Birdline Victoria Weekly Update

Subject: Birdline Victoria Weekly Update
Date: 24 Nov 2014 08:01:37 +1000
   Birdline Victoria

   Published sightings for the week ending 23 Nov 2014.

   Sun 23 Nov Red Necked Avocet, Black Winged Stilt, Red Kneed Dotterel &
   Grey Teal Thompsons Rd cnr William Thwaites Bvd, Cranbourne North
   Some welcome new residents at the developing wetland/stormwater
   treatment basin. It has recently been drained for planting and this has
   attracted the avocets, stilts and family of dotterels - great to see in
   developing suburbia.
   Ziggy, Claire & Eva Wolinski
   Latham's Snipe, Intermediate Egret McDonalds Swamp
   After good views of dowitcher, we visited McDonalds Swamp. 1 Latham's
   Snipe, 3 Intermediate Egrets, 5 Glossy ibis and 4 Spotted Crakes but no
   Aust. Bitterns seen.
   Pam Smith and Paul Taylor
   White-cheeked Honeyeater (2), Black Bittern (1) Croajingolong National
   Located a pair of White-cheeked Honeyeaters along the road that passes
   the boardwalk in Howe Flat in Croajingolong National Park. About 100
   metres down the track past the boardwalk, we heard an unusual call
   which we pssshted in. Single bird shot across path noticeably larger
   than New Holland Honeyeater. On second view as it flew about we viewed
   the large white patch on cheek and confirmed White-cheeked Honeyeater.
   Over the next 20 minutes we struggled to get photos but eventually
   succeeded and confirmed a pair of birds when seen together flying about
   the area. Many photos taken and photo of exact spot where birds located
   also available to interested twitchers. Also of note, single Black
   Bittern flushed from under bridge outside Mallacoota on the previous
   James Mustafa & Steve Davidson
   Channel-billed Cuckoo Lake Glenmaggie, Victoria
   A pair has been visiting for 4-6 weeks during the last 4-5 springs,
   generally to clean out our Mulberry bush.
   JOhn & Marg Gwyther
   Eastern Koel Lake Glenmaggie, Victoria
   Observed in light box bushland on the Eastern edge of the lake. Second
   one heard but not sighted nearby.
   John & Marg Gwyther
   Sat 22 Nov Glossy Ibis (10) Western Treatment Plant (Werribee)
   10 Glossy Ibis seen in pond on 145WA lagoon (opposite Walsh's Lagoon)
   about 200m east of the ford.
   Paul Dodd & Beth Baisch
   Ground Cuckoo-shrike Minyip 10' Cell
   Ground Cuckoo-shrike seen about 10 km north of Minyip on Donald Rd
   Allan and Rob Benson
   Pectoral Sandpiper Western Treatment Plant (Werribee)--T Section Ponds
   1 juvenile Pectoral Sandpiper seen mainly on the southern side of the
   first T-Section lagoon, Also a Black-tailed Godwit present, 1 Brolga &
   plenty of other waders, conditions looking good.
   Kevin Bartram, Scott Baker, Merv Marsh
   Long-billed Dowitcher Lake Tutchewop
   Bird reported as still present this morning
   simon starr per facebook
   Eastern Koel corner Curtis and Quick streets Bendigo
   The male was high up in a pine tree calling from 7.00 a.m. While
   watching I could hear another male calling in the distance. The bird
   changed its normal cooee call to a warbling call. I recorded this call
   and played it back to the bird, it flew away toward the other caller.
   Peter Weinstock
   White-fronted Chat South West of Numurkah
   A small group of 6 - 8 White-fronted Chats seen in Central Mundoona
   Road along a fence line of a harvested wheat field. Time : late
   Richard & Catarina Gregson
   Fri 21 Nov Long-billed Dowitcher Lake Tutchewop South East Corner
   Hot windy and overcast morning. Dowitcher was among a group of waders.
   An flight-takeoff photograph (good view of white-edged barring on
   flank) attached. A big thank-you to birders who left a location message
   on our windscreen while we at the North-east corner.
   Ivan Traverso & Russell Cockman
   Long-billed Dowitcher Lake Tutchewop
   Seen in am by 10+ birders on north east shore
   Frank Pierce
   Freckled Duck Eynesbury Golf Course
   4 birds on the ornamental lake adjacent to the golf course pro-shop.
   Other good birds in the area included several separate sightings of
   Diamond Firetail around the golf course and a Crested Shrike-tit in the
   Richard Nowotny & David Wimpress (UK)
   Square-tailed Kite Eynesbury Forest and Grasslands
   Single bird over the woodland, rising rapidly on a thermal.
   Richard Nowotny & David Wimpress (UK)
   White-throated Needletail Mallacoota Airfield
   Whilst watching a White-bellied Sea-eagle carrying Little Penguin prey
   and buzzed by a White-throated Needletail our attention soon turned to
   a vast gathering of swifts. A conservative estimate of around 1300 WTNT
   was milling over the airfield; the flock moved slowly westward and soon
   disappeared completely.
   Steve Davidson & James Mustafa
   Long-billed Dowitcher Lake Tutchewop
   Bird still present this morning on North East side of Lake. Feeding,
   sleeping and generally relaxed.
   Gavin Masters and Mal Chicksen
   Forest Raven Ocean View Caravan Park, Marlo
   Single bird heard then seen in Norfolk Pine, 0620hrs.
   Steve Davidson & James Mustafa
   Thu 20 Nov Eastern Koel Park Orchards
   One individual heard calling from a nearby tree at 5:00am.
   Tim Currie
   Long Billed Dowitcher Lake Tutchewop
   As reported on south east side of lake.Had good view took plenty of
   Tony & Stephanie Dawe Danny Rogers Bruce Collier & David Andrew
   Dollarbird Oswin Roberts Reserve, Phillip Island
   Surprised to find a suspect Dollarbird this morning on Phillip Island,
   perched in distant dead branches in the Oswin Roberts Reserve in
   overcast conditions. Unable to bush-bash any nearer, the best we could
   do was take some long shot photos to get better diagnostics. One has
   been supplied to the Moderator for confirmation purposes.
   Alan and Hazel Veevers, Michele Grant
   Long-billed Dowitcher Lake Tutchewop
   The bird was seen this morning on the southern shoreline.
   Peter and Helga Waanders per Simon Starr
   Purple-crowned Lorikeet Chirnside Park
   This morning at approximately 7:15 I heard the distinctive harsh
   screeching call of a single Purple-crowned Lorikeet passing over my
   house, most likely attracted to the flowering Eucalypts in the area at
   Tim Nickholds
   Wed 19 Nov Black-faced Monarch Cody Gully track, Foster
   Seen at 8:30 in the morning in the gully
   rohan bugg
   Freckled Duck Balnarring Community Wetland
   9 Freckled Ducks this morning, a pair of Blue billed Ducks, Chestnut.
   And Grey Teal, a family of Australian Shelduck, Hoary headed Grebe, a
   pair of Red kneeded Dotterel and an adult White-bellied Sea Eagle low
   overhead at 11am
   Richard, Elliot and Toby Hook
   Eastern Koel Hawthorn East (Camberwell)
   First Koel that I've heard in Victoria, probably resident in large
   Fig-tree on top of hill on Burke Road -37.835347, 145.055837
   Tom Tarrant
   Sharp-tailed Sandpiper, Red-necked Stint Ricketts Pt, Beaumaris
   A flock of 13 Sharpies and 3 Red-necked Stints roosting this morning.
   The first Sharpies at the site I have recorded in 3 years and only
   about the fourth record of the stints for me.
   Sean Dooley
   Channel - Billed Cuckoo Edrington Park Retirement Village,Berwick
   1 flew from east to west through the village at 8.40 am .
   Graham Beal & James Grant
   Tue 18 Nov Channel - Billed Cuckoo Edrington Park Retirement Village,
   2 birds watched from 2.40 pm for approx.15 mins.,being harassed by
   Little Ravens in the trees.Flew off into the neighbourhood east of the
   village. The Village is private property.
   Graham Beal and James Grant
   Australasian Bittern McDonald Swamp Wildlife Reserve
   Flushed from roadside. Glossy Ibis and possible Intermediate Egret
   Malcolm Cousland
   Long-billed Dowitcher Lake Tutchewop
   Arrived around 1030 (having dipped last Wed) to find Bill and Jack
   Morehead had it lined up for us! Thanks guys
   Dave Torr, Iian Denham and Mark Buckby
   Eastern Koel Black Rock
   Following on from Kim Cocker's report, a male bird was calling from the
   outer branches of the same fig tree next to the Black Rock shops this
   morning at about 8:15.
   Sean Dooley
   Mon 17 Nov Dowitcher sp. Lake Tutchewop
   Seen for 3 hours this morning, east side of the lake, in company with
   sharp-tailed & curlew sandpipers, and resting terns. Lovely viewing
   conditions in morning light, much more pleasant than the afternoon
   spent fruitlessly searching last week.
   Gregg Muller
   Long-billed Dowitcher? Lake Tutchewop
   The LBD was located on the east side of the lake mid-afternoon today.
   Bernie OKeefe
   Long-billed Dowitcher Lake Tutchewop
   Bird observed and photographed on Northern shore of the lake this
   morning. Many birders present.
   Warren Palmer, Warwick Remington, Trevor Lumb.
   grey-crowned babblers Kerang Ibis Rookery
   a family of 5 birds seen at Ibis Rookery on way back from Lake
   Tutchewop. Just on left of path leading to bird hide...
   Murray & Chambers & Ian Mayo
   long-billed dowitcher Lake Tutchewop
   excellent views of dowitcher today....along north-eastern shoreline
   Murray Chambers & Ian Mayo
   Scarlet Honeyeater-male Ensay Doctors Flat Road
   This morning photographed Scarlet Honeyeater near Ensay, East Gippsland
   Robert Plumtree
   Dowitcher Lake Tutchewop
   Seen at north end from 10 am
   simon starr via facebook
   Sun 16 Nov Splendid Fairy-Wren (Malurus splendens) Thunder Swamp
   Wildlife Reserve, Dingee Vic
   Unconfirmed immature bird sighted August 2014, November same transect,
   young male approaching full plumage sighted. [Ed note. significant
   range expansion: most south-easterly confirmed record.]
   Greg Licence
   Long-billed Dowitcher Lake Tuchewop
   Bird located in the southern section at 08:30. Observed for twenty
   minites before it was spooked off by a Whistling Kite.
   Roly Lloyd and Eddy Smith
   Brolga Wetland near Hexham
   On my way to Cobra Killuc Reserve near Hexham Victoria, i stopped in at
   a wetland on Wordleys Lane on dusk. From only a quick, distant scan i
   spotted 2 X Brolga, 100+ Banded Stilt and lots of Pink-eared Ducks. It
   may be worth a better look if anyone is in the area: -37.961274,
   Peter Fuller
   Swift Parrots Manrico Crt, Sunbury
   Single bird first heard and then sighetd in Yellow Gum at the bottom of
   the court this morning. Heard again mid afternoon. Around 27mm of rain
   last night had all the resident birds active and feeding in the gums
   throughout the day.
   Gerard O'Neill
   Sat 15 Nov White-winged chough Iluka St Black Rock
   My granddaughter and I heard the most unusual bird call coming from
   high in a tree in my backyard. It was a mournful call and I would have
   said that it was two notes but would like to hear a recording. We could
   only see the bird from below, but it was large and black with a much
   slimmer beak than a crow. We have many crows and currawongs here, so I
   know it was neither of those. Our neighbours also came outside to see
   as it was such an unusual call. I also heard it two days later, but
   further away, and I think I heard it yesterday but much further away.
   The only bird I can find in my bird books that matches the description
   is a chough. I have never seen or heard one before.
   Mrs Heather Hanstein
   Satin Flycatcher Buttongrass Walk, Bunyip
   Pair displaying near start of Buttongrass Walk close to small bridge
   near road intersection. Also present in same area 2 Rufous Fantails,
   Crested Shrike-tit and Cicadabird heard.
   Tom Tarrant
   Eastern Koel Black Rock, Victoria
   Heard calling at Black Rock shopping strip and spotted in Fig tree in
   car-park in Balcombe Rd
   Kim Croker
   Mon 3 Nov Koel Brookfield Village at Arnolds Creek, Melton South
   One Koel heard at Lifestyle Brookfield Retirement Village in Melton,
   beside Arnolds Creek, by Community Manager Roslyn Mohr . "Not sure if
   this is an unusual observation but last Friday morning we heard the
   distinctive call of a Common Koel here in the community. I know theyare
   not a regular visitor to Victoria (I commonly hear them on my brothers
   property near Brisbane) but wondered if theyave been sighted in the
   area before? I didnat see the bird but do know the call well"
   Ros Mohr (per Daryl Akers)
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