FW: Larks: to anyone interested in taxoomy and nomenclature Pt.2

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Subject: FW: Larks: to anyone interested in taxoomy and nomenclature Pt.2
From: "John Penhallurick" <>
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 2013 19:48:51 +1100

Maghreb Lark                             Galerida macrorhyncha

Thekla Lark                              Galerida theklae

Malabar Lark                            Galerida malabarica

Syke's Lark                             Galerida deva

Large-billed Lark                        Galerida magnirostris

Sun Lark                                 Galerida modesta

Sky Lark                                 Alauda arvensis

Oriental Skylark                         Alauda gulgula

Raso Lark                               Alauda razae

White-winged Lark                        Alauda leucoptera

(was in Melanocorypha)

Pink-billed Lark                         Spizocorys conirostris

Botha's Lark                             Spizocorys fringillaris

Masked Lark                              Spizocorys personata

Short-tailed Lark                        Spizocorys fremantlii

(was in Pseudalaemon)

Stark's Lark                             Spizocorys starki

Sclater's Lark                            Spizocorys sclateri

Obbia Lark@                              Spizocorys obbiensis


Wood Lark                                Lullula arborea


Jerdon's Bushlark                              Mirafra affinis 

Indian Bushlark                                Mirafra erythroptera

Indochinese Bushlark                           Mirafra erythrocephala

Rusty Lark                                     Mirafra rufa

Gillett's Lark                                 Mirafra gilletti

Bengal Bushlark                                Mirafra assamica

Burmese Bushlark                               Mirafra microptera

Singing BushLark                               Mirafra cantillans 

Horsfield's Bushlark                           Mirafra javanica 

Latakoo Lark                                   Mirafra cheniana

Monotonous Lark                                Mirafra passerina

Williams's Lark@                               Mirafra williamsi

White-tailed Lark                              Mirafra albicauda

Kordofan Lark                                  Mirafra cordofanica

Friedmann's Lark                               Mirafra pulpa

Angola Lark                                    Mirafra angolensis 

Flappet Lark                                   Mirafra rufocinnamomea

Rufous-naped Lark                              Mirafra africana

Red-winged Lark                                Mirafra hypermetra

Somali Lark@                                   Mirafra somalica 

Ash's Lark@                                    Mirafra ashi

Eastern Clapper Lark                           Mirafra fasciolata

Cape Clapper Lark                              Mirafra apiata

Agulhas Clapper Lark                           Mirafra marjoriae

Collared Lark                                  Mirafra collaris 6917

Rudd's Lark                                    Heteromirafra ruddi 

Archer's Lark@                                 Heteromirafra archeri

Sidamo Lark@                                   Heteromirafra sidamoensis


Barlow's Lark@                                 Calendulauda barlowi

Dune Lark@                                     Calendulauda erythrochlamys

Red Lark@                                      Calendulalauda burra

Karoo Lark                                     Calendulauda albescens

Fawn-colored Lark                              Calendulauda africanoides

Foxy Lark                                      Calendulauda alopex

Pink-breasted Lark                             Calendulauda poecilosterna 

Sabota Lark                                    Calendulauda sabota


Fischer's Sparrow-Lark                         Eremopterix leucopareia 

Grey-backed Sparrow-Lark                       Eremopterix verticalis 

Chestnut-headed Sparrow-Lark                   Eremopterix signatus 

Ashy-crowned Sparrow-Lark                      Eremopterix griseus 

Black-crowned Sparrow-Lark                     Eremopterix nigriceps 

Madagascar Lark@                               Eremopterix hova 

(Was formerly placed in Mirafra)

Chestnut-backed Sparrow-Lark                   Eremopterix leucotis

Black-eared Sparrow-Lark                       Eremopterix australis 


Bar-tailed Lark                                Ammomanes cincturus

Rufous-tailed Lark                             Ammomanes phoenicurus 

Desert Lark                                    Ammomanes deserti 


Thick-billed Lark                              Ramphocoris clotbey 


Rufous-rumped Lark                             Pinarocorys erythropygia 

Dusky Lark                                     Pinarocorys nigricans


Agulhas Long-billed Lark@                      Certhilauda brevirostris 

Long-billed Lark                               Certhilauda curvirostris 

Eastern Long-billed Lark@                      Certhilauda semitorquata

Benguela Long-billed Lark                      Certhilauda benguelensis 

Karoo Long-billed Lark                         Certhilauda subcoronata 

Short-clawed Lark                              Certhilauda chuana 

Cave's Lark                                    Certhilauda cavei 


Gray's Lark                                    Ammomanopsis grayi 


Spike-heeled Lark                              Chersomanes albofasciata 

Beesley's Lark                                 Chersomanes beesleyi 


Greater Hoopoe-Lark                            Alaemon alaudipes

Lesser Hoopoe-Lark@                      Alaemon hamertoni

That's all folks.


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