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Subject: Birdline Victoria Weekly Update
Date: 25 Nov 2013 03:02:20 +1000

Birdline Victoria

Published sightings for the week ending 24 Nov 2013.

Sun 24 Nov Crimson Chats Swan Hill Sea Lake road on corner of Brydon Rd
10 seen at any one time. In the corner of a canola crop, so only visible when they rose out of the crop onto fence and trees along the Swan Hill/Sea Lake Road. Could be many many more than 10. Also present were many White-browed Wood Swallows ( at least 50) , Australasian Pipits and Martins. Possibly other species but difficult to identify because of the extreme activity of all birds in and out of the crop. At one point I could see a flock further out into the crop which would have been at least 150, of mixed sized birds. Also saw a feral cat run into the crop! The crop was dry and unusual to be still standing at this time of the year. Most canola crops have been cut , and now drying before being harvested. We first saw them on Friday on our way to Wyperfeld, then again today, 10.30am.
Anne Thompson

Eastern Koel Bayswater
Male Eastern Koel heard and seen at the top of a large pine tree on Myrtle St at the corner of Maple St, Bayswater. I had heard it clearly two days ago from the station, 600m away.
Richard Case

Sat 23 Nov Beach Stone-curlew Port Albert, Shire of Wellington. South Gippsland.
Rohan Bugg located a Beach Stone-curlew at Port Albert. The bird was seen and photographed at Port Albert (14 km south of Yarram). To find the bird, you will need to turn right in to Old Port Foreshore Rd, at Port Albert, proceed to the end of the road where the caravan park is situated, walk on the beach towards the south. The bird was seen approximately a half to a kilometre away. I think it would be wise not to disturb the bird by approaching it too closely, so that it will hopefully stay for some time to be admired by many.
Rohan Bugg, per Maarten Hulzebosch

Noisy Friarbird Rear of Wyndham City Council Civic Centre, Princes Highway.,Werribee 3030.
Heard and observed a small group of Noisy Friarbirds feeding with a large number of Red Wattlebirds in the profuse flowering Spotted Gums and Lemon- Scented Gums, in the grounds at the rear of the Civic Centre. This is my first observation of this species in Werribee.
Peter Gibbons

Cox's Sandpiper Western Treatment Plant, Werribee
Seen on South Rd, west of 85W pond just the west side of the cattle grid. With the initial view I thought it was a Pectoral Sandpiper because of its longer bill & when it flew it gave a Budgie-like call. It later landed on the road in front of the car and provided excellent views & photos in which it was revealed as a Cox's Sandpiper. It's bill was much longer and more decurved than in a Pectoral Sandpiper & mostly black with a faintly paler olive base to the lower mandible. The plumage was marked much like a Pectoral, but with less heavily defined dark streaking. Breast band was strongly at the sides, but lacked the V at bottom of the band. Head pattern much like Pectoral. Legs were pale olive-yellow, not bright at all.. When it flew it had a black line through the rump, and wingbar was broader than in Pectoral Sandpiper. The features probably closer to Pectoral Sandpiper, but bill shape, length colour, less strongly marked patterning and lack of V at apex of breast all point to a hybrid between Pectoral & Curlew Sandpiper. More photos can be provided if needed.
Kevin Bartram, Merv Marsh

Grey Goshawk (white morph) Apollo Bay
Found a goshawk nest late this afternoon, at least 3 birds, 2 on nest, initially the nest was empty but as parent called 2 white blobs popped up. got photos of one adult and the nest.
Philip Peel

Cox's Sandpiper Western Treatment Plnat, Werribee
Bird photographed along south road just west of 85w pond. Will post photos later. [Published so that others at WTP can look for the bird and confirm the report.]
Kevin Bartram, Merv Marsh

Fri 22 Nov White-throated Gerygone Donelly's Weir
White-throated Gerygone - an adult bird heard singing then seen well along track in to weir. Unusual occurence here south of the Divide.
Steven Davidson - The Melbourne Birder

Fri 22 Nov Pink Robin near Enochs Point
Taken to an old gold mine on the road to Enochs point (between Marysville and Eildon). Brief view. no time for photo, scrub too thick.
Bob Tate

Brolga Willaura-Powells Lane
17 Brolga - adults and juvenile - feeding in paddocks and wetland area. Earlier in the day a work colleague had seen 6, later when I was out those six had been joined by another 11. All feeding with the occasional dancing thrown in, one bird seen trying to offer another dried grasses. Attached image
Deidre Andrews

Australian Koel, Scarlet Honeyeater. Mallacoota & surrounds
Three Koels sighted, calling simultaneously at times in the Township, Foreshore Holiday Park area. Scarlet Honeyeater on the walking track adjacent to Devlin's Inlet. Black-faced Monarch & Rufous Fantail at Double Creek Arm Rainforest. Many hundreds of dead Short-tailed Shearwaters along the ocean beaches. eg. 200+ at Quarry Beach.
Keith & Judy Humphreys

Thu 21 Nov Latham's Snipe Barham River estuary, Apollo Bay
At least 20 flushed, first saw 4 as I flushed them from the flooded Barham River, watched them fly over a small clump of vegetation into a flooded paddock, followed across the river and then flushed at least 20 birds in a 100 metre square block...could well have been many more as this paddock was partially covered in maize which the birds retreated too as I flushed! All but 20 metres from the Great Ocean Road.
Philip Peel

Grey Plover Western Treatment Plant, Werribee
Following a report yesterday by Dave Torr and his group, Hedley Earl headed out this afternoon and located the bird. He contacted me immediately so after work I ventured down to WTP and using Hedley's precise directions, I was able to find and photograph the bird. It was on the beach about 2 km past the little bridge at 145W outlet heading towards 15E outlet. Thanks Dave and Hedley!
Bernie OKeefe

Australian Koel Coath Street Ironbark Victoria
9.30am today. Male. Second visit this week to large peppercorn tree. Difficult to see because of dense foliage but managed with assistance of binoculars. Have heard regularly calling (starts about 2-3am but may be heard late in the day also) from a large Moreton Bay Fig tree in the grounds of Fortuna Village. This tree is readily visible from Booth Street.
George Shearer

Australian Koel Merri Creek valley Clifton Hill, near Yarra River junction
Merri Creek near footbridge at end of Roseneath St. I did not observe the bird but clearly heard call several times at around 7.30am.
Terry Jones

Wed 20 Nov White-browed Woodswallows Mount Cottrell
Flock of up to 100 White-browed Woodswallows milling about a small eucalypt plantation & a row of pine trees on eastern slopes of Mt Cottrell near Melton. Seemed to be hawking for insects , circling around & settling in trees; generally quite restless looking.
Daryl Akers

White-throated Nightjar, Large-billed Scrubwren, Rose Robin, Brush Cuckoo Bunyip State Park
Rose Robin and Large-billed Scrubwren observed at the creek crossing on Link Road. At the helipad later in the evening, several Brush Cuckoos were seen and heard just before dusk. We were rewarded with a brief sighting of the White-throated Nightjar just before the light faded. No owls seen or heard, apart from a Southern Boobook around 9pm. In all, 39 species seen for the day, including nesting King Parrots and Red-browed Treecreeper, both along Ash Landing Road.
Ian Miles, John Hill, Roger Macaulay, Mal McKinty

White-necked Heron Barham River Rd, Apollo Bay
The most I have seen, without getting out of the car at least 28 were seen in one paddock with another 6 seen on an adjacent paddock. Not sure if it's a common occurrence to see such large numbers?
Philip Peel

Grey Plover, Black-faced Cormorant, Arctic Jaeger, Sacred Kingfisher Western Treatment Plant, Werribee
Grey Plover on beach near 85WB lagoons (by the rock jetty), Black-faced Cormorant and Jaeger at 15E outlet, Sacred Kingfisher on 280S Rd.1 Brolga flying west along the beach east of Little RIver, and two seen later at Kirk Pt.
Dave Torr, Christine Shelley, Mark Buckby, Michael Scobie

Tue 19 Nov Common Diving-Petrel Western Treatment Plant, Werribee
Common Diving-Petrel - a partly dessicated specimen along Coast Track near South Borrie Ponds. Examination of the bill showed a straight edge along the latericorn parallel to the ramicorn, confirming it as this species. See photo. Also a Pectoral Sandpiper in ponds nearby, and a possible Lesser Sand-plover on the mudflats at Little River mouth, seen for a few seconds before the entire flock spooked.
Steven Davidson - The Melbourne Birder

Tue 19 Nov Bassian Thrush You Yangs Regional Park
Single bird seen briefly in a gully with a small pond on the south side of Branding Yard Rd about 100 metres west of the Bunjil geoglyph.
Richard Nowotny with George Gerdts, Mary Anne Rossing and Nancy Dagle (USA)

Australian Koel Newport
Packing the car for work at 0520hrs I heard a Koel calling nearby, continuing to call for ten minutes until I left at 0530. The 3rd time I've heard the species from my backyard in 5 years of living here.
Steve Davidson

Satin Flycatcher (male) 345 The Esplanade, Indented Head 3223
In a Eucalypt at the rear of above address I was first alerted by the call then got excellent views of it over the next few minutes. Managed a couple of poor photos with phone
Peter Bright

Mon 18 Nov Whiskered Tern Hollands Landing Road Gippsland Lakes
BirdLife East Gippsland members observed an estimated 1,000 Whiskered Terns feeding over paddocks adjacent to the Hollands Landing Road near Woodpile Road on Monday morning. The Terns have been in the area since the 4th of November (date advised by the property owner). It was exciting to watch these dainty terns flying low over the paddocks and diving into the long grass, or to the ground in paddocks where the grass was short, to catch insects. Small flocks of this species have been recorded in many wetlands around the Lakes over the past month.
John Hutchison

Turquoise Parrot Prince's Highway, Wombat Creek
A Turquoise Parrot was sighted flying along the recently slashed powerline access tracks adjacent to the Prince's Highway opposite the Wombat Track junction. Another observation highlighting the gradual expansion of this species west of the Orbost-Marlo where they are regularly recorded.
Jacquie and Len Axen

Cicadabird Trestle Bridge, Colquhoun State Forest
While enjoying a lunchtime stopover a Cicadabird was heard continuously calling from a forested ridge above the Trestle Bridge car park today.
Jacquie and Len Axen

Scarlet Honeyeater Lake Bunga Beach Reserve
Numerous Scarlet Honeyeater were heard calling from the coastal dunes and riparian vegetation at the mouth of Lake Bunga early this morning.
Jacquie and Len Axen

Cicadabird McGees Rd, Wombat State Forest
Male and female seen this morning. This is only the second record from this area. The first was in January this year.
Ian Ashton, Murray Grant and Helen O'Donnell

Sun 17 Nov White-headed Petrel Port Fairy Pelagic
1 White-headed Petrel flew around the boat for few minutes once we reached the shelf break. Also saw 6 or so White-chinned Petrels, around 100 Fairy Prions, 20-30 Great-winged Petrels (all seemed to be gouldii), 3-4 White-faced Storm Petrels, & 1 Sooty Shearwater. Around 500 very hungry Short-tailed Shearwaters followed the boat. Albatrosses were very down, only around 20 whole day; nearly all birds adult nominate Shy with 1 immature bird.
Kevin Bartram, Neil McCumber and the rest of the people on board.

Long-tailed Jaeger Port Fairy Pelagic
2 seen, mainly identified from photos. First on the shelf, flew around the boat briefly. Initially thought it was an Arctic, which is a bit unusual for the shelf. Photos show a second year bird going into non-breeding plumage with brown upperparts, and heavily barred underwing coverts. Upperwing primaries all dark with pale shafts; old underwing primaries show pale bases to feathers, characteristic of a first year bird, but newer feathers almost totally dark. Tail has 1 blunt broad feather, projecting about 3cm past tail tip, like a first year bird, & the other was an extended wiry pin (diagnostic of this species) about 5cm past the tail tip. Also small bill, small head, lack of deep chest & long tail all characteristic of this species. Second bird in inshore waters, more advanced, probably a bird moulting into 3rd non-breeding plumage. Still has brownish upperparts with distinct pale shafts to outer primaries; no white bases to under primaries (diagnostic off this species); white head and neck apart from the blackish cap. Very sleek bird, not deep chested, long winged, long tailed (without any visible streamers).
Kevin Bartram, Neil McCumber et al

Arctic Jaeger Western Treatment Plant, Werribee
Species observed during 2013 Twitchathon with Sean Fitzgerald. Arctic Jaeger (1) Single bird powering along coast.
Paul Rose

Dollarbird, Cockatiel Wilby
Wilby Bushland Reserve - species recorded before and during the 2013 Twitchathon event with Sean Fitzgerald Dollarbird (2) Pair investigating nest hollow Cockatiel (16) Flock roadside opposite small dam at front of reserve
Paul Rose

Painted Buttonquail, Brush Bronzewing, Brush Cuckoo, Sooty Owl, White-throated Nightjar, Red-browed Bunyip State Park
Species recorded during the 2013 Vic Twitchathon event with Sean Fitzgerald Painted Buttonquail (1) Brush Bronzewing Brush Cuckoo Sooty Owl (3) Birds bomb and cricket calling along Link Rd - observed single bird White-throated Nightjar Red-browed Treecreeper Southern Emuwren Cicadabird Black-faced Monarch Satin Flycatcher
Paul Rose

Spotted Harrier Western Treatment Plant (Pt Wilson Rd)
Picture taken yesterday of one of a pair of Spotted harriers flying on Pt Wilson Road between Paradise and Beach Rds.
Mel Mitchell and Joy Sanderson

Painted Buttonquail Point Addis
About a dozen Blue-winged Parrots seen on the nature walk including pairs feeding. Also seen - one male Painted Button Quail, several White-throated Treecreepers and a female Rufous Whistler.
David Spicer

Australian Koel Rosalind Park, Bendigo
Koel heard calling around 1pm within the fernery section of Rosalind Park where the flying fox colony roosts.
Adrian Martins

Superb Parrot Blackburn
Has been sighted over the last few weeks in suburban Blackburn. Finally got a verifiable photo. [Moderator: This bird is probably an aviary escapee.]
Martyn Dickie

Sat 16 Nov Black Honeyeater Chiltern-Mt Pilot National Park
Black Honeyeater (2) Birds feeding in blossom along entrance road to No 1 Dam during Twitchathon - real bonus!
Paul Rose

Painted Honeyeater Warby-Ovens National Park (Killawarra Forest)
Painted Honeyeater (1) Singe bird calling loudly and showing well in and around mistletoe near Camp Oval
Paul Rose

Crimson Chat Yaapeet
Attached photo of one of the reported birds.
Greg Hunt

Crimson Chat Yaapeet
Male Crimson chat at the entrance to the now-dry Yaapeet reservoir, watched for 5 minutes on Saturday afternoon - a great early sighting in out team's Twitchathon effort.
Greg Hunt, Max Arney plus three

Thu 14 Nov Cicadabird Silvertop Track by Yalmy Rd, Yalmy, East Gippsland
Cicadabird (1) heard - very distinctive, very loud and moving quickly. Sighting from junction of Mt Watt tk with Yalmy Rd, just south of Silvertop tk.
Janine Duffy

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