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Proceedings of Workshop on Active Sonar and Cetaceans

Subject: Proceedings of Workshop on Active Sonar and Cetaceans
From: Dave Mellinger <>
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2004 08:23:31 -0800
 PROCEEDINGS (editors Peter G.H. Evans & Lee A. Miller). 84pp.
 Active sonar, operating with sound source levels of up to 245 dB re
 1=B5Pa @ 1 m at frequencies mainly between 1 and 150 kHz, is frequently
 used for fish-finding, oceanography, charting and in military
 activities (for example locating submarines). Since the mid-1990s,
 concern has been expressed over the potential impact these sounds may
 have upon cetaceans (particularly deep diving toothed whales of the
 suborder Odontoceti such as the beaked whales, family Ziphiidae),
 and post mortem studies of mass stranded animals in the Bahamas,
 Madeira and, most recently, in the Canaries have revealed multifocal
 haemorrhaging and ear damage.
 The purpose of this workshop was to bring together whale biologists,
 pathologists, acousticians, and representatives of governments,
 oceanographic institutes and national navies with interests in this
 topic, to objectively review the existing evidence and, where
 detrimental effects are implicated, to identify possible mitigation
 measures. Attention focused upon the species involved and any
 characteristics that may make them especially vulnerable, as well as
 on the nature of the sound source (sound levels, peak frequencies,
 usage, and sound transmission in relation to oceanographic
 The workshop took place on  8 March 2003 at Las Palmas, Gran Canaria,
 immediately before the start of the 17th Annual Conference of the
 European Cetacean Society. It was attended by around 110 persons from
 21 countries representing a wide variety of disciplines and
 interests. Contents of the resulting volume are included below.
 Current members of the European Cetacean Society and workshop
 contributors will automatically receive a copy of the Proceedings.
 Any others wishing to receive a copy, please fill in the enclosed
 booking form.
 CONTENTS of Proceedings of Workshop on ACTIVE SONAR AND CETACEANS
 Workshop Programme
 Evans, P.G.H. and Miller, L.A. Introduction
 Harland, E.J. Introduction to active sonar
 Zimmer, W.M.X. Sonar systems and stranding of beaked whales
 =46rantzis, A. The first mass stranding that was associated with the
 use of active sonar
 (Kyparissiakos Gulf, Greece, 1996)
 Ketten, D.R.,  Rowles, T., Cramer, S., O'Malley, J., Arruda, J., and
 Evans, P.G.H.  Cranial trauma
 in beaked whales
 =46reitas, L. The stranding of three Cuvier's beaked whales Ziphius
 cavirostris in Madeira archipelago
 Martin, V., Servidio, A. and Garc=EDa, S. Mass strandings of beaked
 whales in the Canary Islands
 =46ern=E1ndez, A. Pathological findings in stranded beaked whales during
 the naval military
 manoeuvres near the Canary Islands
 M=F8hl, B. Sperm whale sonar rivals tactical sonar with source levels at 235=
 Tyack, P.L. and Johnson, M. Can controlled exposure experiments be
 used to help determine safe
 exposure for beaked whales? - tools and techniques for quantifying
 the responses of whales to sound
 Nachtigall, P.E. and Supin, A.Ya. Measuring hearing with acoustic
 brainstem responses
 Pavan, G.,  Fossati, C.,  Manghi, M., and Priano, M.  Passive
 acoustic tools for the implementation
 of acoustic risk mitigation policies
 Carron, M. NATO SACLANTCEN marine mammal risk mitigation programme
 (sound, ocean,
 and living marine resources)
 Johnson, J.S. High frequency marine mammal monitoring active sonar system
 Gentry, R.L. Mitigation measures for use with military sonar
 Macleod, C.D. Insights into the determination of beaked whale
 'hotspots' through the development
 of a global database
 Evans, P.G.H. and Miller, L.A. Concluding Remarks
 List of workshop participants
 Dr Peter G.H. Evans
 Sea Watch Foundation
 11 Jersey Road
 Oxford 0X4 4RT, UK
 Tel: 44-(0)1865-717276

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