Swamp Harrier

To: "'John Layton'" <>, "'Lashko Susan'" <>, <>, <>
Subject: Swamp Harrier
From: "ian hodgson" <>
Date: Fri, 18 Nov 2005 15:18:21 +1100

The danger with groups like COG is that over the years they get cliquey, and some cliques get to believe that they personally own the organisation. In this case it appears that John Layton not only falls into this group, but also thinks that the chat line is his own personal communication network about any topic he wishes to discuss.


If you want to engage in trivial personal chat, John, with your friends about things outside the formal scope of the COG chat line, why not set up your own email list? It’s quite simple to do. Or you can simply respond to one another off the list without copying to all of us. It’s really rather arrogant to think that we all share your enthusiasm for listening to your own voice.


Maybe it’s time the list was moderated. It is certainly not my precious chat line, but you seem to think it is yours. Your last response was totally uncalled for.


BTY the word is arses not asses! And that’s my last word on the issue.


Ian Hodgson


From: John Layton [
Sent: Friday, 18 November 2005 1:28 PM
To: ian hodgson; 'Lashko Susan'; ;
Subject: Re: [canberrabirds] Swamp Harrier


And get this straight!!!


If you don't like what I write on your precious BIRD chatline then take your know-all Canberra asses someplace else!!!


John K. Layton.