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3. Re: noisy 8020 mics - update

Subject: 3. Re: noisy 8020 mics - update
From: "vickipowys" vpowys
Date: Wed Oct 5, 2011 4:58 pm ((PDT))
Lizzie and Antoine,

Thanks so much for your input.  I could only access the 'T=C3=A9l=C3=A9char=
ce fichier' link on my Mac using the browser 'Opera'.  It would not
work in Firefox, nor in Safari.  But I did finally get it!  Yes
Antoine the noise is the same loud fizzing and popping that I was

Antoine, you ask, has a solution been found?

All I know is what Syntec in Sydney, Australia, have told me.  When I
first had the noise problem they said that Sennheiser in Germany DID
know of a noise problem with MKH 8060 and 8070, but that they DID NOT
know of a problem with the 8020s.  So we have to assume that this is
a NEW problem for Sennheiser, at least for 2011.

Syntec verified that there was a problem by taking an 8020 mic from
their stock, and testing it, and it was noisy.  They said "Sennheiser
in Germany have made suggestions for us to investigate, so as soon as
we have done that investigation, and come to a way to resolve the
problem, we will be in touch again to make sure you have some nice,
quiet mics !"  From this investigation (presumably squeezing the
sides of the mic, see below) Syntec were able to analyze the cause of
the noise, they think.  Sennheiser is replacing the batch of 8020
mics that were sent to Australia and hopefully the problem will be

But we just won't know for sure until we try them.

Lizzie, yes I am sure you will get one of the 'new' batch of 8020s
supposedly due to arrive in Sydney about Oct. 12.  You could email
the Product Manager at Syntec in Sydney, he was helpful in my case:

Syntec have this morning received my 2nd faulty set of 8020s which I
returned to them.

Antoine, apparently this problem is not only with the batch of 8020s
that were sent to Australia, it must be worldwide.  I am surprised
more people have not spoken up about it.


On 06/10/2011, at 9:36 AM,  wrote:

> Hi All
> I'm a newbie to this group and have enjoyed reading all your posts.
> But sadly, I also have this 8020 problem. (Btw Vicki, download
> Antoine's mp3 files from the link that says 'T=C3=A9l=C3=A9charger ce fic=
> I have just sent my brand new stereo set back to Syntec in Sydney
> and am waiting to hear what they have to say. Hopefully I will also
> get a new set from this 'new' batch of mics that you spoke of
> Vicki. Fingers crossed!
> Lizzie
> --- In  vickipowys
> <> wrote:
>> Antoine,
>> I am very interested to hear your sounds but I could not access them
>> via the link you gave.  Maybe try on SoundCloud?  Or via your blog?
>> Vicki
>> On 06/10/2011, at 5:21 AM, agriboval wrote:
>>> Hello
>>>  Without including any of your interesting exchange, I wanted you
>>> to share my problems with 8020 also bought here in France. Two
>>> examples of sounds:
>>> and
>>>  Again forgive me but a solution has finally found it been?
>>>  Sincerely, Antoine.
>>> --- In  vickipowys
>>> <vickipowys@> wrote:
>>>> All,
>>>> An update for the Sennheiser 8000 series problems:
>>>> After further testing I found that my 8020s also gave periodic
>>>> noise
>>>> when used with Denecke PS-2 phantom power unit running to Olympus
>>>> LS10 recorder, as well as to a Sound Devices 702 recorder.  So
>>>> it is
>>>> definitely not the recorder and not the leads.
>>>> Syntec in Sydney have also now confirmed that the problem is
>>>> with the
>>>> MICS.  They were able to recreate the faulty fizzing noise by
>>>> squeezing the sides of the microphone.  In addition I found that I
>>>> was more likely to have problems if the mics were cold.  Syntec
>>>> service manager says:
>>>>> The noise (crackling) is coming from the capsule earthing
>>>>> internally, the tolerance is very small from "good" earthing to
>>>>> "poor" earthing.
>>>>> It is NOT a faulty component, it's an issue "tolerance" adjustment
>>>>> from the factory.
>>>>> The faulty units will be returned to Sennheiser Germany for
>>>>> investigation.
>>>> Replacement mics will be sent out from Germany in a week or so.
>>>> As to the problems that some people have had with 8060s and 8070s,
>>>> worldwide, I am told that Sennheiser will soon issue a technical
>>>> bulletin on this problem.  Syntec did not know if the 8020
>>>> problem is
>>>> related (although the fizzing sound is the same).
>>>> To my mind perhaps Sennheiser have over-miniaturized the 8000
>>>> series
>>>> of mics, the components are therefore very sensitive to tiny
>>>> variations in spacing during construction.  Just my theory though.
>>>> However I LOVE the sound of the 8020s and will stick with them
>>>> rather
>>>> than demand my money back, and hope that the replacement mics
>>>> work to
>>>> specification.
>>>> Vicki Powys
>>>> Australia
>>>> On 26/09/2011, at 6:46 PM, vickipowys wrote:
>>>>> Klas,
>>>>> 8020s are connected to Sound Devices 702 which supplies the
>>>>> phantom
>>>>> power - same system works fine for MKH20s
>>>>> I'm currently testing a different phantom power source with the
>>>>> 8020s.
>>>>> cheers,
>>>>> Vicki
>>>>> On 26/09/2011, at 10:31 AM, Klas Strandberg wrote:
>>>>>> This is very surprising, Vicky!
>>>>>> I really look forward to find out the reason.
>>>>>> What do you connect it to? Where does the phantom power come
>>>>>> from?
>>>>>> Klas

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