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RE: Guess what, I'm FINALLY back!

Subject: RE: Guess what, I'm FINALLY back!
From: "Martyn Stewart" <>
Date: Sun, 22 Aug 2004 09:36:53 -0700
So did you go anywhere or do anything interesting,  Recording?

Martyn Stewart
Bird and Animal Sounds Digitally Recorded at:
N47.65543   W121.98428
Redmond. Washington. USA
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From: Gordon Hempton  
Sent: Sunday, August 22, 2004 7:25 AM
Subject: [Nature Recordists] Guess what, I'm FINALLY back!

My apologies. And thank you, Jim, for finding a way to stop my posting.
You're a kind and patient crowd--Gordon.

"Microphones are not ears,
Loudspeakers are not birds,
A listening room is not nature."
Klas Strandberg 
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>From   Tue Mar  8 18:27:44 2005
Message: 7         
Date: Sun, 22 Aug 2004 12:55:58 -0700
From: Dan Dugan <>
Subject: Re: Re: Minidisc Mic Input

>Yes, the PRO4PIP is a 10 mm electret mono mic in a parabol, connected to
>one plug in power channel just as usual, then a small capacitor leading the
>AC signal (only) to the other channel via a "too small" capacitor, thereby
>limiting low frequencies.
>Then you get two mono recordings, one "full range" the other base limited.

Now I understand, thanks.



>From   Tue Mar  8 18:27:44 2005
Message: 8         
Date: Sun, 22 Aug 2004 13:05:43 -0700
From: Dan Dugan <>
Subject: Re: cricket shivers

Laura David's Todd, you wrote,

>The first mistake I
>learned is that the Minidisc tends to overwrite itself very easily. If
>I fill a disc halfway one day & go out to record the next day, I end
>up overwriting my files of the previous day.

Whoa! One of the neat things about minidisc is that it's hard to 
overwrite! Apparently you've been using the -one- sequence of 
operations that -will- overwrite!

On my Sharp you have to:

record (message: erase?)

But if you are in stop, and just hit record, you get a new track and 
it doesn't touch any of the previously recorded tracks.

What model recorder are you using?

-Dan Dugan


>From   Tue Mar  8 18:27:44 2005
Message: 6         
Date: Sun, 22 Aug 2004 19:53:05 -0000
From: "Dave J" <>
Subject: Re: Minidisc Mic Input

I finally got the basic mic wired up and I'm now
experimenting with it. The AKG C410 is described
as a prepolarized mini-condenser and is intended 
as a headset vocals mic. It can run on 9-52VDC of
phantom power so I have two 9V batteries on it 
for 18V. For a load it is spec'd for 1000 ohms 
or greater so I ran it directly into the minidisc 
through two big electrolytic coupling caps. I have
both channels equal for now (shorted together at 
the minidisc plug). 

I have the mic mounted on the 24" Edmund's dish, 
which ends up being pretty heavy to hold for any 
length of time so I added a neck strap, which also 
seems to help reduce handling noise. For headphones 
I'm just using the cheap walkman MDR-027's. I tried
my AKG240's but the volume was lower. I am working
with a lot of unknowns here since I don't even 
know if this minidisc unit is working right. How 
loud should an MZ-R50 headphone output be? I have 
the volume at max and the ALVS set to "norm" and 
the mic sensitivity set to "high." I see the meter 
hit max if I speak directly into the mic. The meter
seems to indicate the same reading on playback as 
during recording. It that true? A cardinal chirping
thirty feet away only got the meter up to the 
midpoint of the scale as did a bluejay at 75 feet.

My inclination is to buy a low noise op-amp and build
a preamp with a volume knob I can tweek. Also I want
to mount the minidisc on the top of the dish handle 
so I can watch the meter. I also need to pick a color 
and paint the dish. I haven't set the microphone on 
fire yet and I don't want to.

--- Rob Danielson <> wrote:
> Guess I need to retire my Radio Shack mini 
> mono->stereo adapter. Rather than sum identically 
> for redundant channels, how about an in-connector 
> modification for saturating one channel at ~10 dB 
> less? This way, one could use the hotter channel 
> to capture softer sounds and ambience with more 
> saturation and the attenuated channel to capture, 
> intermittent loud elements? Rob D.


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