Tyto delicatula

To: John Penhallurick <>
Subject: Tyto delicatula
From: Evan Beaver <>
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2009 20:32:16 +1100
Hi John,

It is clear that you know what you're talking about here, and clear to
me that I've got no idea. If you feel the inclination, would you mind
including some definitions or further info to try and get the rest of
us up to speed? I'd like to start with bootstrap support. I reckon i
could guess at sister clade (something like 2 similar species with
over lapping ranges and maybe some interbreeding) but feel free to
correct that one as well.


2009/1/27 John Penhallurick <>:
> Dear Birding-aussers,
> In a chapter in the 2nd edition of Koenig's book on the Owls of the World,
> Wink et al. have proposed Tyto delicatula as a good species with races lulu,
> and sumbaensis.  This is incorrect.  In Wink,Sauer-Gürth &
> Fuchs,2004,"Phylogenetic Relationships in Owls based on nucleotide sequences
> of mitochondrial and nuclear marker genes". Pp. 517-526  in Chancellor, R.D.
> & B.U.Meyburg (eds), Raptor Worldwide, of which I can send a copy to anyone
> who wants it. Found that Tyto delicatula formed a sister-clade with Tyto
> javanica, with 92% bootstrap support, and that both formed a sisten-taxon
> with Tyto sumbaensis, that clade having 95% bootstrap support.  This means
> that Christidis & Boles (2008) were correct to treat delicatula as a
> subspecies of javanica, as is sumbaensis and luluensis, as can be
>  seen on my website:
> <> .
> In a review of Weick, F., 2006, Owls (Strigiformes) Illustrated and
> Annotated Checklist. In Emu, 2007,107,pp.337-337, Stephen Debus stated:
> To take the Australasian species, the Australian Barn Owl is correctly
> separated as Tyto delicatula (including javanica and sumbaensis, cf. Wink et
> al. 2004), but Weick raises the form crassirostris of the Bismarck
> Archipelago to species rank on purely morphological grounds while
> pronouncing that most other forms in Melanesia and Polynesia are, or
> probably are, inseparable from delicatula.
>  I am intrigued that Debus thinks that Tyto javanica based on
> Strix javanica J.F.Gmelin,1788,Systema Naturae...editio decima
> tertia,1,pt.1,p.295;"de Wurmb apud Lichtenberg Magaz.IV.210. ("Habitat in
> Java".)
> should be included in Tyto delicatula, based on
> Strix delicatulus Gould,1837["1836"],Proceedings of the Zoological Society
> of London,Pt.4,no.xlviii(June),p.140.(New South Wales.)
> Tyto javanica lulu {New Caledonia,southern Vanuatu,Loyalty
> islands,Fiji,Tonga,Samoa,Society Islands}
> Based on Strix lulu Peale,1848,United States Exploring Expedition,8,Mammalia
> & Ornithology,p.74. (Upolu,and other islands of the Samoan Group;Ovalau,Fiji
> Islands)
> Is a valid subspecies, to which I have the following note:
> Lulu is treated as a subspecies by Peters,1940,Checklist of Birds of the
> World,4,p.79;M.D.Bruce,1999,Family Tytonidae(Barn-Owls) in del Hoyo,Elliott
> & Sargatal (eds),Handbook of the Birds of the World,5,p.71,merges island
> populations everetti,kuehni,bellonae,lifuensis and lulu with widespread
> Australasian delicatula." König,Weick & Becking,1999,Owls: A Guide to the
> Owls of the World,p.195, treat the taxon as valid, but without explanation
> or justification. Tamura-Nei distances based on cytochrome-b and RAG-1 show
> that lulu is distinct from delicatula by 0.251% and 0.352% and deserves
> recognition as a subspecies of T.javanica.
> I have asked Wink why he ignored Tyto javanica  in his 2008 study but have
> had no reply.
> John Penhallurick
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