Brief trip report, Bali (Indonesia), May-June 2008

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Subject: Brief trip report, Bali (Indonesia), May-June 2008
From: "Lawrie Conole" <>
Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2008 13:04:05 +1000
Hi birders

Thanks for the interest shown by a couple of Birding-Aus-ers in a Bali RFI
that I posted here a while back.

4 glorious weeks in Bali with very little dedicated birding/naturalisting
produced the species list below.  Most time spent in and around Ubud in the
hills (including the Bali Bird Walk in the ricefields around Campuan).  One
side trip to the sea at Lovina on the north coast.

Any questions ... just ask.  I may write a proper report in due course ...


Green Junglefowl *Gallus varius *

Rock Dove *Columba livia *

Spotted Turtle-Dove *Streptopelia chinensis *

Barred Cuckoo-Dove *Macropygia unchall*

Peaceful Dove *Geopelia striata *

Pink-necked Pigeon *Treron vernans *

Green Imperial-Pigeon *Ducula aenea*

Savanna Nightjar *Caprimulgus affinis *

Linchi Swiftlet *Collocalia linchi *

Mossy-nest Swiftlet *Aerodramus salangana *

Edible-nest Swiftlet *Aerodramus fuciphaga *

Brown-backed Needletail*Hirundapus giganteus *

Asian Palm-Swift *Cypsiurus balasiensis*

House Swift*Apus affinis*

Intermediate Egret *Ardea intermedia *

Little Egret *Egretta garzetta *

Javan Pond-Heron *Ardeola speciosa *

Cattle Egret *Ardea ibis *

Crested Serpent-Eagle *Spilornis cheela *

Slaty-breasted Rail *Gallirallus striatus *

White-breasted Waterhen *Amaurornis phoenicurus *

Crested Tern *Thalasseus bergii *

Plaintive Cuckoo *Cacomantis merulinus *

Rusty-breasted Cuckoo *Cacomantis sepulcralis *

Chestnut-bellied Malkoha *Phaenicophaeus sumatranus *

Collared Scops-Owl *Otus lettia *

Javan Kingfisher *Halcyon cyanoventris *

Collared Kingfisher *Todiramphus chloris *

Sacred Kingfisher *Todiramphus sanctus *

Sunda Woodpecker *Dendrocopos moluccensis *

Indonesian Honeyeater *Lichmera limbata *

Javan Cuckoo-shrike *Coracina javensis *

Lesser Cuckoo-shrike *Coracina fimbriata*

Golden Whistler *Pachycephala pectoralis *

Black Drongo *Dicrurus macrocercus *

Greater Racket-tailed Drongo *Dicrurus paradiseus *

Pied Fantail *Rhipidura javanica*

Long-tailed Shrike *Lanius schach *

Large-billed Crow *Corvus macrorhynchos *

Common Iora *Aegithina tiphia *

Zitting Cisticola *Cisticola juncidis*

Bar-winged Prinia *Prinia familiaris *

Mountain Tailorbird *Orthotomus cuculatus *

Ashy Tailorbird *Orthotomus ruficeps *

Oriental White-eye *Zosterops palpebrosus*

Pacific Swallow *Hirundo tahitica *

Striated Swallow *Cecropis striolata*

Asian House Martin *Delichon dasypus *

Sooty-headed Bulbul *Pycnonotus aurigaster*

Yellow-vented Bulbul *Pycnonotus goiavier *

Oriental Magpie-Robin *Copsychus saularis*

Pied Bushchat *Saxicola caprata *

Asian Glossy Starling *Aplornis panayensis *

Common Hill Myna *Gracula religiosa *

Scarlet-headed Flowerpecker *Dicaeum trochileum*

Plain-throated Sunbird *Anthreptes malacensis*

Olive-backed Sunbird *Cinnyris jugularis*

Little Spiderhunter *Arachnothera longirostra*

Javan Munia *Lonchura leucogastroides*

Nutmeg Mannikin *Lonchura punctulata *

Chestnut Munia *Lonchura malacca *

White-headed Munia *Lonchura maja *

Streaked Weaver *Ploceus manyar *

Eurasian Tree Sparrow *Passer montanus*


Indo-Malayan Flying-fox *Pteropus vampyrum *

Leschenault's Rousette *Rousettus leschenaultii *

Greater Short-nosed Fruit Bat *Cynopterus sphinx *

Black Rat *Rattus rattus *

Plantain Squirrel *Sundasciurus notatus *

Long-tailed Macaque *Macaca fascicularis *

Spinner Dolphin *Stenella longirostris*


Schlegel's Java Frog *Hylarana chalconota *

Grass Frog *Fejervarya limnocharis *

Indonesian Toad *Ingerophrynus biporcatus*


Tokay Gecko *Gekko gecko *

House Gecko *Hemidactylus frenatus*

Common Flying Dragon *Draco volans volans *

Green Tree Dragon *Bronchocela cristatella *

Bali Skink *Eutropsis multifaciata balinensis*

Indo-Chinese Rat Snake *Pytas korros*

Lawrie Conole
28 Reid Street
Northcote 3070 AUSTRALIA
lconole at gmail dot com

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