WA Twitchathon 2011 + 2010 Birdlist

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Subject: WA Twitchathon 2011 + 2010 Birdlist
From: John Graff <>
Date: Sat, 26 Nov 2011 07:44:14 +0800
Hey everyone, Firstly a reminder that the WA Twitchathon 2011 is fast 
approaching, coming up on the 10 & 11th December - as always, info & rego forms 
are available from the BAWA office at Perry Lakes or by getting in touch with 
me. Similarly, two of the teams in the 24hr competition,The Big Twits and The 
Ruff Knights will be tweeting pre-race banter and in-race updates from our 
respective Twitter accounts - see!/TheBigTwits and!/theruffknights
Also, I have (finally) compiled a list of birds recorded on the twitchathon 
last year, as was requested by several people. Note though that I did not 
receive full lists from 2x24hr teams and 1x12hr team, so this list is not quite 
complete, and compiled from the lists of 6x24hr teams, 3x12hr teams, and 
1xArmchair team. All up, 198 species were recorded. A few interesting records 
in the lists - a lot of Western Corella records which is interesting as they 
are rare in the Perth area. Also a lot of Mallards so I'm not sure who's 
following the rules on them! Anyway, here is the list for perusal (format - 
Species Name: No. 24hr teams/No. 12hr teams/No. armchair teams)
Cheers,John Full List
Emu: 3/0/0
Stubble Quail: 1/0/0
Musk Duck: 6/3/0
Black Swan: 6/3/1
Australian Shelduck: 6/3/1
Australian Wood Duck: 6/3/0
Pink-eared Duck: 6/2/0
Australasian Shoveller: 6/3/1
Grey Teal: 6/3/1
Chestnut Teal: 3/2/0
Northern Mallard: 2/0/1
Pacific Black Duck: 6/3/1
Hardhead: 6/3/0
Blue-billed Duck: 6/3/0
Australasian Grebe: 6/3/0
Hoary-headed Grebe: 6/3/0
Great-crested Grebe: 5/3/0
Rock Dove: 6/3/0
Laughing Dove: 6/3/1
Spotted Dove: 5/3/1
Common Bronzewing: 5/2/0
Brush Bronzewing: 4/0/0
Crested Pigeon: 5/2/0
Tawny Frogmouth: 4/0/0
Australian Owlet-nightjar: 1/0/0
Yellow-nosed Albatross: 2/0/0
Wedge-tailed Shearwater: 3/0/0
Flesh-footed Shearwater: 3/0/0
Great-winged Petrel: 1/0/0
Australasian Gannet: 2/0/0
Australasian Darter: 5/3/0
Little Pied Cormorant: 6/3/0
Great Cormorant: 5/3/0
Little Black Cormorant: 6/3/1
Pied Cormorant: 6/3/0
Australian Pelican: 6/3/1
Australasian Bittern: 1/0/0
Eastern Great Egret: 6/3/1
White-faced Heron: 6/3/1
Little Egret: 6/1/0
Nankeen Night Heron: 4/3/0
Glossy Ibis: 4/1/1
Australian White Ibis: 6/3/1
Straw-necked Ibis: 6/3/1
Royal Spoonbill: 1/0/1
Yellow-billed Spoonbill: 6/3/0
Eastern Osprey: 4/3/0
Black-shouldered Kite: 5/1/0
Square-tailed Kite: 2/0/0
White-bellied Sea-Eagle: 2/1/0
Whistling Kite: 6/3/1
Brown Goshawk: 3/1/0
Collared Sparrowhawk: 1/0/0
Swamp Harrier: 6/3/1
Wedge-tailed Eagle: 5/0/0
Little Eagle: 2/2/1
Nankeen Kestrel: 6/3/0
Brown Falcon: 3/0/0
Australian Hobby: 5/2/1
Peregrine Falcon: 1/0/0
Purple Swamphen: 6/3/1
Buff-banded Rail: 3/2/0
Spotless Crake: 1/0/0
Dusky Moorhen: 6/3/1
Eurasian Coot: 6/3/1
Bush Stone-curlew: 3/0/0
Australian Pied Oystercatcher: 6/3/0
Sooty Oystercatcher: 3/0/0
Black-winged Stilt: 6/3/1
Red-necked Avocet: 5/3/1
Banded Stilt: 1/1/0
Grey Plover: 6/3/0
Red-capped Plover: 6/2/0
Lesser Sand Plover: 1/0/0
Greater Sand Plover: 1/0/0
Black-fronted Dotterel: 5/2/0
Hooded Plover: 1/0/0
Red-kneed Dotterel: 2/2/0
Banded Lapwing: 5/2/0
Masked Lapwing: 1/0/0
Black-tailed Godwit: 2/2/0
Bar-tailed Godwit: 6/3/0
Whimbrel: 5/0/0
Eastern Curlew: 2/0/0
Terek Sandpiper: 1/0/0
Common Sandpiper: 1/2/0
Grey-tailed Tattler: 3/1/0
Common Greenshank: 6/2/1
Marsh Sandpiper: 5/2/1
Wood Sandpiper: 2/0/0
Ruddy Turnstone: 3/2/0
Great Knot: 3/2/0
Red Knot: 4/3/0
Red-necked Stint: 6/2/1
Sharp-tailed Sandpiper: 5/2/1
Curlew Sandpiper: 5/1/0
Ruff: 1/0/0
Painted Button-quail: 2/0/0
Arctic Jaeger: 3/0/0
Bridled Tern: 2/0/0
Fairy Tern: 3/2/0
Caspian Tern: 6/3/0
Whiskered Tern: 2/0/0
White-winged Black Tern: 3/1/1
Common Tern: 1/0/0
Crested Tern: 6/3/0
Pacific Gull: 3/0/0
Kelp Gull: 1/0/0
Silver Gull: 6/3/1
Red-tailed Black-Cockatoo: 6/1/1
Carnaby's Black-Cockatoo: 5/2/0
Baudin's Black-Cockatoo: 4/0/0
Galah: 6/3/1
Long-billed Corella: 4/2/0
Western Corella: 3/3/0
Little Corella: 5/1/0
Rainbow Lorikeet: 5/3/1
Purple-crowned Lorikeet: 5/1/0
Regent Parrot: 4/1/0
Western Rosella: 5/1/0
Australian Ringneck: 6/3/1
Red-capped Parrot: 6/2/0
Elegant Parrot: 5/0/0
Shining Bronze-cuckoo: 4/1/0
Pallid Cuckoo: 1/0/0
Fan-tailed Cuckoo: 2/1/0
Southern Boobook: 4/0/0
Eastern Barn Owl: 1/0/0
Laughing Kookaburra: 6/3/0
Sacred Kingfisher: 6/2/0
Rainbow Bee-eater: 4/3/1
Noisy Scrub-bird: 3/0/0
Rufous Treecreeper: 5/0/0
Splendid Fairy-wren: 6/3/1
White-winged Fairy-wren: 1/0/0
Variegated Fairy-wren: 2/0/0
Blue-breasted Fairy-wren: 3/0/0
Red-winged Fairy-wren: 5/1/0
Southern Emu-wren: 3/0/0
Western Bristlebird: 2/0/0
White-browed Scrubwren: 5/2/0
Weebill: 6/3/1
Western Gerygone: 6/3/1
Yellow-rumped Thornbill: 6/3/0
Western Thornbill: 5/2/0Inland Thornbill: 5/3/0Spotted Pardalote: 3/1/0Striated 
Pardalote: 6/3/1Western Spinebill: 5/0/0Singing Honeyeater: 6/3/1White-eared 
Honeyeater: 1/0/0Purple-gaped Honeyeater: 1/0/0Yellow-plumed Honeyeater: 
5/0/0Yellow-throated Miner: 4/1/0Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater: 1/0/0Western 
Wattlebird: 3/1/0Red Wattlebird: 6/3/1White-fronted Chat: 3/0/0Tawny-crowned 
Honeyeater: 5/1/0Brown Honeyeater: 6/3/1New Holland Honeyeater: 
6/2/0White-cheeked Honeyeater: 6/1/0Brown-headed Honeyeater: 5/0/0White-naped 
Honeyeater: 6/1/0White-browed Babbler: 2/0/0Western Whipbird: 3/0/0Black-faced 
Cuckoo-shrike: 6/3/0Crested Shrike-tit: 1/0/0Golden Whistler: 5/1/0Rufous 
Whistler: 6/2/1Grey Shrike-thrush: 5/1/0Crested Bellbird: 1/0/0Black-faced 
Woodswallow: 5/1/0Dusky Woodswallow: 5/0/0Grey Butcherbird: 5/3/1Pied 
Butcherbird: 1/0/0Australian Magpie: 6/3/1Grey Currawong: 6/0/0Grey Fantail: 
6/3/1Willie Wagtail: 6/3/1Australian Raven: 6/3/1Restless Flycatcher: 
3/0/0Magpie-lark: 6/3/1S
 carlet Robin: 6/0/0Hooded Robin: 3/0/0Western Yellow Robin: 
3/1/0White-breasted Robin: 5/1/0Australian Reed-warbler: 5/3/1Little Grassbird: 
3/2/0Rufous Songlark: 1/0/0Silvereye: 6/3/1White-backed Swallow: 1/0/0Welcome 
Swallow: 6/3/0Tree Martin: 6/3/0Mistletoebird: 2/0/0Red-browed Finch: 
1/0/0Red-eared Firetail: 3/0/0Australasian Pipit: 5/3/0


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