Birdline New South Wales Weekly Update

Subject: Birdline New South Wales Weekly Update
Date: 28 Oct 2013 03:01:24 +1000

Birdline New South Wales

Published sightings for the week ending 27 Oct 2013.

Sun 27 Oct White-eared Honeyeater, White-bellied Cuckoo-Shrikes, Budgerigar, Dusky Woodswallow, Tawny Grassbird Terry Hie Hie
The first White-eared Honeyeater has appeared at Terry Hie Hie. The nosy bird flew in for a few seconds while I was enjoying the company of Inland Thornbills and Speckled Warblers. This is the farthest north/west and only sighting in the region I have seen this species, as they are rare in farming country. 3 White-bellied Cuckoo-Shrikes in total were also observed and heard calling, including a single bird that was seen separately just north of Terry Hie Hie, (also new for site). 60 Budgerigars provided good entertainment on Tycannah Creek, feeding on grass seeds, when disturbed they moved into casuarinas. 6 Dusky Woodswallows were also observed (new for site) as well as 4 female Red-capped Robins including two imms (new for site). 2 Tawny Grassbirds were also observed in wheat crop. Also present were White-throated & Western Gerygones, Speckled Warblers, Inland Thornbills, Leaden Flycatchers, Eastern Yellow Robins, young Black-shouldered Kites and lots of Emus. Zebra Finches were nesting; partly bits of cotton.
Curtis Hayne

Sun 27 Oct White-throated Nightjar Bobbin Head Trail/Sphinx Trail, Kuring-gai Chase National Park
White-throated Nightjar(s) calling on and off for the two or so hours we were out spotlighting tonight (~8-10:30pm). A very obliging Sugar Glider was the mammalian highlight.
Max de Beer

Painted Honeyeater Pitt Town Lagoon
Like last Sunday, as I was about to leave the lagoon Michael Ronan and I heard the Painted Honeyeater calling in the same spot beside the stream and we eventually had excellent views of the male bird. Lots of mistletoe in the acacias attracting quite a number of Mistletoebirds, Scarlet Honeyeaters and other honeyeaters and there were a few White-winged Trillers also.
Edwin Vella and Michael Ronan

Ruff (2), Pectoral Sandpiper (2), Spotless Crake, Buff-banded Rail Pitt Town Lagoon
Today we definitely saw 2 Ruff at Pitt Town Lagoon and we had both birds together for some time at close range and there were at least 2 Pectoral Sandpipers as well. Most other water birds seen were in similar numbers as yesterday (still 16 Glossy Ibis, a Little Egret, c100 Sharpies) except there were no Whiskered Terns this time but we did see 3 Latham's Snipe, 2 Brown Quail, a Spotless Crake, a Buff-banded Rail, 6 Royal and 2 Yellow-billed Spoonbills as well as a good flock of finches (Chestnut-breasted and Nutmeg Mannikins as well as Double-barred and Red-browed Finches).
Edwin Vella, Tony Dawe, Simon Blanchflower, Michael Ronan et al

Plum-headed Finch Lake Cargelligo STW
At least 3 Plum-headed Finches seen by members of Cowra Woodland Birdbrains twitchathon team at about 3 pm. One was a juvenile. I have never seen these birds in the Lachlan Shire before but they were very welcome on our twitchathon list
Warren Chad

Major Mitchell's Cockatoo Tottenham
1 pair at northern end of town
Peter Crane

Eastern Yellow Wagtail West Byron Sewage Treatment Plant
Observed on Saturday morning in front of the bird hide and by all accounts was there most of the day.
Debra Pearce - via Jan Olley

Sat 26 Oct Swamp Harrier Scarborough Park, Monterey
solo ,we did have a pair here 2yrs ago
Oliver Williams

White-chinned Petrel Wollongong pelagic
A single White-chinned Petrel was the highlight of today's pelagic trip. In addition, one Northern Giant-Petrel, some Wilson's Storm-Petrels, one Pomarine Jaeger and at least two White-fronted Terns were seen. Good numbers of Shy Albatross, but not as many Black-browed Albatross as expected, and a few Campbell Albatrosses; no Wandering Albatrosses. Good views of two Humpback Whales.
Frank Valckenborgh, on behalf of SOSSA and all on the Sandra K

Peregrine Falcon taking Whiskered Tern Eastlakes Golf Course
Whilst trying to get a shot of a Whiskered Tern feeding, two Peregrine Falcons appeared out of nowhere to feed themselves. The eight remaining Whiskered Terns regrouped, gained height, then disappeared. Also confirmed breeding of Buff-banded rail with a chick seen near Fairy Martin colony, White-winged Triller courtship behaviour witnessed and a Black-faced Monarch still lurking on the track which links the two courses.
David Mitford

Ruff Pitt Town Lagoon
We did a quite thorough search of Pitt Town Lagoon and saw only one Ruff. I was wondering for those who have seen 2 whether there are any notable plumage differences between the birds (leg/bill colour in particular)? The photo of the bird we saw this morning is attached.
Edwin Vella and Tony Dawe

White-browed Woodswallow Blacktown Rd, Freemans Reach
At least 30 White-browed Woodswallows still present beside Blacktown Rd. On nearby Bushells Lagoon there were about 70 Sharp-tailed Sandpipers. Still plenty of water in the middle of the lagoon.
Edwin Vella and Tony Dawe

Banded Lapwing Wilberforce
One beside Wilberforce Rd not long after crossing the bridge at Windsor on turf farm on the left hand side of the road.
Edwin Vella and Tony Dawe

Black-faced Monarch Pitt Town Bottoms
Along Pitt Town Bottoms Rd lots of Scarlet Honeyeater feeding on mistletoe and we saw a Black-faced Monarch and some Brown Gerygones beside Friendship Bridge.
Edwin Vella and Tony Dawe

Pectoral Sandpiper, Plum-headed Finch Pitt Town Lagoon
We had a good couple of hours or so at Pitt Town Lagoon this morning. Both the Ruff and Pectoral Sandpiper showed very well allowing a close approach to a few metres of both birds. There were also a Plum-headed Finch (seen by Tony only), 16 Glossy Ibis, 3 Yellow-billed and 3 Royal Spoonbill, a Latham's Snipe, c100 Sharp-tailed Sandpipers, 5 Red-kneed Dotterels, Little Egret and a Whiskered Tern. A White-bellied Cuckoo-shrike was also heard (which has been quite a regular at Pitt Town this year) but unfortunately no Painted Honeyeater seen this time.
Edwin Vella, Tony Dawe

Ruff, Swamp Harrier, Whistling Kite Pitt Town Lagoon
The Ruffs are still at the site. Spotting scope required to see them today. Other highlight was a Swamp Harrier taking a Eurasian Coot. The Harrier held the Coot for several minutes in the water before attempting to fly it to dry land. The Harrier dropped the Coot and it nearly got away. During the next attempt to hold it a Whistling Kite flew in. Harrier was having none of it eventually dispatching the Coot, carried it to shore than proceeded to pluck and eat it. Photo attached of the Coot/Harrier/Whistling Kite. Ruff (2), Swamp Harrier (2) Whistling Kite. BTW, I have a black camera case containing a battery which someone had left behind. Send an email if you think it is yours.
Greg McLachlan, Andrew & Stephanie Wood and others.

Cattle Egret Centennial Parklands
3 Cattle Egrets in breeding plumage sitting in a dry tree on one of the Islands (the main Duck Pond).
Marie Lister

Little Lorikeet, Common Bronzewing, Brown Goshawk Pallamallawa
A pair of Little Lorikeets were first observed flying and heard calling over the Gwydir River in the village. About an hour later, another two (possibly the same two? - the other two left the village, down the river) were observed in flowering eucalypts amongst tens of Rainbow Lorikeets. While common in the hills, they are rare here on the plains. A Common Bronzewing was flushed out of thick grassland beside a dirt road, another infrequent species (photo). A pair of distant Brown Goshawks were also observed, hassled by Australian Ravens and Torresian Crows.
Curtis Hayne

Fri 25 Oct Rufous Songlark, Brush Cuckoo and Curlew Sandpiper Eastlakes Golf Course
An excellent selection of migrants today. I had not even got out of my car at Astrolabe Park, when I heard the Rufous Songlark singing only metres away, also at least 4 singing male White-winged Trillers, plus 1 female, a Dollarbird, 1 Tawny Grassbird, a Rufous Whistler, a Shining Bronze-Cuckoo, 1 Black-faced Monarch and at least 1 Brush Cuckoo (presumably the same bird(s) Bas Hensen saw earlier). A Curlew Sandpiper was feeding with the 20+ Sharpies and the Whiskered Tern count has risen to 8. Both Brush Cuckoo and Rufous Songlark were new for me at this location.
David Mitford

Ruff (x2), Marsh Sandpiper (x2) Pitt Town Lagoon
Whilst trying (and failing) to pick out the previously reported Pectoral Sandpipers, we located a Ruff (in front of the reed island, feeding at about -33.589907,150.857165), and had to triple check when a few minutes later, on scanning the nearby shoreline, we found a second Ruff (about 70m further along). Two Marsh Sandpipers also seen right in front of the concrete "hide" on the mound. No sign of Painted Honeyeater.
Joshua Bergmark and Max Breckenridge

Little Lorikeet Bicentennial Park, Glebe
3 Little Lorikeet zipped around in a few circles and then disappeared heading south at around 7am this morning. Never seen or heard them here before so close to the CBD.
Simon Gorta

Thu 24 Oct Grey Goshawk (White Morph) Just south of Cowan train station
Grey Goshawk (White Morph) seen on a fence on the western side of the train tracks just south of Cowan station, in the early evening.
Andrew Walker

Short-tailed Shearwaters Hordens Beach, Bundeena
A number of shearwaters were observed washed up on Hordens Beach.
Deryk Engel

Oriental Plover Long Reef Golf Course
Re: Moderator's request for updates from "other sites". I saw 2 birds on each of 7 and 9, 1 on 12 but no sightings on 16, 21 or 23 of this month.
Bob Way

Glossy Ibis, Whiskered Tern, Pectoral Sandpiper Pitt Town Lagoon
16 Glossy Ibis and Pectoral Sandpiper still present at the lagoon. Also 3 Whiskered Terns and a big (50+) mixed flock of Chestnut-breasted and Nutmeg Mannikins. Single Baillons Crake seen. White -throated Warbler heard calling from trees behind "the mound". Just up from Pitt Town approx 50 White-browed Woodswallows seen (about 1km up Pitt Town-Dural Rd).
Tom Wilson

Oriental Plover Sydney Airport
After sighting only 2 birds late yesterday, a total of 6 Oriental Plovers and a single Curlew Sandpiper were located this afternoon in the same location as previous sightings. The attached photo was taken last week...I don't have access to the software required to process today's photos. The birds are in an area not accessible to the general public. [Moderator's note (NH): Thank you very much for the news and the submission to NSW ORAC, Nigel. Are there any updates from the other sites?]
Nigel Coghlan

Black Falcon Cecil Hills
We recorded 52 species on a walk at the Plough & Harrow precinct in the Western Sydney Parklands. Finishing with our only raptor of the morning, a Black Falcon seen flying over Elizabeth Drive. A new tick for me this year, now seen in both north and southwest Sydney.
Mark Fuller, Jim Dixon, Katy Wilkins

Pacific Golden Plover, Whiskered Tern & White-winged Triller Eastlakes Golf Course
Whilst looking at the 20 odd Sharp-tailed Sandpipers, a plover flew over my head, before I could get too excited, it called and I realised it was a PGP. Also nesting Black-winged Stilts, 6 Whiskered Terns and a White-winged Triller.
David Mitford

Budgerigar Narrabri Lake
The number of Budgerigars at Narrabri Lake has risen lately, from a steady 10-20 over the last few months, to about 50 last week, and about 200 this morning. They may be attracted by seeds of ripening grasses in the parkland around the lake, while the inland is continuing to dry up. In case anybody is interested, there is NO nesting activity of aquatic birds at Narrabri Lake (yet?) this season; many aquatic species have left due to lack of water.
Michael Dahlem

Brush Cuckoo Eastlakes Golf Course
While looking for my lens cap I ran into another species, not yet on my Eastlakes list. Found the cap too! No black-faced monarch heard or seen.
Bas Hensen

Wed 23 Oct Little Eagle Kendall
A Little Eagle drifted over Kendall (North Coast) at lunch time.
Tim Morris

Black-faced Monarch Eastlakes Golf Course
At least one Black-faced Monarch singing and foraging around the first track connecting golf courses from the Gardeners Road side. Last year one was around the same area 20/11/12. David Mitford first reported them visiting this site a few years back. Lost Nikon lens cap, please let me know if found.
Bas Hensen

Powerful Owl, White-throated Nightjar Mill Creek Picnic Area, Dharug National Park
A single Powerful Owl seen perched in a tree in the campground as it flew in to investigate two Common Brush-tailed Possums growling at each other. Heard 1 x Powerful Owl & 1 x White-throated Nightjar calling this morning at about 5:30am in the same area. Australian Owlet-Nightjar, Southern Boobook, and Tawny Frogmouth were also calling throughout the night. Apart from the birdlife, Yellow-bellied Glider, Sugar Glider, Common Brush-tailed Possum, Common Wombat, Swamp Wallaby & Long-nosed Bandicoot were seen or heard - Dharug NP is certainly a great spot for night watching this time of year.
Marc Anderson

Tue 22 Oct Southern Boobook Lane Cove, Austin St
A Southern Boobook was calling from a tree at 1am this morning.
gian luca calia

Red-backed Kingfisher Capertee River crossing (Glen Davis Rd)
Male Red-backed Kingfisher on the western bank of the Capertee River near the intersection of Glen Davis and Glen Alice Rds (on the south side of the crossing, along Glen Davis Rd). Only the 3rd record for the Capertee according to Carol Probets.
Mick Roderick

Pheasant Coucal Eulah Creek
The third season running there is (at least) one Pheasant Coucal at Eulah Creek, 20 km east of Narrabri. This time it is near the Bullawa Creek bridge, which is about 6 km from where birds had been seen in previous seasons. The bird is in full breeding plumage. When seen (for the first time this season) at 6:30 this morning, near sunrise, it was sitting by the roadside, possibly scavenging from discarded fast food containers. The slasher has just been and the roadside grass is short, bringing the bird into view beautifully. Could not get a shot (after taking time to stop the car and get the camera out) due to lack of light. The bird then moved into the dense foliage of nearby wilga trees.
Michael Dahlem

Mon 21 Oct Gang-gang Cockatoo, Blue-faced Honeyeater, Apostlebird Nurragingy Reserve
Nurragingy Reserve works now as a refuge for birds from the fire zone in Blue Mountains. There were 3 Gang-gang Cockatoos looking completely lost and out of place, also large number of Eastern Spinebills. Grey Butcherbirds were constantly calling - I counted over 30 birds (instead of usual 3-4 resident pairs). I found few birds with broken wings (two A. Ravens, few Spotted Doves, one Pied Currawong, one Yellow-faced HE). There was also a number of birds that looked exhausted (few E. Spinebills, one A. King-Parrot, EY Robin). They were moving slowly, they feathers were puffed up. Few of them were constantly attacked by butcherbirds and miners. On the other hand there some good news: Blue-faced Honeyeaters (feeding their youngs) and Apostlebirds (busy building the nest) are breeding in the reserve this year.
Ted Wnorowski

Pectoral Sandpiper, Little Egret, Black-tailed Native-hen Bushells Lagoon, Hawkesbury
There is nearly no water in the lagoon. I was able to walk around the lagoon and count waders feeding at the water edge. There were: 119 Sharp-tailed Sandpipers, 1 Pectoral Sandpiper, 3 Curlew Sandpipers (2 still in their breeding plumage), 20 Black-fronted Dotterels (3 pairs with little chicks), 6 Red-kneed Dotterels, 1 Little Egret. There were also 7 Pink-eared Ducks, 3 Australasian Shovelers, 2 Black-tailed Native-hens (hiding in the dead willow trees), 6 Azure Kingfishers (one pair was still feeding a young chick sitting on the branch). Cows were grazing in the patch of reeds were Little Bittern was breeding during the last few years.
Ted Wnorowski

Powerful Owl Eastern Arterial Rd Lindfield
2 fledglings seen about 10 m up in a tall tree beside the rd (west side) approx 7:50pm. Couldn't stop easily but when I was able turn round and go back I saw them flap off westwards. No sign of the adults but I assume they were close by somewhere.
Tom Wilson

Black Kite Cairncross Waste Facility, Pacific Highway, Port Macquarie
16 Black Kites circling above the rubbish tip.
Tim Morris

Oriental Plover Sydney Airport
The 4 Oriental Plovers are in the same location a week on from first sighting, at the southern end of the third runway and will continue to be monitored daily where possible. I have made a detailed submission to NSW ORAC including photos and video and await their final report. They are in an area not accessible by the public. [Moderator's note (NH): Thank you very much for the update and the submission to NSW ORAC]
Nigel Coghlan

Emerald Dove Browns Field, Campbell Drive, Wahroonga
11.30AM single Emerald Dove near track by private drive. Bushcare people said they'd seen a "small green pigeon'' a few months ago, I thought they might have confused it with satin bowerbirds but they were right!
Nick Billington

Sun 20 Oct Plum-headed Finch, Red-browed Finch, Tawny Grassbird Bingara STW
A visit to Bingara STW found the usual ducks and coots, but also 3 small groups of Plum-headed Finches about 20 in total, 6+ Red-browed Finches, 1 Tawny Grassbird, 2 Pale-headed Rosellas, 4 Rufous Songlarks, 2 White-winged Trillers and a Hobby. Red-browed Finches and the Tawny Grassbird are at the western edge of their range.
Alan Morris and 10 members CCGBNSW

Square-tailed Kite Burke Street, Oatley
Flying just above the canopy in ever widening circles being shadowed by a flock of Sulphur-crested Cockatoos.
Shaun Keays-Byrne

Wandering Tattler Soldiers Point, Norah Head
Reviewing photographs has revealed a Wandering Tattler taken at low tide. It was accompanied by a dozen Red-necked Stints, 6 or so Ruddy Turnstones, Pacific Golden Plovers, Grey-tailed Tattlers and and a single Little Tern. The day prior there was 2 Little Terns and Curlew Sandpipers at this location. Five Short-tailed Shearwater bodies were observed on the beach and hundreds were sighted feeding off Nora Head on 17th Oct.
Steve Merrett

Whiskered Tern Wollogorang Lagoon
Whiskered Tern (120) Many terns still present - I counted 121 but impossible to count accurately due to the distance, heat haze, and their constant movement. There must surely be a strong possibility that they are breeding - the site seems to be ideal for them at the moment. Unusually, no sign of any ducks or coots but distance and heat haze always make this site difficult to survey well, even with a scope.
Frank Antram

Masked and White-browed Woodswallow, Brown Songlark Freemans Reach
Beside Blacktown road, saw approx. 50 White-browed and at least 2 Masked Woodswallows and on nearby Bushells Lagoon saw about 90 Sharp-tailed Sandpipers and heard a Brown Songlark.
Edwin Vella

Painted Honeyeater, Pectoral Sandpiper, Little Egret Pitt Town Lagoon
At Pitt Town Lagoon this morning absolutely amazed to see a male Painted Honeyeater in acacias with flowering/fruiting mistletoe beside the stream running into Pitt Town Lagoon. This is the first time I have seen one in Sydney!! Also a Pectoral Sandpiper amongst 100 Sharp-tailed Sandpipers, a Red-capped Plover, 12 Red-kneed Dotterels, 3 Latham's Snipe, c50 Black-winged Stilts, 16 Glossy Ibis, a Little Egret, 6 Whiskered Terns, White-winged Triller etc
Edwin Vella

Sat 19 Oct Diamond Firetail, Jacky Winter, Horsfield's Bronze-Cuckoo Horseshoe-bend State Forest, Bingara
At a site on a Travelling Stock Reserve adjacent to Horseshoe Bend SF on the Bingara -Gravesend Rd, Diamond Firetails were found nesting in an old Grey-crowned Babbler's nest, a Weebill nest was close by, Also at this site numerous White-browed & Masked Woodswallows, 2 Jacky Winter, Wedge-tailed Eagle, Brown Falcon, White-throated & Western Gerygones, Inland & Yellow Thornbills, Brown-headed Honeyeaters, Rufous Songlarks, White-winged Trillers and Yellow-throated Miner.
Alan Morris & 20 members CCGBNSW

Latham's Snipe Tempe Ponds, Tempe
A Latham's Snipe burst out of the reeds at the top (IKEA) end of the water basins startling all the surveyors who were busily admiring the Black-fronted Dotterel poking away in the mud.
Melissa Mason & the Tempe Birdos

Black Bittern, Cicadabird Newmans Road Glenorie
Black Bittern flushed from river side. Male Cicadabird.
Cumberland Bird Observers Club

Large-billed Scrubwren Mitchell Park Cattai
1 pair Large-billed Scrubwren. Good to see they are still present at this site.
Cumberland Bird Observers Group

Freckled Duck South Wyong STW, Tuggerah
One Freckled Duck amongst approx. 400 Hardhead and 300 Grey Teal and about 70 Hoary-headed Grebe. I have attached a record shot of the Freckled Duck.
Edwin Vella

Fri 18 Oct Regent Honeyeater, Painted Honeyeater, White-backed Swallow Capertee Valley
3+ Regent Honeyeaters at Genowlan Road bridge and 2+ Painted Honeyeaters same location, both species focussed on flowering mistletoe. Single White-backed Swallow n of Glen Alice. Others inc Black-chinned Honeyeater and Western Gerygone at Glen Davis, many White-browed Woodswallows, Painted Button-quail, Scarlet Honeyeater (common)
Eric Finley (2906)

Fri 18 Oct Plum-headed Finch, Diamond Firetail, Jacky Winter Whitlow Rd Bingara (Bird Route No 4)
A group of finches and other small birds were located in a paddock with long grass half way along the Whitlow-Myall Creek Massacre Site Rd, about 15 km NE of Bingara. The group consisted of 60+ Plum-headed Finches, 6 Diamond Firetails , 2 Jacky Winters, 6 White-winged Trillers and Superb Fairy-Wrens. Nearby was a Singing Bushlark, a juvenile Pallid Cuckoo, 2 Restless Flycatchers and 2 Emus.
Alan Morris & 20 members of CCGBNSW

Wed 9 Oct Oriental Plover Long Reef Golf Course
2 Oriental Plovers [Moderator's note (NH): This is the last date with 2 Oriental Plovers, the following dates only had one]
Bob Way

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