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Re: Wolves' wild boar hunting

Subject: Re: Wolves' wild boar hunting
From: "vickipowys" vpowys
Date: Sun Sep 18, 2011 9:14 pm ((PDT))
Great recording Hakan!  What a lot of scary animals in Sweden!

Vicki Powys

On 19/09/2011, at 9:05 AM, NordicNature wrote:

> Hi!
> The link is
> The sound is called "Wolves' wild boar hunting".
> /H=E5kan
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> wrote:
>> Hi Hakan, for some reason I see no Soundcloud link--
>> --- In  "NordicNature"
>> <nordicnature@> wrote:
>>> Hi!
>>> Sorry for the long text and my (not so good) english=85
>>> I hope that you will read it though. :)
>>> I was out photographing/recording.
>>> It was late, but the full moon helped lighting up my surroundings.
>>> I had the recorder in rec/pause and my headphones on, so all
>>> sounds around me was amplified like I usually have. Since I was
>>> trying to photograph animals I had my camouflage clothes on. I
>>> rarely use a hide.
>>> Suddenly I heard that the ducks, lapwings and other birds to the
>>> left of me flew up in the air worried about something. I looked
>>> in that direction with my binocular and then I saw two wolves
>>> coming in my direction. They were about 200m from me. The female
>>> (smaller) was about 50m ahead of the male. She stopped when she
>>> was about 40m from me a little to the left. She probably "sensed"
>>> that I was there... She sat down and looked around.
>>> The male wolf came straight at me since he was to the right of
>>> the female from my view. He stopped at about 30m from me. He
>>> stared at me or in my direction for 5 minutes... I was leaning to
>>> the left in a not so comfort position so I said to myself, please
>>> go now... my back hurts, but he didn't. Instead, he lay down in
>>> the grass... and he continued starring at me (or my not
>>> camouflaged mic). I was completely still and after a few minutes
>>> he started to look around instead. The female passed him and lay
>>> down further away to the right of me. After 10-15 minutes he
>>> joined her. They changed positions a few times and seemed to be
>>> in no hurry.
>>> Then the female started to target a red deer bull. She crawled on
>>> her stomach closer and closer. The male followed  about 30m
>>> behind her. She got closer and closer and when she had about 50m
>>> left to the red deer she got in to full attack. The male wolf
>>> followed and they both attacked the red deer bull. The deer
>>> defended himself really well with his big horns. He attacked the
>>> wolves so they had to back off a few times. The wolves continued
>>> their attack from two directions for a while, but then they gave
>>> up and lay down in the grass. After a while they tried again, but
>>> the deer still defended himself really well. He didn't make the
>>> mistake to try and run. They gave up again and the walked away to
>>> the edge of the field and lay down just inside the  forrest.
>>> After about 20 minutes I heard a familiar sound. Wild boar heard
>>> was incoming...
>>> Here my posted recording at soundcloud starts, since there was
>>> just breathing sounds and sounds when wolves and deer move in the
>>> grass previously, so not much to listen to.
>>> 0.00
>>> The wild boars where coming from the right and straight at the
>>> red deer bull in front of me, that still was in the same position
>>> close to the wolves. I looked at the wolves and they backed of
>>> into the forrest to avoid being seen by the wild boars and also
>>> to get into a high speed when they enter the field to attack the
>>> wild boars.
>>> 0.06
>>> wild boars
>>> 0.10
>>> Red deer bull
>>> 0.54
>>> Steps from wild boar getting closer to me and the deer
>>> 1.00
>>> wolves are attacking the wild boars in full speed and the wolves
>>> breath can be heard
>>> 1.02
>>> chaos when the wild boars meets the wolves and also the deer gets
>>> in the middle of it. They run around in a circle in front of me a
>>> couple of times
>>> 1.17
>>> They start to run away to the right of me.
>>> 1.26
>>> The red deer gets out of the mess and runs into the forrest. The
>>> hunt continues to the right of me
>>> 1.54
>>> I turn the mic to the right, pointing it in the direction of the
>>> wild boar heard and wolves, so I made a cut to remove this sound.
>>> From now on I make some sounds because the mic is really close to
>>> my face and i'm half sitting, half lying in an awkward position
>>> leaning on my right arm with the binocular in my left hand. The
>>> action made me forget about the recording as well...
>>> 2.01
>>> the wolves is trying to separate one wild boar from the heard
>>> 2.15
>>> Now they got one wild boar alone and he tries to get away from them
>>> 2.43
>>> wolves are attacking from two sides
>>> no more comments until the end. Use your imagination.
>>> 6.22
>>> The end of the life for the wild boar=85
>>>  I hope that you don't think that it is distasteful to publish
>>> this recording=85 it's the way of nature, to eat or be eaten=85
>>> You can choose not to listen.
>>> The sounds affects me anyway and probably a few of the ones that
>>> listen.
>>> You can find the recording at my soundloud account,
>>> It's name is "Wolves' wild boar hunting"
>>> Note:
>>> We have around 200-250 wolves in sweden. Elk is their most common
>>> prey, often up to 95%.
>>> Red deer is one of the largest deer species. It's smaller but
>>> often "smarter" than the swedish Elk. It goes to counter attack
>>> against the wolves, and they don't like that. The Elk tries to
>>> run, and it's probably the reason that the wolves here in Sweden
>>> have almost 50% success in killing Elk.
>>> /H=E5kan
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> "While a picture is worth a thousand words, a
> sound is worth a thousand pictures." R. Murray Schafer via Bernie
> Krause.
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