Emuwren
  Stipiturus ruficeps - Rufous-crowned Emuwren
  Acanthorhynchus superciliosus - Western Spinebill
  Conopophila whitei - Grey Honeyeater
  Grantiella picta - Painted Honeyeater
  Lichenostomus fasciogularis - Mangrove Honeyeater
  Lichenostomus hindwoodi - Eungella Honeyeater
  Lichenostomus ornatus - Yellow-plumed Honeyeater
  Manorina melanotis - Black-eared Miner
  Melithreptus brevirostris - Brown-headed Honeyeater
  Myzomela erythrocephala - Red-headed Honeyeater (Myzomela)
  Myzomela obscura - Dusky Honeyeater (Myzomela)
  Philemon buceroides - Helmeted Friarbird
  Phylidonyris albifrons - White-fronted Honeyeater
  Trichodere cockerelli - White-streaked Honeyeater
  Xanthomyza phrygia - Regent Honeyeater
  Xanthotis flaviventer - Tawny-breasted Honeyeater
  Atrichornis clamosus - Noisy Scrub-bird
  Atrichornis rufescens - Rufous Scrub-bird
  Menura alberti - Albert's Lyrebird
  Orthonyx spaldingii - Chowchilla
  Acanthiza ewingii - Tasmanian Thornbill
  Acanthiza inornata - Western Thornbill
  Acanthiza iredalei - Slender-billed Thornbill
  Acanthiza nana - Yellow Thornbill
  Acanthiza robustirostris - Slaty-backed Thornbill
  Acanthiza uropygialis - Chestnut-rumped Thornbill
  Acanthornis magnus - Scrubtit
  Aphelocephala nigricincta - Banded Whiteface
  Calamanthus fuliginosus - Striated Heathwren
  Dasyornis brachypterus - Eastern Bristlebird
  Dasyornis longirostris - Western Bristlebird
  Gerygone chloronotus - Green-backed Gerygone
  Gerygone levigaster - Mangrove Gerygone
  Gerygone palpebrosa - Fairy Gerygone
  Gerygone tenebrosa - Dusky Gerygone
  Pardalotus quadragintus - Forty-spotted Pardalote
  Pycnoptilus floccosus - Pilotbird
  Pyrrholaemus brunneus - Redthroat
  Sericornis citreogularis - Yellow-throated Scrubwren
  Sericornis keri - Atherton Scrubwren
  Erythrura gouldiae - Gouldian Finch
  Heteromunia pectoralis - Pictorella Mannikin
  Lonchura flaviprymna - Yellow-rumped Mannikin
  Lonchura punctulata - Scaly-breasted Mannikin
  Drymodes superciliaris - Northern Scrub-Robin
  Eopsaltria georgiana - White-breasted Robin
  Eopsaltria pulverulenta - Mangrove Robin
  Microeca griseoceps - Yellow-legged Flyrobin
  Tregellasia leucops - White-faced Robin
  Pitta erythrogaster - Red-bellied Pitta
  Pomatostomus halli - Hall's Babbler
  Pomatostomus ruficeps - Chestnut-crowned Babbler
  Chlamydera cerviniventris - Fawn-breasted Bowerbird
  Sturnus vulgaris - Common Starling
  Eremiornis carteri - Spinifex-bird
  Zosterops citrinellus - Pale White-eye
  Zosterops luteus - Australian Yellow White-eye
  Cacatua pastinator - Western Corella
  Calyptorhynchus latirostris - Slender-billed Black-Cockatoo
  Neophema petrophila - Rock Parrot
  Neophema splendida - Scarlet-chested Parrot
  Neopsephotus bourkii - Bourke's Parrot
  Pezoporus occidentalis - Night Parrot
  Pezoporus wallicus - Ground Parrot
  Polytelis alexandrae - Alexandra's Parrot
  Purpureicephalus spurius - Red-capped Parrot
  Eurostopodus argus - Spotted Eared-Nightjar
  Ninox rufa - Rufous Owl
  Tyto castanops - Tasmanian Masked-Owl
  Tyto tenebricosa - Greater Sooty-Owl
  Turnix castanota - Chestnut-backed Buttonquail
  Turnix olivii - Buff-breasted Buttonquail
  Turnix pyrrhothorax - Red-chested Buttonquail
  Turnix velox - Little Buttonquail

Tom & Marie Tarrant
Samsonvale, Queensland 4520

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