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Re: What's That Sound? - throaty whine

Subject: Re: What's That Sound? - throaty whine
From: tony baylis <>
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2003 22:50:22 -0700 (PDT)
Perigrine falcon?
--- Doug Von Gausig <> wrote:
> Here's an inquiry I received on . If you have any
> ideas, please reply to 
> the list and I'll respond to the person who
> inquired.
> Doug
> >From: "John B." <>
> >
> >Hi,
> >I was awaken the other morning by an eerie animal
> sound which I had never 
> >heard before and have no idea what it was.  Here
> are the details...
> >
> >1.  I heard this sound behind my apartment
> building, which is right on 
> >Main St. in West Lebanon, NH.  The Connecticut
> River is also located 
> >behind my residence - about 1/8 of a mile or so (if
> that.)  The sound 
> >originated from about halfway between my building
> and the river.
> >
> >2.  As mentioned above, a large river is nearby. 
> Even though I'm on Main 
> >St., most city folk would consider this area "the
> country".  Between my 
> >building and the CT River is a small line of trees,
> then a huge open area 
> >(which used to be a rail yard), some woods, then
> the river.  It sounded 
> >like it was coming from out in the open back there.
> >
> >3.  This was around 4:30 AM the other morning
> (09/17).  It was clear and 
> >calm outside, temp around 50 - very comfortable
> night.
> >
> >4.  No recorder - dang!
> >
> >5.  Now the tough part...  First off, the main
> portion of the sound was 
> >LOUD.  (It woke me out of a sound sleep and my two
> cats went 
> >bonkers!)  The sound (or series of sounds) was
> repetitive in nature.  It 
> >started with an eerie medium-pitched throaty whine
> (which only changed 
> >pitch slightly), followed by a break of chatter. 
> The whine part was loud 
> >and the chatter was relatively much quieter (and
> sounded like a 
> >raccoon).  What I heard of it lasted around 5
> minutes and it repeated the 
> >sound about a dozen times.  Each "call" lasted
> about 20 seconds total, 
> >with the whine being about 3/4 of it.  There was a
> 5 to 10 second pause 
> >between each "sound".  It was consistent and didn't
> sound like the thing 
> >was in any kind of distress.  If I had taped it,
> you probably couldn't 
> >tell the difference between each full sound
> "section".  (It was EXTREMELY 
> >consistent!)  And I could tell that the sound
> didn't move AT ALL.  The 
> >volume level and intensity were constant
> throughout.  It ended with a full 
> >section (with the chatter part), and that was it. 
> I heard nothing at all 
> >after that.  I've lived here for about 1 1/2 years
> and have heard nothing 
> >out back there all that time.
> >
> >I just got done searching the internet for various
> animal sounds and none 
> >sounded like what I heard.  (I think one of the fox
> ones was the closest 
> >of all I heard.)  I've heard a variety of coyote
> sounds SEVERAL times in 
> >the past, so I ruled them out.  In fact, I don't
> think it was anything in 
> >the canine family, as there was none of that
> "yipping" at all.  (The fox 
> >sound that I said was closest didn't sound much
> like a dog.)  Yes, there 
> >are raccoons and other such critters around, but I
> couldn't imagine them 
> >being that LOUD (unless they were in immense pain
> or something).  There's 
> >been a bear in the area, but that was no bear! 
> (Not even CLOSE to a growl 
> >sound.)  It wasn't like any owl I've heard, but
> some kind of other 
> >nightbird could be a possibility.  I even theorized
> it could've been 
> >man-made, but the sound was way too non-human-like
> - especially the 
> >chattering part.  (Was it Bigfoot???)  Even though
> I was half asleep (no - 
> >I didn't DREAM this - heh), I could recognize the
> sound if I heard it again.
> >
> >Well, I hope that's enough of info for you.  I need
> to know what this 
> >sound was because it's driving me CRAZY!  What bugs
> me most is that I'm a 
> >fairly good researcher and was sure I could find it
> on the 'net earlier, 
> >but no go.  Any info would be appreciated.
> >
> >Thanks!
> >
> >John B.
> Doug Von Gausig
> Clarkdale, Arizona, USA
> Moderator
> Nature Recordists e-mail group
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