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Subject: Birdline NSW Weekly Update
Date: 26 Nov 2012 01:31:03 +1000

Birdline NSW

Published sightings for the week ending 25 Nov 2012.

Sun 25 Nov Freckled Duck, Magpie Goose, Wandering and Plumed Whistling-Duck, Australian Spotted Crake Finley NSW
On a man made wetland (sewage ponds) near Finley in the southern riverina, large flocks of Plumed Whistling-Duck, with Hardhead, Grey Teal, Pink-eared Duck and diverse other waterbirds sighted several notable species as per attached photographs. The pair of Wandering Whistling-Duck were amongst a large flock of Plumed Whistling-Duck. The Magpie Goose was a sole bird although four were photographed in the week before. The four Freckled Duck were seen on two occasions. Glossy Ibis also present. The Australian Spotted Crake were readily seen on the wetland margins.
Gerard O'Neill

Masked and White-browed Woodswallows, Spotless Crakes Air Services site at Shanes Park (near Blacktown)
This morning I spent a few hours at Shanes Park where there was lot of bird activity despite the hot and humid weather including about 100 White-browed Woodswallows circling low over the trees together with at least a couple of Masked Woodswallows and some Fairy Martins amongst them. There were many of both Eastern Spinebills and Yellow-faced Honeyeaters and a smaller number of Scarlet Honeyeaters and Noisy Friarbirds as well. Several White-winged Trillers, Sacred Kingfishers, Olive-backed Orioles, White-winged Choughs, White-throated Gerygones and a pair of adult Brown Goshawk (the later spending the whole time I was there along the creek and being mobbed by both the Trillers and Willie Wagtails). Several Spotless Crakes also heard from the wetland there.
Edwin Vella

Peregrine Falcons Maraylya, Private Property
Two falcons were present this morning, between 09:00 and midday. They've made a kill of a female Australian Wood Duck, which was in one of the property's horse enclosures. The birds were hanging around and flying from tree to tree as I later discovered that one horse was interested in the duck carcass and was constantly picking it up then dropping it. I moved it to a higher spot in a tree fork for the raptors to come and eat in peace.
Ákos Lumnitzer

White-throated Needletail Gladesville
There were 20+ White-throated Needletail feeding over the Gladesville area at 9.45am this morning.
Adrian Dick

Sat 24 Nov Australian Painted Snipe Finley NSW
Pair of Australian Painted Snipe sighted east of Finley on a drainage channel adjacent ot a rice crop. Total of five individuals seen. Photo of a single bird attached (credit R. Ryan)
Gerard O'Neill

Grey Plover Stockton (near Newcastle)
Yesterday morning, we arrived at Stockton at the perfect time to view many shorebirds at close range. Amongst these were c 1,000 Red-necked Avocet, 50 Black-winged Stilt, 4 Great and c20 Red Knot, c100 Black-tailed and c500 Bar-tailed Godwit, c100 Eastern Curlew, 2 Whimbrel, c20 Grey-tailed Tattler, c 100 Curlew Sandpiper, 2 Sharp-tailed Sandpiper, c 20 Red-necked Stint, c10 Red-capped Plover, a Grey Plover, c5 Pacific Golden Plover and 2 Pied Oystercatcher. There were also c20 Gull-billed, 1 Caspian and c120 Little Terns (the later consisting of breeding and non-breeding birds). In the mangroves were several Brown Honeyeaters, Mangrove Gerygones and White-breasted Woodswallows.
Edwin Vella and David Walker

late Indian Yellow-nosed Albatross, Black Petrel; low numbers of Flesh-footed Shearwater SOSSA pelagic off Wollongong
Highlights: a late Indian Yellow-nosed Albatross (2nd year bird); 2 Black Petrels. Lowlight: only a maximum of 6 Flesh-footed Shearwaters (we never saw more than 2 at a time) A full trip report will be posted on the SOSSA website soon:
Nikolas Haass for all on the Sandra K

Superb Lyrebird, Tawny Frogmouth, Black Bittern, Nankeen Night-Heron Warriewood Wetlands/Irrawong Reserve
A 4am spot-lighting walk along Irrawong Reserve found a juvenile Tawny Frogmouth being fed by a parent up on the escarpment. No other night-birds heard or seen. As dawn broke a pair of Superb Lyrebirds were seen. No sign of the Noisy Pitta, but Rufous Fantails were active in the area. The Black Bittern and Nankeen Night-Heron were seen again at the Katoa Close end of the boardwalk at 7am.
Jon Spicer-Bell

Grey Plover Stockton Sandspit
Messed up my timing, arriving only slightly after (a very low) low tide. Despite an apparent absence of waders, careful searching turned up a large diversity in low numbers on the flats. The highlight was excellent views of the Grey Plover, which continues to stay at the sandspit. Other good waders included Terek Sandpiper and Grey-tailed Tattler. As the tide came in, more waders arrived, including Red Knots and Black-tailed Godwits. Many Little Terns (30+) and Gull-billed Terns (20+) was also good to see.
Ashwin Rudder

Brown Songlark, Common Greenshank Ash Island, Newcastle
A visit to Ash Island in the middle of the day was rewarding, with three Common Greenshanks (a lifer!) seen to the west of Wagtail Way. A Brown Songlark was also heard and seen at a distance in a display flight. The following highlights in the mangroves: Rufous Fantail, Leaden Flycatcher, Shining Bronze-Cuckoo and White-throated Treecreeper.
Ashwin Rudder

Southern Emu-wren Hexham (Newcastle suburb)
A surprising report by a friend of an exceptionally brief sighting of an Emu-wren here a couple of weeks ago led me to the roadside of the Pacific Hwy, just north of the bridges over the Hunter River in an attempt to verify. And I was amazed to find a family party moving slowly (but not quietly) through the reeds and mangroves at the base of the southbound bridge! Given the entire area is full of this same habitat, it is possible that the surrounds are infested with Emu-wrens!!
Ashwin Rudder

White-throated Needletail Dural
I was at a Cumberland Bird Observers Club member's house this morning (thank you) and noted at least five, maybe six flying overhead. There were a few other club members who can confirm the sighting.
Ákos Lumnitzer

Australian Painted Snipe McPherson Rd Swamp, Tuggerah
1 male feeding among Black-winged Stilt (counted 6 immature of these altogether) , Pacific Black Duck and all the usual other suspects at this location.
Rex Schmidt

Fri 23 Nov Magpie Goose, Black-winged Stilt, Latham's Snipe Narrabri Lake, Narrabri 2390
Apart from the "commoners" the following aquatic birds were spotted at Narrabri Lake: ca. 30 Magpie Geese, 3 Black-winged Stilts, 2 Latham's Snipes, 1 Red-kneed Dotterel and 2 Glossy Ibises. The surrounding landscape is drying up, which makes Narrabri Lake one of the few local wetlands remaining. This increases the diversity of aquatic birds on site and boosts the numbers.
Michael Dahlem

Pink-eared Duck and Pallid Cuckoo Eastlakes Golf Links
A single Pink-eared Duck was resting near the Fairy Martin colony today. Pallid, Channel-billed and Horsfield's Bronze Cuckooa all noisy and easy to locate, other birds today included: 10 Lathams Snipe, 6 Baillons Crakes, 2 Spotted Crakes, 2 Buff-banded Rails, 1 Red-kneed Dotterel , 2 Night Herons and a Rufous Whistler. At least 1 pair of Buff-banded Rails have bred successfully with two chicks seen very briefly earlier in the week.
David Mitford

Brolgas (80+), Marsh Sandpipers, White bellied Sea Eagles, Latham's Snipes, Rainbow Bee Eaters Gwydir Wetlands, Moree
An excellent day with around 100 species! Highlights include: Large flocks of Blue Bonnets being present at every location, Emus everywhere (lots of juveniles), 80+ Brolgas on parts of wheatfields as well as tens flying over numerous wetlands, Masked & White browed Woodswallows in large flocks (also nesting), Glossy Ibises in enormous flocks, 4+ Marsh Sandpipers, Tree Martins, 100s of Black-fronted & Red-kneed Dotterels, 2 Adult White bellied Sea Eagles, one of which is nesting (got a photo of the nest), Large flocks of Black-tailed Native-Hens and Black-winged Stilts, a single Little Egret, Brown & Spiny-cheeked Honeyeaters, Channel-billed Cuckoos, At least 7 Latham's Snipe, Jacky Winters, Spotted Bowerbird, 3 Rainbow Bee Eaters, 350+ Nankeen Night Herons and t 3 Gull-billed Terns flew over the road on farmland definitly following irrigation but none seen at the wetlands!
Curtis Hayne

Thu 22 Nov Glossy Ibis Penrith Lakes
One Glossy Ibis seen in the exact same location on three consecutive days from my initial report across from Cranebrook Rd. In fact, on Wednesday morning, there were two Glossy Ibises on the same swampy patch, however, some distance apart..
Ákos Lumnitzer

Brown Cuckoo-Dove Skennars Head NSW
Found eating the fruit off a tabacco tree in the wetland reserve at the back of our house
Glen Harry

Rufous Fantail Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills
Feeding across the road from the 7-11! record shot attached (moderator, I have one of the location if you want - just email me)
Paul Bruty

Topknot Pigeon, Peregrine Falcon Jubilee Park, Glebe
Just as I was leaving my house for school (around 8), two topknots took off from a fig tree in Jubilee Park. I rushed back inside and grabbed my camera, and using digital zoom took some ID photographs. As I made my way down to the park I noticed another 3 in the tree making it 5 birds, and then another 15 flew in making a grand total of 20. They were feeding in Moreton Bay Figs. On the return from school I took a detour through the park and found them roosting in another MB Fig near Jubilee Oval (Jubilee Park Tram Stop - there were 10 birds). As I arrived home a peregrine falcon flew swiftly over the house heading towards the old silos near the Anzac Bridge where they have been seen relatively regularly for the past year. (Poor Topknot Pigeon ID shot attached)
Simon Gorta

White-eared Monarch, Rose-crowned Fruit-Dove, Wompoo Fruit-Dove Victoria Park, Alstonville.
Seen White-eared Monarch holding large Beatle in one foot & tearing it to pieces also seen about 8 to 10 Rose-crowned Fruit-Doves including a pair building a nest, and about 10 Wompoo Fruit-Doves.
michael ronan

Australian Koel Lavington, Albury NSW
I have heard the call of the male Australian Koel on two different mornings this week (19th & 22nd). The unusual call woke me up in the very early hours and continued until after dawn. After listening to many sound clips & reading up on this species migration and behavior I am sure it is a Common Koel...just a little far south! (Moderator's Comments: Australian Koels now extend all the way down the NSW coast to the Victorian border and inland to places like Albury where there are some records in recent years.AKM)
Kyleen Carter

Wed 21 Nov Grey Plover Stockton Sandspit
Single Grey Plover previously reported (found initially by Liz Crawford and Chris Herbert) is still at the sandspit. Seen late yesterday (1845) feeding amongst mangroves at eastern end of the embayment. The Banded Stilt is still present at The Spit
Mick and Steve Roderick

Powerful Owl Springfield
At about 10pm I heard the juvenile calling again from the front of the house. I grabbed the spotlight and binos and quickly located an adult and juvenile sitting in a Blackbutt and the adult had a decapitated Ringtail Possum in its talons and they were both picking at it! After a minute or so, the juvenile flew off but continued to call. The adult stayed put and kept feeding. Later the birds relocated to the rear of my house where I found them sharing the possum again. The juvenile was calling excitedly and the adult gave a few soft “whoos”. That was when I decided to leave them alone, but I could still hear the juvenile calling after 11pm.
Nick Carson

Little Lorikeet, Musk Lorikeet Barons Crescent, Hunters Hill
Massive numbers for this locality. Several flocks of 20+ Little Lorikeet and an additional hoard of Musk Lorikeets buzzing around the flowering eucalypts on Barons Cr, near Thorn St
Max Breckenridge

Glossy Ibis, Little Egret Penrith Lakes
Both Glossy Ibis and Little Egret were still a active in the same swampy part of the big lake this morning at 05:45 from where I've reported them yesterday.
Ákos Lumnitzer

Grey Fantail, Leaden Flycatcher, Australian Koel, Tawny Grassbird Farm, 35km East of Moree (near Biniguy)
71 Species! It is always an excitement on this farm because of so many birds being very common while rare back in Moree including Red-browed Finches, Common Bronzewings, Australian King-Parrots, Pied Currawongs, Yellow-faced Honeyeaters and Leaden Flycatchers. Highlights of today included: More than 5 Grey Fantails (normally not found at this time of year only autumn and winter), Tawny Grassbirds, calling Australian Koels & Channel-billed Cuckoos, Yellow-faced Honeyeaters everywhere, Eastern Rosellas & Pale-headed Rosellas, Golden-headed Cisticolas and White-winged Choughs feeding juveniles, More than 8 Australian King-Parrots, Some calling Pied Currawongs, Olive-backed Orioles, Silvereyes, Plum-headed Finch, 2 Common Bronzewings, White-throated Gerygones, Restless Flycatchers & Leaden Flycatchers (Leaden everywhere), a pair of Collared Sparrowhawk and possible Golden Whistler calling.
Curtis Hayne

Pacific Baza Audley, Royal NP
1 Pacific Baza showed nicely near Hacking River at Audley across Wattle Forest late arvo.
Falk Wicker

Australian Brush-turkey Oatlands
Whilst driving along Kissing Point Road Oatlands opposite Vineyard Creek saw 2 Australian Brush-turkeys crossing busy main rd.I thought it was unusual.
Tony Dawe

Australian Hobby Smeaton Grange
1 bird flying and calling over Magdalene Catholic High School about 9am. The brief call was like the trill of a Sooty Owl.
Lorne Johnson

Tue 20 Nov White-throated Needletail, Fork-tailed Swift, Spotted Harrier, Southern Emu-wren Costal Track, Royal National Park
Single Spotted Harrier flying over Heathland. Small flock (20+) of White-throated Needeltail mixed with few Fork-tailed Swifts. Small family of Southern Emu-wren in bushes near track.
Ted Wnorowski

Topknot Pigeon, Spotless Crake, Baillon's Crake, Buff-banded Rail, Mangrove Gerygone Bonnievale Camp, Royal National Park
Excellent place. Over 20 Topknot Pigeons were roosting on the old Fig tree near the camp boom gate. The swamp nearby was full of water birds including: Nankeen Night Heron (10+ roosting on the casuarina trees), Spotless Crake, Baillon's Crake, Buff-banded Rail ( feeding in the open on the little muddy island), Royal Spoonbill (3). One Mangrove Gerygone and Whit-fronted Chat were found in the mangroves near the bridge to Maiamar. On the muddy beach small flock of Bar-tailed Godwits (10+) with one Black-tailed Godwit and large flock of A Raven (behaving like waders)
Ted Wnorowski

Australian Logrunner, Pacific Baza, Rufous Fantail Lady Carrington Dr, Royal National Park
Family of Logrunners (male, female and one juv) was hoping over decaying logs, often disappearing in the hollows. I oberved them for nearly 20 minutes until they moved away from the Lady Carrington Drive (3.5 km from Audley). Other interesting species found in the area: Pacific Baza (1), Rufous Fantail (4), Brown Gerygone ans a lot of very noisy Superb Lyrebirds
Ted Wnorowski

Powerful Owl Springfield
At about 1030pm I heard the high pitched trilling call of a juvenile Powerful Owl from just beyond my back fence. I grabbed my spotlight and located a juvenile and two adults sitting close together on a branch about 12 metres high. One adult then flew into the adjoining tree and out of sight, whilst the juvenile flew a short distance in the opposite direction. The remaining adult stayed on the same perch and then I was able to see that it was feeding on a Rainbow Lorikeet. The juvenile kept trilling for about 10 minutes in the nearby tree until the adult with the Lorikeet flew towards it. I couldn’t see exactly where it landed, but from the approximate spot I heard a tapping sound –like something hard on wood (almost like a Kookaburra tapping it’s bill) at the rate of about 1 tap per second. I assume it was the adult owl tapping its bill on a branch. The juvenile trilled for a further 10 minutes from the same tree. (Moderator's Note; There are few breeding records for the Central Coast. AKM)
Nick Carson

Black-necked Stork Deadmans Creeks Rd Swamp Ballina
Two birds observed displaying courtship behaviour late in the afternoon in swamp late that fringes the Ballina Nature Reserve
Brendan Cook

Mangrove Gerygone Cabbage Tree Basin, Royal NP
A pair warbling and foraging in mangroves on high tide, just before the footbridge to Maianbar when crossing from Bonnievale camping ground.
Bruce Roubin

Peregrine Falcons Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Camperdown
Two Peregrine Falcons seen hunting over the hospital
Elisabeth Karplus

Topknot Pigeons Woolwich Road, Hunters Hill
Two Topknot Pigeons were seen feeding in a fig tree. This is the first time that I have seen these birds in Hunters Hill.
Elisabeth Karplus

Glossy Ibis, Pink-eared Duck, Little Egret Penrith Lakes
All species seen on the lake in front of Cranebrook Rd. One Glossy Ibis feeding in the front NE corner, at least two Pink-eared Ducks at the rear of same lake the Ibis was in and a Little Egret feeding in shallows at the southernmost edge.
Ákos Lumnitzer

Mon 19 Nov Pacific Baza Camden Airport
Single bird being harassed by Bell Miners in riparian vegetation adjacent to the Nepean River. Remained in area for about 30 minutes.
Alan Leishman

Sun 18 Nov Cook's Petrel, Black Petrel Port Stephens Pelagic
Cook's Petrel arrived not long after 6 Black Petrels alighted on burley slick, extending north of the boat. The boat was drifting just outside the shelf break and the bird crossed the slick back and forth for some 5 or 6 minutes well out from the boat before departing to the south. Trip characterised by a number of Great-winged Petrel and small to moderate groups of Short-tailed and Sooty Shearwater flying through north to south. Moderator's note (NH): Congratulations! Yet another great pelagic I missed! Cook's Petrel will require a submission to NSW ORAC.
Allan Richardson and 13 others

Topknot Pigeon Mann's Point & Gore Creek, Greenwich
Topknots seem to be on the move around Sydney. This is my first record for the area since 1993. [I think it was a single bird, as I saw one flying from Mann's Pt in the direction of Gore Ck, where I spotted one in a tree 1/2 hr later.] Also seen: Dollarbird; Satin Bowerbird; Musk Lorikeet; Brown Goshawk [2].
Ted Nixon

Regent Honeyeater, Spotted Quail-thrush Capertee National Park
1 Regent Honeyeater seen briefly in bottle-brush at the old Port Macquarie Homestead with the National Park. Three Spotted Quail-thrush seen on walk along creek.
Allan Richards, Chris Gladwin, Elisabeth Karplus, Tom Karplus

Sat 17 Nov Painted Honeyeater, Black-chinned Honeyeater Genowlan Bridge, Capertee Valley
Both heard and then seen in trees at bridge
Allan Richards, Chris Gladwin, Elisabeth Karplus, Tom Karplus

Thu 15 Nov Barred Cuckoo-shrike, Rose-crowned Fruit-Dove, Wompoo Fruit-Dove, Emerald Dove wilsons creek mullumbimby.
Seen three Barred Cuckoo-shrikes feeding in fig tree also seen, Rose-crowned Fruit-dove.and two Emerald Doves and several Wompoo Fruit-Doves.
michael ronan

Wed 14 Nov White-eared Monarch, Varied Triller, Rose-crowned Fruit-Dove minyon falls near mullumbimby.
Seen two White-eared Monarchs feeding on large grub. Also good numbers of Varied Trillers and three Rose-crowned Fruit-Doves.
michael ronan.

Tue 13 Nov Olive-backed Oriole Rockdale Bicentennial Park
First observed 13/10; still singing 13/11. Moderator's note (NH): not previously seen at this location by observer
Oliver Williams

Sun 11 Nov Long-tailed Jaeger. Ballina Lighthouse.
Seen my first three Long-tailed Jaegers for the summer today.
michael ronan.

Sun 4 Nov Black-eared Cuckoo Weddin State Forest
1 Black-eared Cuckoo seen during Birding NSW's IBA surveys around Grenfell
Elisabeth Karplus on behalf of Birding NSW

Sat 3 Nov Budgerigars, Gilbert's Whistler, Crimson Chat Warraderry State Forest near Grenfell
About 25 Budgerigars, 1 Crimson Chat and 1 Gilbert's Whistler seen during Birding NSW's IBA surveys. Also large numbers of Speckled Warblers.
Elisabeth Karplus on behalf of Birding NSW

Thu 1 Nov Black-necked Stork Gwydir Wetlands, Moree
2 immature Black-necked Storks were seen around a lagoon, then another 3 immatures seen at another wetland.
Curtis Hayne

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