Birdline Victoria Weekly Update

Subject: Birdline Victoria Weekly Update
Date: 4 Feb 2013 01:32:03 +1000

Birdline Victoria

Published sightings for the week ending 3 Feb 2013.

Sun 3 Feb Long-tailed Jaeger, White-headed Petrel, Buller's Albatross and other seabirds Off Portland
The Birdlife Australia pelagic trip off Portland on Sunday provided great views of a cooperative Long-tailed Jaeger as well as more distant views of Buller's Albatross and White-headed Petrel. Other species observed included Wandering, Shy, Yellow-nosed and Black-browed Albatross, Great-winged and White-chinned Petrel, Grey-backed, White-faced and Wilsons Storm-Petrel.
Rohan Clarke, Paul Dodd, Ruth Woodrow et al.

Intermediate Egret, Brolga, Freckled Duck Winter swamp, Cardigan
One Intermediate Egret located in the marsh just left of the main central track from beginning of the carpark. Also a pair of brolgas flew out of the swamp while we were there. Heaps of Australian Spotted Crakes. Around six Freckled Ducks present also. Unfortunately, no Long-toed Stints despite lots of searching! A great swamp with lots of bird activity.
Bernie O'Keefe

Sat 2 Feb Australian Painted-Snipe, Glossy Ibis, Spotless Crake, Brolga, Stubble Quail Western Treatment Plant
Scott Baker spotted a Painted Snipe right out in the open at the southern T-Section Lagoon, across from the crake pond. It fed & preened itself on the southern edge of the lagoon. It was quickly identified as an adult female, in lovely plumage that glistened in the low afternoon sun. She allowed fairly close approach & I got some pretty decent photos, Very exited to see this bird, even though there are many sightings of this species lately. Also 1 Spotless Crake seen in the crake pond. 14 Glossy Ibis were in the southern pond, as well as about 25 March Sandpipers. 4 Brolgas flew past. A female Stubble Quail, crouched as my car approached, & stayed in the same spot only 2 metres from the car. 2 Freckled Duck on the Beach Rd pond. A mixed flock of 30 or so small terns at Beach Rd rocks, including Fairy & Little. 1 newly-fledged juvenile Fairy Tern sat on the rocks with an adult. 11 Pacific Golden Plovers at Kirk Point. A very nice late arvo birdwatch indeed!
Kevin Bartram & Scott Baker

Black Honeyeater Warby-Ovens National Park (Boweya Forest)
Black Honeyeater (4). A small group of three males and a female seen along a ridge line on the eastern side of the forest. Great close views as the birds perched on dead branches in the open. They appeared to be hawking for insects from the dead branches or canopy of ironbarks, no flowering gums or mistletoe currently in the forest.
Michael Ramsey

Freckled Duck Lonsdale Lakes State Nature Reserve (Marcus Hill)
60+ Freckled Duck observed this evening in the north west corner of the lake.
Denis Sleep

Little Egret Banyule Flat
1 in main wetland, following a group of 4 Yellow-billed Spoonbills. Little Egrets are extremely rare at this site. Other birds included 5 Red-kneed Dotterels, 4 Black-fronted Dotterels, 11 Lathams's Snipe (there were 23 last week).
Richard Loyn

Long-toed Stint Winter Swamp, Cardigan
Long-toed Stint (2) On 1 Feb 2013, I saw three small migrant waders in flight that I thought were likely Red-necked Stint (or possibly Sharp-tailed Sandpiper, as hard to judge size). Today 2 small waders were observed foraging in mud [in the now rapidly drying swamp], and seen next to Black-fronted Dotterel, Lathams Snipe and Black-winged Stilt. These had smallish heads, heavily scalloped wings, and light legs [though legs not seen all that clearly], and were clearly Long-toed Stint. They were not heard to call. Birds on 1 Feb 2013, were almost certainly also LT Stint. I visited again in the afternoon (4-5pm, 2 Feb2013) and met Warren Palmer who took many photos, including the attached, which shows a green legged, smaller headed stint, upright posture.
Colin Trainor

Fri 1 Feb Grey Goshawk(White morph) Private Property, Myrniong
Farmer friend of a colleague of mine snapped this from a distance of about 5 metres with his phone whilst in his backyard. The Goshawk(I suspect) was contemplating a meal sourced from the farmers nearby chickens. No sign of bird today(Sun 3/2).
David Whelan via Leigh Macauley

Spotted Harrier Banyule Flats Reserve
Spotted Harrier flew over wetland disturbing most birds including 12+ Latham's Snipe.
Corrier & Ian Macartney

Thu 31 Jan Scarlet Honeyeater Seymour Bushland Park
Kathy Costello and I returned to look for the Scarlet Honeyeater heard on 27 Jan (see list 163973). In the northern section, not far from the paddock, we heard the bird, then sighted it. A male was flying from one clump of flowering mistletoe to another, high in the canopy and calling frequently. Weather: the cold front was arriving, blustery and cooling rapidly.
Val La May

Thu 31 Jan Australian Painted Snipe Crusoe Reservoir, Kangaroo Flat
The Australian Painted Snipe is still at Crusoe Reservoir. It was sighted close to other reported sightings in an inlet just to the east of the pine plantation. Other birds today were: Black-tailed Native Hen (4), Rainbow Bee-eater (10), and Great Crested Grebe with downy young (also a nest with 4 eggs).
David Hewett

Wed 30 Jan Brown Quail, Buff-banded Rail, Spotless Crake, Crested Shrike-tit Banyule Flats Reserve
Brown Quail (6) - Five in a row drinking at the Grotty Pond with one standing guard. Buff-banded Rail (2) - one at the Grotty Pond, one beside the Plenty River. Spotless Crake, adult, out in the open at the Grotty Pond. Male Crested Shrike-tit and Olive-backed Oriole seen near golf course.
Gina Hopkins

Wed 30 Jan Malleefowl Ouyen-Patchewollock Rd & Walpeup-Patchewollock Rd (near Ouyen, Vic)
Observed 59 birds feeding on verge of road from 7.30pm - 9pm. Seen as singles and groups of 2, 3 and 4.
Pauline Follett

Painted Honeyeater, Chesnut-rumped Heathwren Newstead
Chestnut-rumped Heathwren at Mia Mia and Bellbird Tracks. Crested Bellbird calling well also White-browed and Masked Woodswallows in the same area. Painted Honeyeater in Sullivans Track area and Rainbow Bee-eaters moving throughout.
David McInnes

Chestnut-rumped Heathwren, Crested Bellbird Gully Track off Newstead-Maldon Rd
Two heathwrens plus good views of a Crested Bellbird calling and feeding next to the forest on cleared land.
Gary Oliver

Tue 29 Jan Royal Spoonbill Royal Park
One in western wetland of Trin Warren Tam-boore.
Knud Hansen

Long-toed Stint, Baillons Crake, Pacific Golden Plover Western Treatment Plant, Werribee
Excellent views of Long-toed Stint amongst seaweed next to boat launching area at the end of Beach Rd. Six Pacific Golden Plovers roosting on the ground behind Kirk Point. Two Baillons Crakes in first pond on the right after the entry gate from Beach Rd..this pond very lively at present.
Alec, Tom, Nick and Robyn Goode; Mick Brasher

Mon 28 Jan Osprey, White-throated Needletail Cheviot Beach, Point Nepean National Park
As reported by other observers in October and November 2012, a single Osprey was in flight over Cheviot Beach at the Point Nepean National Park (as seen from the Cheviot Hill concrete fort look-out). We saw it make 3 foraging dives into the ocean over 10-15 minutes - the third resulting in the capture of a good-sized fish. Also about 30 needletails circling relatively low over the coastal hills at the same time.
Chris Timewell, Lisa Minchin

Wedge-tailed Shearwater, Hutton's Shearwater Bastion Point, Mallacoota
More WTS seen today. Firstly quite a number, again inshore at Bastion Point, probably about 50. Later we had a look at Quarry Beach & there were rafts of feeding flocks of shearwaters off there. Closer inspection revealed nearly all were Wedge-tailed Shearwaters! I'd say between 400-500 there. There were Short-tailed further out, & perhaps a few missed in with the WTSs. Also counted around 10 Fluttering type shearwaters. About 4-5 got close enough to clinch as Fluttering Shearwaters, 1 revealed itself as a classic Hutton's Shearwater. It had a dark underwing with a paler grey strip through the central underwing coverts & a distinct dark hood. Came in to around 250 m. The Wedge-tails were as close as the 300 m mark.
Kevin Bartram & Scott Baker

Hoary-headed Grebe Inside the MCG!
There was a distressed bird flying around during the rain delay inside the MCG during yesterday's 20/20 cricket. It seemed very disorientated and unable to get the altitude required to get out of the stadium. No binoculars but 99% sure it was a Hoary-headed Grebe.
Colin Clark

Glossy Ibis, Baillon's Crake Western Treatment Plant, Werribee
Glossy Ibis (12) T section pond 5 Baillon's Crake possible 4 birds in reeds in pond no 3 T section
Steve & Judi Duke

Dollarbird Avenel, Stewart Reserve, Mitchell Street
5 Dollarbird - 4 seen and 1 more heard - at Stewart Reserve. Thanks Val La May for the awesome tip on this site. The birds were seen from the roadway.
Jackson Airey

Ruddy Turnstone Western Treatment Plant, Werribee
A good days viewing at Western Treatment Plant today. 10 Cape Barren Geese T section lagoon. 3 White-winged Black Terns pond 24. Pectoral Sandpiper in a small pond, the walk into the bird hide. Ruddy Turnstone at the hide.
Greg and Janice McKay

Ruff & Pectoral Sandpiper Braeside Park Wetlands
A Ruff and Pectoral Sandpiper were feeding amongst a large flock of Sharpies at the wetlands off Governor Rd this morning. Seen from the viewing platform along the track to the bird hide. Thought the Ruff was probably a male as it was a fair bit larger than the Sharpies. Freckled and Pink-eared Ducks also present
Andrew Silcocks

Sun 27 Jan Beautiful Firetail Old Carlisle Track, Carlisle River
Using the information from Hedley and Irena Earl's Birdline #109030 of 13/1/12, we found a flock of Beautiful Firetails about 1.2km down the track, at a gateway. Also a few Blue-winged Parrots on the track and in the trees.
Peter and Angelo Shute

Cicadabird, White-bellied Cuckoo-shrike Wangarabell
An adult male Cicadabird seen & a four or more White-bellied Cuckoo-shrikes all near dark morphs seen.
Kevin Bartram, Scott Baker

Masked Owl, White-throated NIghtjar Wangarabell
Masked Owl heard, unfortunately didn't get to see the bird, but distinctive call heard a few times. Managed to get about 3 m away from a White-throated Nightjar sitting on the road & exited to get some great photos. Also Barn Owl seen & Owlet Nightjar heard that night & a nice Sugar Glider sipping the sap of a tree right in front of us.
Kevin Bartram & Scott Baker

Eastern Bristlebird Howe Flat
About 6 different bristlebirds located in the ti tree scrub at Howe Flat. Other highlights included Emu-wren, Beautiful Firetail, Leaden Flycatcher & a male Rose Robin.
Kevin Bartram & Scott Baker

Wedge-tailed Shearwater Howe Flat Beach
After finding the WTSs at Mallacoota yesterday we had a look off the beach at Howe Flat & surely enough there were more WTS. In fact I couldn't see any Short-tailed Shearwaters! I counted around 40 this time, some within 500 m from shore. They had the typical forward-pointed carpals, broad wings, skinny body & long-pointed tail, which fanned in a Wedge-shape, when open. A few Fluttering types also seen.
Kevin Bartram & Scott Baker

Baillon's Crake, Australian Spotted Crake, Spotless Crake, Black-tailed Native-hen Winter Swamp, Cardigan
Baillon's Crake (4) First time identified, mixed in with Australian Spotted Crakes near walkway entrance and two at the far end. Australian Spotted Crake (15) Numerous bird at edge of reeds, and muddy edge of swamp [could easily be another 100+ birds in less accessible parts of swamp. Spotless Crake (1) Single bird observed about halfway along walkway, at one of the breaks in vegetation fringing the tracks. Quite a bit less confiding than the other two crakes Black-tailed Native-hen (8) There was an additional 12 birds wandering near a small farm dam as you enter Winter swamp along the road.
Colin Trainor

Sat 26 Jan Striated Heron Gipsy Point
Flushed an adult Striated Heron down a small creek, seen from a small boat. Also a roost of about 6 Night Herons, and an obliging adult Azure Kingfisher. An adult Peregrine Falcon also located. On 28th a grey morph Grey Goshawk seen. Quite a few White-throated Needletails about.
Kevin Bartram & Scott Baker

Wedge-tailed Shearwater Bastion Point, Mallacoota
Shortly after arriving at Bastion Point, Scott & I noticed some shearwaters hanging around offshore. I joked we better scan through these in case there were Wedge-tailed there, a short time later I had to double check because I could see some birds that could fit WTS. We got out our scopes & shortly after I declared that indeed there were Wedge-tailed Shearwaters out there! Firstly there were just a few birds reasonably close to shore & all of the distant birds were Short-tailed Shearwaters, with their stiff, straight wings followed by a rapid flutter & short tails. After looking for a while we noticed that virtually all of the closer birds were Wedge-tailed & we estimated about 30 birds were out there. A few Fluttering/Hutton's Shearwater were also present.
Kevin Bartram & Scott Baker

Fri 25 Jan Masked Owl, Grey Goshawk Genoa Camping Park
Owl heard distantly in early morning and Grey Goshawk seen from old highway bridge. Bonus WT Nightjar, Owlet Nightjar and very active pair of Azure Kingfishers in same area. I'd recommend NOT playing owl tapes at or near the highway as there are a number of road kills of Masked Owl historically in strongholds like this.
George Appleby

Sooty Owl, Powerful Owl, White-throated Nightjar Cabbage Tree Creek
2 Sooty Owls seen & a Powerful Owl heard at night. Also an Owlet Nightjar heard & a White-throated Nightjar on the way in.
Kevin Bartram & Scott Baker

Diamond Firetail Scrubby Creek Road, Mitta Mitta
A single bird seen flying along fence line on eastern side of road, approx 1.5km from intersection with Omeo Highway.
Emma Razeng

Thu 24 Jan Wedge-tailed Shearwater Sea between Cape Howe and Gabo Island
Coinciding with Kevin Bartram and Scott Baker's recent Mallacoota records, several birds seen from a sea kayak. Many other dark shearwaters in this area likely to be the same species. NE winds might be suitable for getting this species as a Vic tick.
George Appleby

Fri 18 Jan Osprey Point Smythe, Anderson's Inlet, Inverloch, Victoria
Osprey also seen on 24 Jan. On latter occasion bird was on beach and then flew off to a dead tree. [Moderator's Note: An immature bird.]
Tony Edney

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