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Subject: Birdline New South Wales Weekly Update
Date: 28 Apr 2014 03:01:28 +1000

Birdline New South Wales

Published sightings for the week ending 27 Apr 2014.

Sun 27 Apr Long Toed Stint Wilfords Lane wetlands, Lake Burrill.
A single LT Stint was spotted this morning at 9.30 am on the west end of the wetlands feeding along the lake mud flats. Seen when looking from the outlook at the end of Wilford Lane and originally mistaken for a Sharpie until moving towards to 2 Black Fronted Dotterels standing close bye . Although severely Tazered by the electric fence I still managed to get closer and get better veiws of the leg colour and general plumage. This has been a poor season re Wilford WL besides a few hundred Sharpies early in the season there's been nothing of the regular sightings G Plovers.G Shanks or Marsh SPs. this seems late in the season for waders?
Bob Rusk

Emu Jindabyne area (Alpine Road)
6 birds in open country pretty much opposite Weston Road.
Lorne Johnson

Pheasant Coucal Boyters Lane, Jerseyville
One Pheasant Coucal observed near long grass on the edge of the road while looking for the 2 Brolgas previously reported, which were also seen.
Roger and Bev Giller

Eastern osprey Nepean Weir, Penrith
In overcast skies this morning, two adult ospreys flew in and perched 5 metres up on riverbank casuarina trees near the weir. One had a fish which it ate from the branch under its feet, before they both flew a few hundred metres further upstream to perch again over the water's edge.
Robert and Pauline Sinclair

Sat 26 Apr White-faced Storm Petrels, Wilson's Storm-petrels and others SOSSA pelagic on the Sandra K, Wollongong
Highlight of todays pelagic was a large group of at least 100 White-faced Storm-petrels and 15-20 Wilson's Storm-petrels at the continental shelf. There were also 4 White-faced Storm-petrels on the way out and 8 on the way back near the moored ships. Otherwise a quiet day with only 2 species of albatross, Black-browed and Campbell's. Good numbers of Wedge-tailed and Flesh-footed Shearwaters were observed, along with 3 Solanders Petrels, 1 Fluttering and 1 Short-tailed Shearwater.
Brook Whylie, Rob Hynson and all aboard the Sandra K

Grey Falcon On Arumpo Road. Approx. half way along unsealed road to Mungo NP.
Three birds seen on roadside and flew to fence posts at approx. 10:15am. At one stage, two birds were perched on the same post. Photographed and viewed from some distance for around 5 minutes.
Graham Collins and Anne Collins

Little Friarbird, Rose Robin, White Plumed Honeyeater, Brown Honeyeater Warriewood wetlands and Irrawong Reserve
A Little Friarbird ( first record for Warriewood Wetlands ) was observed and photographed at the water quality ponds along with 6+ White-plumed and 2 Brown Honeyeaters. Meanwhile at Irrawong 15+ members of CBOC and I watched 2 Rose Robins feeding and preening near the end of Irrawong Road. ( all species listed were photographed)
Jayden Walsh

Fri 25 Apr Swift Parrot, Australian Hobby, Grey Goshawk Lyndale St Port Macquarie
A single Swift Parrot was heard and seen flying over TLM's house, by Tim and Anne Morris. Other species seen during the day harassing Rainbow and Scaly-breasted Lorikeets were a Hobby and later a Grey Goshawk.
Tim, Anne and Alan Morris

Swift Parrot Riverside Park, Riverside Rd, Chipping Norton
A single bird observed. It was feeding on the one large eucalyptus tree on Riverside Road that was in full blossom (a smooth bark variety that is not indigenous to the local area). Other Lorikeets in the same tree were Little Lorikeet (2), Scaly-breasted Lorikeet (4) and Rainbow Lorikeet (16).
Michael Paul

Brolga 147 Levenstrath Rd. Levenstrath nr Grafton NSW
3.50PM. Two Brolga displaying (dancing) on the flat below the house.
Warren Thompson

Boobook Owl Long Reef, Collaroy
Single bird seen in the scrubby tea trees near the top car park, being mobbed by Noisy Miners, Red and Little Wattlebirds and Grey Butcherbird.
Tom Wilson

Thu 24 Apr Australian Owlet Nightjar Moree Common
Although around, Australian Owlet Nightjars have never been previously recorded by us in the region due to no nighttime bird-watching. Now, after a night survey at least 4 Australian Owlet Nightjars were heard calling repeatedly throughout the night and are now known to occur here (and in the township). They were heard calling near the car-park as we went for a 150m stroll in the scrub. Also Tawny Frogmouth and Southern Boobook.
Curtis Hayne and Michael Dahlem

Australasian Shovelers Warialda Sewage Ponds
6 Australasian Shovelers were found on the ponds at about 2:20pm, among other ducks including Hardhead, Pink-eared, Pacific Black, Wood and Grey Teal. They weren't present just last Saturday (19 April). This is our first observation of this species in the whole Gwydir Shire and not seen here during several previous visits over the years. For photos please visit the following link:
Curtis Hayne and Michael Dahlem

Superb Parrots 8km East of Moree
About 12 (or more) Superb Parrots are still present near the T-junction of the Gwydir Highway and the Terry Hie Hie Road. They are still present in a gully with a large area of grassland surrounded by scattered bimble box and farmland. Great sound recordings were recorded; see the link below.
Curtis Hayne and Michael Dahlem

Cockatiel T-junction Gwydir Highway and the Terry Hie Hie Road
8 Cockatiels, 10 Red-winged Parrots and 4 Black-shouldered Kites over this 300m road.
Judy Leitch and Anna Cahill

Swift Parrot Taronga Zoo
Surprised to see 14 Swift Parrots fly overhead heading north-west as I approached the entrance to the zoo at 10:45 this morning. They appeared to have been sitting in the eucalyptus and swamp mahogany trees bordering the northern edge of the multi-story carpark.
Joshua Bergmark

Swift Parrot Kellyville
Approximately 6 Swift Parrots seen and heard flying low overhead between properties along Balmoral Road, Kellyville.
Carl Corden

Wed 23 Apr Glossy Black Cockatoo, Fan-tailed Cuckoo, Chestnut-breasted Mannikin, Freckled Duck, Brolga Gwydir Watercourse Wetlands, 70km North-West of Moree
A great day with a total of 97 species! Not a single wader was seen throughout the day. A Fan-tailed Cuckoo was observed in river cooba along the Gwydir River, they are rarely seen by us in the whole region so especially unusual to find in this area. 3 White-bellied Cuckoo Shrikes were also seen. About 10 Freckled Ducks were observed on a wetland, above them was a hunting Swamp Harrier. Tawny & Little Grassbirds were highly vocal as usual. A flock of 8 Brolgas were seen by the (public) roadside, unusually none on the wetland sites. Nearby, 2 Glossy Black Cockatoos were delightfully found feeding in belah. 2 Superb Parrots and a Black Falcon were found within dead trees in farmland. A White-bellied Sea Eagle was observed swooping Pelicans. A flock of 10 Chesnut-breasted Mannikins were still present within dry reed beds surrounded by broadacre farmland, unusual to find this far west.
Curtis Hayne and Ainslee Lines

Common Starling Narrabri Township opposite Coles
Murmuration of Starlings in the main street opposite Coles - at least 500 birds over the main street for 10 mins at dusk.
Judy Leitch and Anna Cahill

Brolga Boyters Lane, Jerseyville
2 Brolgas foraging in wetland at the western end of lane. 4 Sharp-tailed Sandpipers were also seen there. A Pink-eared Duck and several pairs of Australian Shovellers were present in a wetland at the eastern end of the lane.
Clive Meadows & Louise Earnshaw

Cotton Pygmy-goose Lake Harrison, Geneva [Kyogle]
1 pair still present, also 150 Plumed Whistling-duck.
Rob Elvish

Australian Owlet-nightjar The Drip, Mudgee
Picnic area before walk
Judy Leitch and Anna

Superb lyrebird Gore Creek
5.05pm a male lyrebird was foraging in the bracken 10m from the track entry near the equipment. Basically beside the "leash up for lyrebirds" sign. After 10mins it crossed the track and went along the creek line.
Judy Clark

Little Eagle Milperra
Dark morph Little Eagle soaring over my yard and the former Riverlands Golf Course at 10:15 am.
David James

Tue 22 Apr Powerful Owl 20 Woodfield Avenue Bundeena NSW
One bird heard calling in my front yard around 21.30 hours.
Deryk Engel

Australian Brush-turkey Taronga Zoological Park
5 birds seen in Taronga today, wandering happily between enclosures and digging up earth here and there. They were mostly hanging out near the in-flight bird show amphitheatre.
Lorne Johnson

Australian Pelican Warden Head, Ulladulla
An unusual sight of 6 Pelicans actively feeding app 400 mtrs off Warden Head at 9.30 am this morning. They were catching "pilchard " size fish for around 5 mins before the fish disappeared leaving the Pelicans somewhat lost for a while before they flew off. The G. Cormorants were able to follow the fish for another 200 mtrs or so for 10 mins before they too lost the shoal. I'm basing that they were Pilchard sized fish only on the size I seen the Cormorants feeding on.
Bob Rusk

Noisy Pitta Kooloonbung Creek Nature Park
One seen on the Western walk near the Guide Hall this morning.
Ian Kerr

Cattle Egret Warriewood Road, Warriewood
9+ cattle egrets have been present in a horse paddock near Warriewood Road and Hill Street for the past 3 days. I have seen them once at this location before at about the same time as now, last year.
Jayden Walsh

Common Noddy Long Reef Aquatic Reserve
The Noddy was observed by myself and Bob Way between 7:30 and 8:45. We watched it preening in a mixed flock of terns and silver gulls as well as fishing on both sides of the rockshelf.
Jayden Walsh and Bob Way

Swamp Harrier, Grey Goshawk, Crested Shrike-Tit, Dusky Woodswallow Riverside Park, Riverside Rd, Chipping Norton
Autumn migration clearly evident at Riverside Park this morning.with loads of Yellow-faced Honeyeaters, New Holland Honeyeaters, Spotted Pardalotes and Silvereyes. Highlights included a white morph female Grey Goshawk, a juvenile Swamp Harrier, a pair of Crested Shrike-tits (resident but difficult to find), 15 Dusky Woodswallows (present since mid March) and 2 Spangled Drongos.
David James

Mon 21 Apr Shining Bronze Cuckoo Terry Hie Hie
A single Shining Bronze Cuckoo was heard calling repeatedly for about half an hour between 11:30am and 12 noon in the Terry Hie Hie Aboriginal Area. The bird was not seen but several calls were heard and were confirmed after listening to them on other devices. This is the first time I have found this species in the whole region. Possibly the wrong time of year for this species as well?
Curtis Hayne

Superb Parrot 8km East of Moree
12 Superb Parrots were found near the T-junction of the Gwydir Highway and the Terry Hie Hie Road. First, a pair were heard calling among Cockatiels before they were seen in flight. Not far away, a flock of 10 Superb Parrots were observed perched in a dead tree within farmland surrounded by scattered bimble box. This is the first sighting of Superb Parrots in north inland NSW this year. This is a reliable spot to find them from about late April-late July as was last year.
Curtis Hayne

2 White-bellied Sea Eagles, Spotted Harrier, Whistling Kite Primbee, Purry Burry Point
2 White-bellied Sea Eagles catching thermals & drifting over Lake Illawarra, Spotted Harrier & Whistling Kite both fairly high thermalling (see photo's). Also seen 1 Caspian Tern, 1 Striated Heron & 1 Nankeen Kestrel.
Paul Lynch

Emerald Dove, Regent Bowerbird Ourimbah RTA Reserve
Emerald Dove seen preening near the track this morning, along with a Regent Bowerbird, Catbird and lots of Yellow-throated Scrubwrens as well as all the regular birds.
Jenny and Rod Stiles

Swift Parrot Royal National Park (Wises Track)
Followed up on the Swift Parrots (~25) first reported yesterday morning by Steve Anyon-Smith with reports/photographs from Brain and Fay Everingham in the afternoon. A nice mix of Honeyeaters were seen as well, including White-naped, Brown-headed, Scarlet etc. Also a small flock of Dusky Woodswallows hawking for insects later in the morning.
Steve Anyon-Smith, Nevil Lazarus, Greg McLachlan

Blue and Yellow Macaw Bronte Park
2 blue and yellow macaws flying around the park. Clearly escapees.
James Galea

Sun 20 Apr White-backed Swallow Round Hill Nature Reserve
4 birds perched on dead tree at Whoey Tank
Carl Weber

Black Falcon Caves Beach, Swansea
While checking out the surf from a friends veranda high on the hill overlooking Caves Beach, I just happened to look up and see a Black Falcon soaring low over the house. The bird was seen well through binos at close range before being chased off by Noisy Miners. Very surprised to see this species so close to the coast.
Nick Carson

Red-lored and Gilbert's Whistlers Round Hill Nature Reserve
On walk along the railway line early Sunday on the western side of the Mt Hope crossing and on the southern side of the line a Red-lored Whistler was calling beside the road and gave excellent views along with a Gilbert's, Crested Bellbird (2), Chestnut Quali-Thrush (4) and a Shy Heathwren. The only bird missing was a Malleefowl!
Max O'Sullivan

Shining Bronze-Cuckoo, Olive-backed Oriole Cattai National Park, Hawkesbury, Sydney
Two late in the season birds - a Shining Bronze-Cuckoo in the trees near the Homestead with immature and also an Olive-backed Oriole.
Chris and Jane Gregory

Sat 19 Apr Cotton Pygmy Goose Lake Harrison, Geneva
one female CPG found at the northeast corner of the lake. Lake is close to Kyogle. Up to 5? previously found here in recent months. photo collage from Steve attached
Kathy Wilk & Steve McBride

Grey-fronted Honeyeater 10 km ESE of Mildura, Vic. On private property in NSW.
One bird was seen in mallee with other honeyeater species including the Yellow-plumed Honeyeater. This bird was noticeably different to the Yellow-plumed H/Es as it's breast was fawn with little streaking. It had a small black mask, a black line above a wide neck plume, and it's call was distinct, and much different to any of the other honeyeaters.
Pauline Follett

Fri 18 Apr Green Pygmy-goose Lake Woorabinda River Reserve (Hillston)
Surprised to see a way out of range female on the lake in the late afternoon sun. Was still there the next morning but was gone when passing back through a week later.
Joy Tansey & Jennifer Spry

Plains-wanderer Oolambeyan National Park
5 juvenile Plains-wanderers found in a small depression protecting themselves from the wind. They were just outside the National Park on the South Eastern side of Oolambeyan. At one of the locations that atlas of living Australia has many records from.
Steve Edwards & Michael Kearns

Thu 17 Apr Straw-necked Ibis Kitchener Park Mona Vale
Single feeding on grass. My first for Northern Beaches
Carl Weber

Wed 16 Apr Grey Goshawk, Collared Sparrowhawk, Common Myna Maiden's Inn caravan park, Moama
16/4: White morph Grey Goshawk seen in Red Gums, Noisy Miners gave the alarm, Long-billed Corellas flew off over the river at high speed, the Goshawk flew the other way, not seen again. 17/4: A pair of Common Mynas seen, not yet common around here. 19/4: White-plumed Honeyeaters had a tiny male Collared Sparrowhawk bailed up in a Peppercorn Tree. Judging by the Honeyeaters continued calling it stayed there for at least an hour.
Richard Case

Tue 15 Apr Pied Currawongs Wollstonecraft home garden
I have had over 100 Pied Currawongs carolling from morning to night for a week. I have lived here for 15 years and have had a few each year but this was amazing and unusual..
Christine Edwards

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