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Date: Sat, 17 Mar 2001 17:21:21 +0100
Dear All ;

Greeting from Denmark, just to tell you, that you are very
lucky, as you are a BIRDER ... !

But how do we get more people interested in BIRDING ... ?

We have the worlds best leisure interest, BIRDING, but we must
have the global public to know about it ... !!!

The knowledge about BIRDING will give a great signal effect to the
public about taking care of the wild birds, the nature and fauna !

To try to read the signs of the times and come up with some qualified
guesses about the future birding is only human. More than that, it is
an exercise that no politician, political analyst or anybody interested
in world affairs can afford to ignore.

Although, I must confess, the topic may seems rather ambitious. And I
accept that some of you mayby think I am crazy ... !?! - In Australia
I learned the quotation : " I am glad, I am mad ... ! "

I think that internet birding forums offers a wonderful opportunity
to compare notes, exchange ideas and get new inspiration, etc. on what
the future may hold in store for global birder relationship ? a
relationship that is of vital importance, not only to birders, but also
to the rest of the world. The birding forums is a fantastic way to have
global birding interests in common, and by this way to create a global
feeling of community.

Globalisation is the central question facing the wealthy nations
in the world, especially USA and Europe, where we do pretty well
now - but if you look ahead there are so much controversy about
globalisation and about how to put a more human face on the
globalisation and the need to close the gap between rich and poor
contries. - I think BIRDING will be one of the answers  ... !!!

As we look towards the future, we perceive that changes, challenges
and uncertainties in most fields are likely characteristics of the
early 21st century. Rapid technological advances, globally intertwined
economies, and world-wide communications will present new opportunities
as well as pitfalls.


There is no corner of the globe that is not of interest to birding.

Birding is going to be a more and more fancy and respected leisure

There is the increasing trend and interest in birding and eco-tourisme.

Example, the former young backpackers are now the new generation of
business travellers, and many of these former backpackers want in their
leisure time among other to go birding or/and on eco-trips. - But the
destinations they want to visit have to be of intact fauna, flora and
wildlife, incl. birds.

Another example, in more and more "wild-bird-trade" countries more and
more trappers had been turned into bird guides and supplier to the
birding / ecotourisme. - And by this way the native people have a new
way of living, and had become protectors and responsible to keep their
territory in a condition which will attract the birders and other


If I not had realized it before, I did it at my and our Parrot
Watcher team's visits to the villages in Papua New Guinea( PNG ):

People, who from our socalled western viewpoint seem to live in a
primitive way, are not stupid ... and in PNG as well as other
destinations, recently in Brazilian Amazon-rainforest, I had met
local village people, who are very interested in birding, but who
just need some kind of support - not money, but far better equiment
as example bird-guide-books, binoculars, etc. to develop their way
of birding and by this way more understanding for local and global
nature conservation ... !

More of more of the former socalled 'primitiv' villages have
now satellite-television, and as so the possibility to watch
broadcasts concerning wildlife and nature, incl. birds. - And
more and more are going to have a PC and then connection
to the global Internet.

All over the world lot of people are daily seeing birds. But
only very few of the worlds people are bird watchers and know
to identify a bird ... - For most of the worlds people a bird
is just a bird. - Therefore people could had seen rare bird-
species without knowing it.

( Hope you understand my point, even english is not my mother
  -language ).


As some of you already know, I have a very weak spot, and that is
PARROTS. - I like parrots very much and I do what I can in my humble
way to support the protections, being made to save the parrots from
extinction. - Among other I run my global Parrot Data E-mail Club,
and there are subscribers from all over the world - the only
place which not is represented is the South Pole ... !

I work as Service Manager for SAS - Scandinavian Airlines - which
is one of the originators of the global STAR ALLIANCE.- At my job I
do have a lot of contacts with the danish and european as well as the
global business, political and diplomat world - and several of these
frequent travellers, who are travelling via Copenhagen know about
my interest for parrots and other birds - ( a non-political and
non-religious but very nice, plesant and neutral subject, about which
you can talk with all kind of people ) - and therefore we do now and
then talk about parrots and other birds, birding and conservation, and
all have had some kind of experiences with birds.

Furthermore I do have professionel but also bird-leisure contact
with govermental and well as non-govermental authorities and
organisations related to the environment and concervation - and
by this way also a lot of nice talk about parrots and other birds.

Example some of the danish frequent travellers on Australia, had
with great pleasure in their voice told me, that they in Sydney had
seen flocks of budgerigars :'Plenty as european sparrows and flying
very fast'. - What they saw I believe had been lorikeets, but they
thought it was budgerigars, and they were very happy to tell me
about it ... ! - And ' happiness ' is what count in the life ... !

For many years ago the passengers smiled a bit when I talked about
parrots and other birds .. - but the recent years the situation had
changed a lot, and a lot more people have much more serious attitude
for birds and birding ... !

Even our danish crownprince, HRH Crownprince Frederik, now and then
talk parrots and other birds with me ... !

With a smile I say : " I am interested in two endangered species:
Parrots and Flight Passengers.  - They both sometime shout and bite,
but you have to treat and handle them well and decent or else they
will disappear ...!  "


Mayby I a bit naive, but in a modest way, I think BIRDING will testify
to a strong future partnership between many people of the globe.

I hope more and more people will be interested in the fauna and nature,
national as well as international ... - and therefore among other also
interested in birds and birding.

The famous danish wit Robert Storm Petersen once, with customary
Danish modesty, remarked: "It's very difficult to prophesize ?
especially about the future."  He certainly had a point !

Best wishes, Peter

Peter H. Them, DK-Denmark, e-mail: 

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