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Subject: Birdline New South Wales Weekly Update
Date: 14 Jul 2014 10:42:34 +1000

Birdline New South Wales

Published sightings for the week ending 13 Jul 2014.

Mon 14 Jul Noisy Pitta Bermagui
Following up from the recent post, only one Noisy Pitta was spotted near Bermagui.
Steve Sass, Andrew Morrison, Harrison Warne

Sun 13 Jul Noisy Pitta, Striated Heron Deep Creek Reserve Narrabeen
Juvenile Striated Heron (photograph by Dave Vink) & Noisy Pitta in the area between the waterfall and the green bridge in late afternoon.
Mike Barrow, Dave Vink

Ruddy Turnstones Cowrie Hole near Newcastle Beach
2 Ruddy Turnstones feeding on rock shelf
Chris and Kate Aisbett

Sat 12 Jul Black Falcon, Black Kite Lenaghan Drive, Lenaghan
When we arrived at Lenaghan about 2 pm, we were greeted by another Black Falcon perched on top of a power line pole. After a minute or so it then took off and landed in a nearby tree and then came again to land on top of the same power line pole where we again got close up views of this Falcon. Other raptors present included several White-bellied Sea-eagles (in all stages of plumage), a few Swamp Harriers, a single Black Kite with several Whistling Kites. On my last visit to this site (29/3/14) I had 8 Black Kites as well as a single Black Falcon.
Edwin Vella and Mark Fuller

Australian Shelduck, Lewin's Rail, Black Falcon, over-wintering shorebirds Hexham Swamp Nature Reserve
Good numbers of waterbirds present including a female Australian Shelduck, c 100 Red-necked Avocet and c 400 Black-winged Stilts, 3 Gull-billed Tern, 15-20 Australian Spotted and 3 Spotless Crakes, Lewin's Rail (good but brief view of a Lewin's Rail feeding out in the open where we also had both Crakes just mentioned in the same spot), an over-wintering Common Greenshank as well as a Marsh and 25 Sharp-tailed Sandpipers, at least 50 Red-kneed Dotterel, White-fronted Chats and a Black Falcon.
Edwin Vella and Mark Fuller

Noisy Pitta Bermagui Boardwalk
At least two Noisy Pittas were seen at Bermagui on the NSW far south coast, the second bird (not photographed) did not have blue on the wing, but there appeared to be more than two birds. The boardwalk at end of Wallaga Street, Wallaga Lake. Walk to end of boardwalk then just past little hut you will come to shaded bush area along path where we found the pittas [Moderators' notes: This represents Australia's most southerly record for this species (TD). To get more than one vagrant Noisy Pitta is extraordinary (AKM)]
Chris Hemmingsen

Noisy Pitta, Bassian Thrush, Superb Lyrebird, Peregrine Falcon Deep Creek Reserve, Narrabeen
Observed the Noisy PItta and Bassian Thrush foraging near the 1st birdge (small green wooden one) this afternoon. The Lyrebird was seen briefly near the freshwater dam on the other side of the creek. Finally the Peregrine Falcon was seen hunting for about 10 minutes above the dog park performing several short dives and then gliding through the top of the trees.
Jayden Walsh

Bassian Thrush Robertson area
One bird by the side of Jamberoo Mountain Rd between Pheasant Ground Rd and Illawarra Fly turnoff.
Lorne Johnson

Pink-eared Ducks Wilford Lane Wetlands
Three Pink-ears, which are seldom seen down this way, were seen this afternoon mixed in with a dozen Shovellers. These along with the usual suspects ie Chestnut & Grey Teal plus Wood Ducks. I strived to make some resting Grey Teal into Freckled ducks but failed badly when they moved off and showed themselves. Although there's 25 or so Freckled ducks and Hardhead still around the pond at Bada Cres in Dolphin Point which is at the opposite end of Burrill Lake from the wetlands.
Bob Rusk

Buff-banded Rail, Eastern Spinebill Scarborough Park Ramsgate
Rail emerging from dense undergrowth in swampy area(near short bridge by tennis courts when it got bombed by the Noisy Miners and made quick retreat. Three Eastern Spinebills(in the horse paddock) were a surprise, as I haven't seen one here for years
Oliver Williams

Fri 11 Jul Black-necked Stork, Freckled Duck, Swamp Harrier McPherson Rd Swamp, Tuggerah
An immature Black-necked Stork was first seen by John and Carole Carpenter at 800hrs at McPherson Rd Swamp, Tuggerah. The bird was still present at 1330hrs. This is the first Black-necked Stork report for the Central Coast in 2014. Two birds were present at the nearby Central Coast Wetlands in 2013 on a number of occasions. At least 3 Freckled Ducks and a Swamp Harrier were also seen there this morning, the Freckled Ducks roosting at the far western edge of the wetland.
Carole & John Carpenter, Alan Morris, Steve Merrett photo

Fri 11 Jul Pale-headed Rosella Tracker Walford trail, Walgett
2 Pale-headed Rosellas close to the start of the track. [Moderator's note (NH): While there are no records of Eastern Rosella in the Walgett area, there is a number of records of Pale-headed Rosella for this area logged on Eremaea]
Martin butterfield

Pale-headed Rosella Wagga Wagga, NSW
Single individual observed 4 times between 7:45am and 9:00am, by Kirk Koschel. Individual initially observed in a Cassia sp tree, later in a Melaleuca sp tree, and finally photographed in a Eucalyptus sp. tree at the intersection of Edney Street and Faye Avenue, Kooringal, Wagga Wagga, NSW (35º08’26.58”S 147º22’43.70” E, 214m ASL) before dispersing out of sight within the time-frame stated as above. 3 possible explanations account for this birds presence: 1) its possible the individual may have been an escapee however the bird’s behaviour suggests a wild individual, & no bands or tags evident indicative of captive history; 2) the bird is a pioneer due to range shifting / displacement due to climate change / variability; or 3) the bird may be a disorientated vagrant due to recent inclement weather. Whichever explanation applies, this bird is a LONG way outside of its natural range. (Moderator's note: The normal range for NSW in western NSW is north of Coonamble, so I go for an escapee, especially when you consider that the recent inclement weather was from the south-west and not from the north; this bird is of the northern race found in Cape York (P.a.palliceps) and not the normal race for NSW;and the bird was in the suburbs.AKM)
Kirk Koschel

Australian Wood Duck Eulah Creek
The attached photo shows two clutches of Australian Wood Ducklings on a farm dam 20 km East of Narrabri seen today. They must be a few weeks old already, having hatched in June, meaning that the birds are breeding right through the coldest part of winter. The LOCAL night time temperatures, here on a shallow slope in the foothills of the range, so far have been moderate, down to 0 or -1 C. Elsewhere in the region where cold air settles at night (Narrabri township; South of town; at distances of 15-35 km) I have not observed breeding activity. There the night time temperatures currently go down to -3 to -5 C, suggesting that Australian Wood Ducks may have a sense of very localized weather conditions.
Michael Dahlem

Ground Cuckoo-shrike Eulah Creek
When last reported on 25 June 2014 (report #218382), a family clan of Ground Cuckoo-shrikes had been observed several times flying to the South in the mornings. Today I saw a group of 5 come in FROM the South at about 13:00. They settled down in the area to forage in paddocks (both recently cut and others with tall grass), calling repeatedly and loudly. They were still busy in a nearby paddock when last seen - their direction of departure is unknown. More calls were recorded ("Further information" link).
Michael Dahlem

Australian Brush-turkey Yellomundee Regional Park, near Penrith
One Brush-turkey seen along the privet and lantana infested Shaw's Creek about 200m from the Nepean River. This is the first of this species I have seen at this location or indeed in outer western Sydney. Yellomundee is on the western side of the Nepean abutting the Blue Mountains NP where there have been rare sightings although more common at Mt Wilson on the Bells-line-of-road.
Mark Ley

Thu 10 Jul Red-necked Avocet, Black Falcon Barooga
A small flock of Red-necked Avocets seen on a large wetland by the Mulwala Rd. A very rare bird locally. A pair of Black Falcons flew over the wetland as well spooking a large flock of Grey Teal.
Michael Ramsey

Black Bittern Deep Water Park Milperra
Black Bittern at the first pond along the Blue Gum Farm entry to Deepwater Park this morning at about 8 am. ML got this record shot despite the poor light. Looks like it might be an immature bird, not adult female owing to pale forehead and short yellow neck stripe, but not juvenile owing to absence of buff fringes on upperparts. Immature plumages and transition to adult poorly known (HANZAB). Comments on the ageing are welcomed. 2nd sighting this week and 5th this year at the site for DJ.
David James and Marie Lister

Pink-eared Duck Royal National Park (Wattle Flat)
A single Pink-eared duck this morning about 8:45. On the water opposite the picnic area.
Roger Giller

Black-necked Stork Private property on Ivers rd Kew
Single bird observed in marshland by Camden Haven Bird Group. Other highlights included; Wedge-tailed Eagle, Whistling Kite, Swamp Harrier. Some 60 species observed by the group in the Kew area.
Stephen Gallivan

Noisy Pitta, Bassian Thrush, White-headed Pigeon Deep Creek Reserve, Narrabeen
Saw the Noisy Pitta today at sunrise, and two Bassian Thrushes with it. The Pitta came very close and I snapped some ID shots with my phone. In the area around the waterfall. Also, two White-headed Pigeons hanging around, and a lot of smaller bird action later on. I was most surprised and delighted to catch a brief glimpse of what I think was a Spot-tailed Quoll on the escarpment above the waterfall. [Moderator's note (NH): The possible Spot-tailed Quoll is very exciting. Has anyone else seen this species in this area?]
Henry Coleman

White-backed Swallow, Grey Goshawk Biniguy
A pair of White-backed Swallows were observed hawking above the Gwydir River near Biniguy. A very active and secretive Grey Goshawk was also found.
Curtis Hayne and Ainslee Lines

Wed 9 Jul Lewin's and Buff-banded Rails, Spotless and Australian Spotted Crakes Hexham Swamp
Whilst looking for wintering shorebirds on Hexham Swamp yesterday 3 Lewin's Rails, 8 Buff-banded Rails, 6 Spotless Crakes and 20+ Spotted Crakes were seen. Photograph taken by Chris Herbert of 3 species feeding together attached.
Chris Herbert and Liz Crawford per Mick Roderick

(Eastern) Yellow Wagtail, Sharp-tailed Sandpiper, Marsh Sandpiper Hexham Swamp
The (Eastern) Yellow Wagtail is still being seen on Hexham Swamp. I saw it twice briefly on Tuesday afternoon 08/07, on both occasions quite obviously associating with White-fronted Chats. It has now been more than 2 weeks since the initial sighting (22nd June) and given the number of Yellow Wagtails present here in summer/autumn it is plausible that this is an over-wintering bird. A photo taken on the 2nd July by Max Blanch is attached. I have found the bird extremely difficult to photograph as it has been favouring vegetation away from the track when I have seen/heard it. It would be great if we could get some high-resolution images of the bird. A bit of a surprise was 4 Sharp-tailed Sandpipers seen yesterday 09/07 (although distant, considered likely juveniles), for which there are very few July records in the Hunter. Also 2 Marsh Sandpipers, 5 Greenshanks 4 Curlew Sands. Some good numbers of crakes and rails seen by other observers (will post separately) and the 2 Black-necked Storks still present. There are still 100+ Red-kneed Dotterel and 1500+ Grey Teal along with the supporting cast. The place is stunning at the moment!
Mick Roderick

Australian Shelduck Awabakal Nature Reserve (Dudley)
Whilst watching whales out to sea from Dudley Bluff in Awabakal Nature Reserve, a single Australian Shelduck flew past, about 50 m above the ocean, headed in a northerly direction. I did a big double-take as it was a most unexpected bird in the situation. Australian Shelducks are very scarce in the Newcastle area too. Lots of gannets (>100) out to sea too - every bird seen was an adult.
Mick Roderick

Tue 8 Jul Regent Honeyeater Chiltern Trail, Ingleside
Still returning to its favourite place, the clump of gums with some rusted metal fragments among the fire-blacked trees. Also seen: Red and Little Wattlebirds. Yellow-faced, White-naped, New Holland, White-cheeked and Yellow-tufted Honeyeaters, Eastern Spinebill and Rainbow Lorikeet. Noisy Friarbird sounding off out of sight.
Jeff Melvaine

Swift Parrot Terrace Road, North Richmond
10+ Swift Parrots feeding on lerps and ironbark blossoms. Previous site for Swift Parrots.
David Potter

Eastern Osprey Milperra
1 Eastern Osprey flying over the former Riverlands Golf Course about 1 pm, viewed from my yard.
David James

Little Lorikeet Riverside Park, Riverside Rd, Chipping Norton
Over 50, perhaps a hundred Little Lorikeets feeding in flowering Blue Boxes, Euc. baueriana. 1 female Satin Bowerbird in a Syzigium, 5+ Dusky Woodswallows, several Yellow-rumped Thornbills, an adult Olive-backed Oriole (not calling), a few Fuscous Honeyeaters amongst the numerous winter flocks of Yellow-faced Honeyeaters, and a calling Striated Pardalote. Fan-tailed Cuckoos were calling and one that flushed (with a ruffled vent) from knee-high in a dense bush may have been looking to lay in a nest of White-browed Scrubwren?
David James

Mon 7 Jul Olive Whistler immature Porter Creek Dam Road, 15 km north of Milton
Olive Whistler was a great surprise today, I have been after one for a long time and finally came across one along with a few honeyeaters: White-naped Honeyeater, Yellow-faced Honeyeater, Fuscous Honeyeater and New Holland Honeyeater, over 10 Grey-shrike Thrush, Crimson Rosellas, Superb Lyrebird and a number of Satin Bowerbird along the road all in a cold windy overcast day.
Charles Dove

Sacred Kingfisher Newington Nature Reserve
One late Sacred Kingfisher, also Double-barred Finches
Tony & Stephanie Dawe

Noisy Pitta, Russet-tailed Thrush, Australian Spotted Crake. Kooloonbung Creek Nature Park
Both the Noisy Pitta and Russet-tailed Thrush were seen on the western side of the park on the ground feeding, close to the Guide Hall about mid day. Later at the south eastern end of the walk around the park an Australian Spotted Crake was heard calling right beside the board walk where the creek from Wyandra Crescent flows under the board walk.
Ian Kerr

Black Falcon Berrima Rd, Moss Vale
Seen flying over paddocks not far from Charlston Dam site.
Martin Filipczyk

Fri 4 Jul Letter-winged Kite Hume Hwy 25 km east of Yass
One Letter-winged Kite seen from passenger side of travelling car at 20 to 30 m distance. A clear view of the black under wing mark extending to the body. [Moderator's note (NH): There were very few reports of Letter-winged Kite in recent years].
Ian Samson

Wed 2 Jul Pacific Baza Milray Street Lindfield Sydney
Spotted a juvenile Pacific Baza for the first time, perched at the top of a tree in our garden. It was being hassled by every bird in the neighbourhood who seemed to take great exception to it being there and it hasn't returned since.
Richard Wilkins

Sun 29 Jun Dusky Myzomela (Subject to submission to NSW ORAC) Terranora Broadwater
A young Dusky Myzomela feeding in a tree close to the walking track. [Moderator's note (NH): Sightings of Dusky Myzomela in NSW are subject to submission to NSW ORAC. There have been no documented records since 2008 and apparently only two prior to 2008 in NSW.]
Nick Talbot

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