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Date: Thu, 24 Sep 1998 12:33:44 +0200
Dear All ;  
I am now back in Denmark after being participating the IV International
Parrot Convention, from 17th to 20th of September 1998, hosted by
Loro Parque, Tenerife
Mr. Wolfgang Kiessling and Loro Parque must be congratulated on 
what is the premier parrot event in the world : The IV international
Parrot Convention :
Mr. Wolfgang Kiessling and his team had created this wonderful and 
well-organised unique IV International Parrot Convention, which in all
respects and with great success lived up to its reputation as the
global first class experience for specialized knowledge about parrots 
These International Parrot Conventions hosted by Loro Parque,
Tenerife, are the highest global stage of Psittaculture. 
750 internationally reknowned scientists and biologists, zoo-curators
and veterinarians, birders and aviculturists from 5 continents converged
the new conference centre in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, to talk about
their experiences and studies regarding the diseases that the parrots
suffer from as well as the dangers of extinction and what can be done
to protect them.  
This the final International Parrot Convention of this century lead us into
the next with an improved framework for the complementary roles of
captive and field management. 
Marc Boussekey, France : " Cacatua haematuropygia - the Red-vented
cockatoo - a flagship species for conservation in the Philipines ".
Neville Connors, Australia  : " Calyptorhynchus Species - Black cockatoos "
Paul  Butler, RARE, Saint Lucia : " Promoting Protection through Pride ",
Nigel Collar, BirdLife International, U.K.  : " Information and Ignorance
concerning the World's Parrot. An index for twenty-first Century Research
and Conservation " 
Hans Jurgen Geil, Germany : " The Palm Cockatoo - Probosciger aterrimus
- Husbandry and Breeding ".
Alan Hesse, Bolivia  : " Conservation of Blue-throathed Macaw -
                                  Ara glaucogularis ".
Carl Jones, Jersey / Mauritius : " The Biology and Conservation of the
Echo Parakeet - Psittacula eques - of Mauritius ".
Niels Krabbe, Ecuador / Denmark  : " Status and Conservation of
Yellow-eared Conure - Ognorhynchus icterotis ".
Frank Lambert, Indonesia : " Conservation Priorities for Parrots in Indonesia ".
Erhard F. Kaleta, Germany : " Detection and Prevention of Polyoma virus
Induced deseases in Psittacines birds ".
Martin Bell, New Zealand  : " Exsitu conservation efforts being carried out
with three New Zealand parrot species " Kaka, Kea and Antipodes Islands
Unicolor Parakeet ".
Armin Brockner, Germany : " The Rusty-faced parrot ( Hapalopsittaca
amazonina ). First field study results ".
Branson Ritchie : " Proventricular Dilatation Disease: a Viral Epornitic ".
Cathrine King : " What can Zoos contribute to Aviculture ".
James Murphy, USA :  " Amazon Breeding today - Blending behavioral
biology with environmental enrichment ".
Frank Enders, Loro Parque, Tenerife : " Maintaining the Health Status
of the Loro Parque Collection ".
Michael Massie, USA  : " Utilizing formulated diets in feeding stategies
for breeding psittacines ".
Susan Clubb, USA : " Psittacine handrearing problems, causes and
solutions ".
Theo Pagel, Germany : " Lories - behavioral studies and husbandry in
socialization ".
Yves de Soye, Loro Parque, Tenerife : " Parrot conservation by
the Loro Parque Fundacion " .
who all supplied us with great informations and rich knowledge -
also published in the 230 pages proceeding - among other
on how to optimise captive breeding in cooperative conservation
efforts, as well as the latest up-dates on field studies and 
conservation measure which especially provided the captive
husbandry sessions a rich input of ideas related to parrot ecology.  
Furthermore there was an interesting display of posters related
to information about parrots. - One of the many displays, that drawed
my special attention, was the presentation of the Mexican Fundacion
ARA, which seeks to preserve many endangered Mexican and South
American parrot species.    
There was also trade displays included the lastes in diets, technology,
pictures and literature.
Perphaps the most interesting aspect of the 4. International Parrot
Convention was the golden opportunity for social gathering, among
other at the Welcome cocktail party in the gardens of Hotel Botanico,
the Dinner in the gardens of Casino Taoro, the Cruise along the coast
of Tenerife on board the " Banaderos ", the Gala Dinner at the Hotel
Botanico and - of course - in the Loro Parque, by which you were able
to meet old friends and created new friendships, and take part in the
fast increasing global network of people interested in parrots.
The IV International Parrot Convention underlined how great Psitta-
culture is ... !
Yes, we parrot-people are a close-knit global community ... !
It was obvious that everyone was having a great time.
I was very please to meet several of the readers of my worldwide
Parrot Data E-Mail Club Newsletter.
The aim of Parrot Data E-mail Club is to collect and report data and
news about the PARROTS - PSITTACULTURE - in the wild as well
as in the aviculture protected environment. - If you wanted to subscribe
this free Parrot Data E-Mail-Club, then just let me know.
It was very rewarding for me to experience the IV International  
Parrot Convention as I find as " The Psittaculture gateway to the
World, and The World's gateway to the Psittaculture ".  
As the participants came from all over the world   - and with
different kind of culture - it was real fantastic to experience the
intergration of the different parties related to parrots, as example
scientists and biologists, zoo-curators and university academics,
ornithologists and birders, naturalists and conservationists,
veterinarians and aviculturists. 
Thanks to the dynamic and enthusiastic Mr. Wolfgang Kiessling's
visions and foresights the International Parrots Conventions had
developed into a fantastic " Mecca "  for the intergrated global
Psittaculture network.
As we approach the turn of the second milliennium, it is apparent
that we are witnessing much more than a fascinating numerical
phanomenon. Throughtout the 1990s, the pace of change and
renewal has been intensifying in virtually all sectors of society,
with new social patterns and new Psittaculture opportunities
arising continously.
This trend was being highly visible within the life with parrots, and
by the great IV International Parrot Convention, we are now entering
a phase of dynamic renewal. 
I was very impressed with Mr. Wolfgang Kiessling and his team
organising of the IV International Parrot Convention. Their efforts
clearly reflect the high level of friendly and helpful professionalism
found in the Convention, the Loro Parque and the hotel Botanico.  
For the team Mr. Wolfgang Kiessling had carefully selected
warm, friendly people who are professional in their approach and
who enjoy talking with others, sharing the conventions ethusiasme
for parrots and the natural world with the convention participants,
taking care of the convention participants needs when necessary. 
They were all well-organised people, who pay attention to details
and were able to take care of the logistics of the IV International
Parrot Convention in such a way that the convention participants
were unaware of the work going on ' behind the scenes ' leaving
the participants free to enjoy a hassle-free Parrot Convention,
in a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere. 
Mr. Wolfgang Kiessling and his team all had a sense of humor as
to engender the right atmosphere into the IV International Parrot
They all also had a more than average level of patience so as to
be able to deal calmly with any problems should they occur.   
If the convention participants had any problem Mr. Wolfgang 
Kiessling and his team took an immediate interest to resolve it.  
I am truly gratefull for the way Mr. Wolfgang Kiessling and his
team had created this smooth-running, parrot unbeatable and
- above all - entertaining and extremely enjoyable IV International
Parrot Convention. 
Thanks to the IV International Parrot Convention I am very proud
to be a Psittaculturist  ...... !
Loro Parque was founded in 1972 by Mr. Wolfgang Kiessling, and
at 17. December 1997 celebrated 25 years of success. The number
of parrots on the park has vastly increased since the parks creation,
and with the beautiful natural space that surrounds them, they are
looked after like nowhere else, right down to the smallest detail. 
Over 17 millions people have visited the tropical Loro Parque, situated
in Puerto de la Cruz, north of Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain.  
With the world's largest collections of parrots, over 300 species
and some 3.000 birds, Loro Parque now has the biggest collection
of parrots in the world, and the main objective of Loro Parque is the
conservation and reproduction of parrots.
Loro Parque Foundation has been set up for the birds. And the
inauguration of the Loro Parque Foundation - Centre of Rearing,
was one of the most important events at the IV International Parrot
Convention. The centre is more than 25.000 square meters, and is
situated outside Loro Parque, recreating the different environments
of the world in which the 1000's of parrots that they intend to rear live.
The park also has many other attractions, such as the most moderne
Dolphinarium in the world, and an enourmous aquarium where you
observe many kinds of marine animals, from the the biggest sharks
to the smallest fish.
There are other permanent residents at the park, such as the tigers,
jaguars, gorillas, chimpanzees, and an authentic Thai Village. And
very soon there will be another attraction: a collection of Antarctic
I am sure that the wonderful IV International Parrot Convention will
fondly be remembered as the best Internation Parrot Convention  ...
Well ... - at least until the next International Parrot Convention ... ! 
At the Galla dinner's closing speech, at the fantastic beautiful and
luxurious hotel Botanico, Mr. Wolfgang Kiessling wellcome all
parrot interested people to the 5. International Parrot Convention,
which will be hosted by Loro Parque, in the September, year 2002.
You should already now book-mark the 5. International Parrot Convention.  
If you wanted to be kept informed with the Loro Parque Foundation's
magazine " Cyanopsitta " and the work of Loro Parque Foundation, as
well as the development of the 5. International Parrot Convention in
year  2002, I can highly recommend you to be a member of the :
Loro Parque Foundation,
38400 Puerto de la Cruz, 
Canarian Islands
phn. + 34  9 22 37 40 81
fax.  + 34  9 22 37 50 21
e-mail :
Best regards,
Peter H. Them,
Parrot Data
e-mail :   
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