Re: Are you addicted to Birding-Aus?

To: (Birding Aus)
Subject: Re: Are you addicted to Birding-Aus?
From: Paul Taylor <>
Date: Wed, 30 Oct 1996 14:04:05 +1100 (EST)
> Top Signs of Net Addiction
> ==========================
> 1. You wake up at 3 a.m. to go to the bathroom and stop to check
> your e-mail on the way back to bed.


> 2. You get a tattoo that reads "This bird best viewed with Netscape
> Navigator 1.1 or higher."

See 7.

> 3. You name your children Russell and some other famous email artists.


> 4. You turn off your modem and get this awful empty feeling, like you
> just dipped on a lifer.

Yes, usually because I *have* dipped on a lifer (see October Wollongong
trip report.)

> 5. You spend half of the plane trip with your laptop on your
> lap checking the trip reports and your child in the overhead
> locker.

I don't have a laptop of children, but I *do* ask for a window seat just
in case a lifer flits past.  :)

> 6. You decide to stay at college for an additional year or two,
> just for the free birding-aus access.

No, but I wish I did.  :)

> 7. You laugh at people with 2400-baud modems.

I am a person with a 2400-baud modem.  :(

> 8. You start using smileys in your snail mail.

Um, well, yes - but not sideways ones.

> 9. Your hard drive crashes. You haven't logged in for two hours.
> You start to twitch.  You could be dipping on a lifer?
> You pick up the phone and manually dial your ISP's access number.
> You try to hum bird songs to communicate with your modem.  And you
> succeed.

No, but I do try whistling at incoming faxes from people who leave
the damn things on automatic redial to a phone.

> 10. You find yourself typing "com" after every period when using
> a word


> 11. You refer to going to the bathroom as downloading.


> 12. You start to introduce yourself as "Tony at I-I-Net dot net dot com".


> 13. All of your close birding friends have an @ in their names.

No, but I e-bird internationally.  :)

> 14. You can't call your mother... she doesn't have a modem.


> 15. You check your mail. It says "no new messages." So you check it
> again. surely there must be a rarity somewhere nearby?

If I don't have mail I check news.  If I don't have news, I surf to pick
up news that hasn't arrived yet.

> 16. Your phone bill comes to your doorstop in a box.

Not yet...

> 17. You don't know what sex three of your closest friends are, because
> they have neutral nicknames and you never bothered to ask.

No, but ages can sometimes be surprising!

> 18. You move into a new house and decide to Netscape before you landscape.

Fair enough.  :)

> 19. You tell the cab driver you live at

No, but I have found cab drivers who need the IP address of my house to
get there because their name server is down...

> 20. You start tilting your head sideways to smile or when using your
> binoculars.

I watch TV sideways - does that count?  :)

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