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Fwd: New Agxivatein Releases

Subject: Fwd: New Agxivatein Releases
From: "Marinos Koutsomichalis" marinoskouts=
Date: Tue Oct 11, 2011 6:14 am ((PDT))

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New Agxivatein Releases !!!

#8 Marc Behrens - Apparatus

Composed April-May 2010, using basic sound material recorded 2005-2010 in A=
ustria, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Namibia and South Africa. The installation =
=E2=80=98Apparatus=E2=80=99 was presented in a four-channel setup (two chan=
nels via open headphones, two via ceiling speakers) May 28 - June 10, 2010 =
as 9/12 in the =E2=80=98Phonebox=E2=80=99 series at IMO, Copenhagen, Denmar=

1st edition of 150 copies
(printed cdr, carton sleeve, vellum inlet, plastic envelope) October 2011 =

#7 Kasper T. Toeplitz + Z'EV  'Fleur de Peau'

Z'EV (skins/symphonic bass drum) and Kasper (bass|computer) were recorded l=
ive in Sleaze Art studio,  Paris, January 2010. Kasper mixed and assembled =
'Fleur de peau' out of these recordings the follow-ing weeks. 'Fleur de pea=
u' (literally: flower of skin) could be interpreted as 'ex-tremely sensitiv=

1st edition of 150 copies
(cdr, carton sleeve, plastic envelope) September 2011

Still available:

#6 Z'EV 'Live in Athens'

1st edition of 150 copies
(cdr, carton sleeve, plastic envelope) March 2011

=E2=80=98Each time I played it I found myself drifting in and out of the al=
bum, losing myself in different places each time.  Which is definitely a re=
Ian Holloway (Wonderful Wooden Reasons)

=E2=80=98a journey through both the heartbeat as well as the life essence o=
f dead or lifeless objects, generating an optimistic story of life and hope=
Bauke Van Der Wal (Connexion Bizarre)

=E2=80=98=CE=96=E2=80=99EV donne =E0 Ath=E8nes des couleurs rouges=E2=80=99
H=E9ctor Cabrero (Le son du grisli)

=E2=80=98a reflexive mediation on power and restraint, precision and negati=
Animal Psi

=E2=80=98this CDR is a rarity [..] a good to hear, certainly if you ever wi=
tnessed what Z'EV does in concert. =E2=80=99
Frans der Waard (Vital Weekly - 777)

#5 Francisco Lopez 'Fango de euripteridos'

1st edition of 250 copies.
(mini-cdr, carton sleeve, plastic envelope) March 2011

=E2=80=98a welcome addition to your collection [..] atmosphere smothering, =
almost asphyxiating=E2=80=99
Bauke Van Der Wal (Connexion Bizarre)

=E2=80=98C=E2=80=99est que l=E2=80=99esp=E8ce a disparu, enfin ! M=EAme si,=
 gr=E2ce =E0 L=F3pez, la menace est intacte !=E2=80=99
Pierre C=E9cile (Le son du grisli)

=E2=80=98comes whipping at the ear from the derrick=E2=80=99s clang=E2=80=
Animal Psi

=E2=80=98Quite an interesting and fine release to hear=E2=80=99
Frans der Waard (Vital Weekly - 777)

#4 Batuhan Bozkurt 'Laconicism'

1st edition of 123 copies.
(cdrom, carton sleeve, plastic envelope) April 2010

=E2=80=98one of the coolest things ever [..] totally fucked electronic nois=
es that you can make sound like a swarm of bees, a glitchy blip orgy, a cru=
mbling wall of static, or a minimal 20 BPM snooze fest [..] the most unusua=
l piece of music I have in my collection=E2=80=99
Anti-Gravity Bunny

#3 Marinos Koutsomichalis 'Malfunctions'

3d edition of 99 copies.
(cdr, carton sleeve, plastic envelope) May 2011

=E2=80=98an excellently dense and noisy trip [..] damn fine work [..] Kouts=
omi-chalis is a fantastically adept "noise artist; he knows how to sculpt/c=
arve/whatever with pure noise and make it compelling=E2=80=99
Auxilary Out

=E2=80=98fucking turn it UP and you just have one of the best noise albums =
of the year=E2=80=99

=E2=80=98high-quality noise on here=E2=80=99
The One True Dead Angel

=E2=80=98feedback in a tonal symphony, clipping beats in a polyrhytmic neck=
lace, sine-waving garble=E2=80=99
Animal Psi

#2 Marinos Koutsomichalis 'Peripatetic'

1st edition of 180 copies.
(cdr, carton sleeve, plastic envelope) November 2009.

=E2=80=98Koutsomichalis is able to present us with the subtle rhythm and =
=E2=80=9Cmusic=E2=80=9D of the everyday sounds we hear. This is a unique st=
udy in the composition of the sounds we listen to daily.=E2=80=99
Viktorya Kaufholz (Musique Machine)

=E2=80=98T=CE=BF 44=CE=BB=CE=B5=CF=80=CF=84=CE=BF =CF=80=CE=BB=CE=AC=CE=BD=
=CE=AF=CF=84=CE=B1=CE=B9 =CE=BC=CE=B5 =CE=BA=CE=BB=CE=B5=CE=B9=CF=83=CF=84=
=CE=AC =CE=BC=CE=AC=CF=84=CE=B9=CE=B1=E2=80=99
=CE=A6=CF=8E=CE=BD=CF=84=CE=B1=CF=82 =CE=A4=CF=81=CE=BF=CF=8D=CF=83=CE=B1=
=CF=82 (=CE=94=CE=B9=CF=83=CE=BA=CE=BF=CF=81=CF=85=CF=87=CE=B5=CE=AF=CE=BF=

=E2=80=98Personally I love it=E2=80=99
Ian Holloway (Wonderful Wooden Reasons)

=E2=80=98a cryptic travelogue=E2=80=99
The One True Dead Angel

=E2=80=98=CE=94=CE=B5=CE=BD =CE=BE=CE=AD=CF=81=CF=89 =CE=B1=CE=BD =CE=B8=CE=
=B1 =CF=84=CE=BF =CF=80=CE=AC=CF=81=CE=B5=CE=B9 =CF=80=CE=BF=CF=84=CE=AD =
 Peripatetic =CE=B5=CE=AF=CE=BD=CE=B1=CE=B9 =CF=8C=CF=84=CE=B9 =CE=BA=CE=B1=
=CE=BB=CF=8D=CF=84=CE=B5=CF=81=CE=BF =CE=AD=CF=87=CF=89 =CE=B1=CE=BA=CE=BF=
=CF=8D=CF=83=CE=B5=CE=B9 =CE=B5=CE=B4=CF=8E =CE=BA=CE=B1=CE=B9 =CF=87=CF=81=
=CE=99=CF=89=CF=83=CE=AE=CF=86 =CE=91=CE=B3=CE=B3=CE=B5=CE=BB=CE=AF=CE=B4=
=CE=B7=CF=82 (=CE=B9=CE=B4=CE=B9=CE=BF=CE=BA=CF=84=CE=AE=CF=84=CE=B7=CF=82 =

#1 Marinos Koutsomichalis 'Trevor Jones Studio Sessions'

1st edition of 180 copies.
(cdr, carton sleeve, plastic envelope) November 2009.

=E2=80=98chaotic feedbacks, ruling space=E2=80=99
M. Marios (Random)

=E2=80=98first ask yourself how far you're willing to go into the realm of =
sound for its own sake, and realize this is about as far in as it's possibl=
e to go=E2=80=99
Josh Landry (Musique Machine)

=E2=80=98a nice enough set of textural, isolationist ambient=E2=80=99
Ian Holloway (Wonderful Wooden Reasons)

=E2=80=98powerful in all its roughness but also in all it's silence [..] fo=
rces itself upon the listener and pierce in your head. Great!=E2=80=99
Frans de Waard (Vital Weekly)

=E2=80=98=CE=BC=CF=8C=CE=BD=CE=BF =CE=B8=CE=B5=CF=84=CE=B9=CE=BA=CE=AD=CF=
=82 =CE=B5=CE=BC=CF=80=CE=B5=CE=B9=CF=81=CE=AF=CE=B5=CF=82 =CE=AD=CF=87=CE=
=B5=CE=B9 =CE=BD=CE=B1 =CF=80=CF=81=CE=BF=CF=83=CF=86=CE=AD=CF=81=CE=B5=CE=
=CE=91=CF=81=CE=B3=CF=8D=CF=81=CE=B7=CF=82 =CE=96=CE=AE=CE=BB=CE=BF=CF=82 (=

=E2=80=98a rich variety of resonances and static=E2=80=99
Animal Psi

=E2=80=98the sound has sometimes a very deep and mystical quality=E2=80=99
Fabian (Gothtronic)


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