A Shy Albatross photographed in the U.S

Subject: A Shy Albatross photographed in the U.S
Date: 25 Oct 96 10:13:13 +1000
Have a look at the attached string of messages about a Shy Albatross 
turning up in the U.S its quite amusing and good value.   One day we  
are going to get a Black-footed Albatross off Wollongong and look out  
because thats the day that I jump overboard. 
Tony Palliser  (Sydney, Australia)       
>To: <> 
>Subject: Re: Chum and you won't believe what else! 
>First photos back, and YES!!! 
>They confirm White-capped (Shy) Albatross of nominate 
>Here's the recent e-mail from my partner and myself to 
>Oregon Birders On-Line discussion group. 
>Subject: Tim Shelmerdine's Photos 
>From:  (Matthew Hunter) 
>Date: Fri, 18 Oct 1996 19:22:12 -0700 
>    WWWW                     WWWW 
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>       WWWW   WWWW WWWW   WWWW 
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>                            OOOO        OOOO 
>                             OOOOOOOOOOOOOO 
>                                OOOOOOOO 
>                                        WWWW                     WWWW 
>                                         WWWW       WWWWW       WWWW 
>                                          WWWW     WWWWWWW     WWWW 
>                                           WWWW   WWWW WWWW   WWWW 
>                                            WWWW WWWW   WWWW WWWW 
>                                             WWWWWWW     WWWWWWW 
>                                              WWWWW       WWWWW 
>    WWW     WWW     WWW     CCCCCC     AAAAA     LLL 
>     WWW   WWWWW   WWW    CCC         AAA AAA    LLL 
>      WWW WWW WWW WWW     CCC        AAAAAAAAA   LLL 
>    I just received copies of Tim Shelmerdine's photos of the dark and 
>    light albatross seen near Heceta Banks on 5 OCT 1996.  Wow, they are 
>    great!  Tim captured some surprisingly good shots of the underwing of 
>    the bird while it was taking off from the water.  Looks like 
>    white-capped (shy) albatross, subspecies cauta. 
>    -great views of the underwing. Underwing extensively white, including 
>    far out the primaries, with very narrow dark edge to underwing. 
>    Diagnostic "thumb" mark visible at anterior leading edge of underwing. 
>    -can see dark area (line) at base of upper and lower mandibles. 
>    -Probably a sub-adult bird: 
>    =bill seems inbetween adult and juv: yellowish in tip mainly near 
>    cutting edge; dusky/dark coloration still present in tips of both upper 
>    and lower mandibles (somewhat moreso than in head photo of subadult in 
>    Harper and Kinsky, 1978, "Southern albatrosses and petrels: an 
>    identification guide", p21). 
>    =also some discernable (barely so) gray on sides of neck. 
>    My guess is that the bird is just on it's way out of juvenile plumage, 
>    and the bill color seems right in sync. 
>    I've noticed that even the dark area around the eye appears different 
>    on most photos of WCAL vs LAAL that I've examined.  LAAL seems to often 
>    have more dark in front of an below the eye (what might be called the 
>    lores) than the WCAL which has more of a simple diamond surrounding the 
>    eye, below it's "eyebrow ridge".  Not that anyone would need this for 
>    id purposes...just an interesting difference. 
>    I look forward to seeing other photographers' photos. 
>    Good job Tim! 
>    Matt Hunter 
>    one happy clam 
>Subject: Re: Tim Shelmerdine's Photos 
>From: Greg Gillson  
>Date: Fri, 18 Oct 1996 22:23:44 -0700 (PDT) 
>Well, Matt beat me to the punch. Tim Shelmerdine's photos 
>arrived in my mailbox today as well. 
>Tim was much too reserved.... 
>The photos clearly show nominate White-capped Albatross as 
>Matt said. The one particular photo of the bird in flight 
>shows nearly all the field marks: 
>* huge, pale greenish bill with dark subterminal smudge on 
>both mandibles and yellowish tip to upper mandible. 
>* white underwing, narrowly edged with black around the 
>perimeter. Diagnostic "thumbmark." Dark tips to the very ends 
>of the under-primaries indicate nominate form. 
>* Upper back white, fading ever so slightly to the middle of  
>the back - no strong line of demarkation. Slight indication 
>of partial collar at base of wings. 
>* Feet and legs pinkish, but blue "heel" joint. 
>* Sides of rump extensively white (more so than Laysan would 
>If others' photos are as good as Tim's there'll be some 
>great pictures. Anyone have a scanner for slides? Or know 
>of a reasonable place to get them? 
>Greg Gillson  
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