Birdline Victoria Weekly Update

Subject: Birdline Victoria Weekly Update
Date: 21 Mar 2011 01:31:02 +1000

Birdline Victoria

Published sightings for the week ending 20 Mar 2011.

Sun 20 Mar Brown Quail, Hooded Robin, Diamond Firetail, White-throated Gerygone, Turquoise Parrot Warby-Ovens National Park (Granite Track)
Some great birding in the park this morning. At Granite Track a Brown Quail and over 20 Diamond Firetails seen, great numbers. Some were feeding on the ground with Speckled Warblers and a male Hooded Robin, terrific woodland birding. A couple of White-throated Geryones were also still about, and Turquoise Parrots (10 seen) have began to flock after breeding. A few Pied Currawongs, first for the autumn, were also noted.
Michael Ramsey

Sat 19 Mar Little Button-Quail Lake Buloke, near Donald
Little Button-Quail illegally shot on opening morning of duck hunting season.
Debbie Lustig

Long-toed Stint, Spotless Crake, Lewin's Rail & Buff-banded Rail Western Treatment Plant
Long-toed Stint still present with only one Sharp-tailed Sandpiper (with a broken leg) and a Curlew Sandpiper in the T-Section Lagoons. Five (maybe 6) Spotless Crakes calling from the reed beds on south side of Lake Borrie (two were seen). Lewin's Rail was in usual spot behind The Spit and Buff-banded Rails seem to be popping up everywhere: today's was near the 15E outlet.
John Barkla & members of Photoboca

Fri 18 Mar Blue-winged Parrot Langwarrin Flora and Fauna Reserve
A single juvenile bird flushed around midday while wandering along the Dune track.
Glenn Boyd

Tree sparrow Kangan Institute, Broadmeadows
Regularly seeing some good numbers of Tree Sparrows in the grounds of the TAFE. Best spot is on the Cavendish street side near the veggie gardens. Early morning or after 4pm is best when students aren't around.
simon starr

Buff-banded Rail 50 Hazelvale Rd, Tecoma Vic. opposite Birdsland Reserve
1 or possibly 2 birds seen in vegetation at bottom end of my garden about 1pm. Initially heard some scratching noises in the leaf litter that I thought was a Blackbird but when I investigated I got a glimpse of what looked to be a dullish coloured Rail-like bird as it quickly walked away under the wire fence. Not having seen anything like it in the area before I wasn't quite convinced but after consulting the bird books I went out for another look. This time I got a good look at a bird as it quickly crossed my driveway from the opposite side into the vegetation where the first bird was seen. This time I noted the white eyebrow, chestnut eyestripe and nape, dark barring underneath and long bill with body approx 25 - 30 cm in length. The first siting was possibly a juvenile bird and the second an adult. Both times the birds looked rather sleak in their appearance, not at all puffed up in the plumage. Once again consulted the bird books and went out for a third look by which stage the bird(s) had disappeared. These birds seem somewhat out of their normal habitat which is why I initially doubted my eyes but there are lakes approx. 500 metres down the Monbulk Creek valley which could prove attractive to them.
Jeff Dickinson

Shining Bronze-cuckoo, Fantailed Cuckoo, BFCS & Crested Shriketit etc. Weeroona, Woodland Historic Park
I suspect a caterpillar outbreak, because there a large number of birds feeding around the dam at Weeroona. Included were: 12 Black-faced Cuckoo-Shirkes (inc. adults and juvs); 3 Fantailed & 3 Shining Bronze-cuckoos (adults & juvs for both): 5 Crested Shriketits (Don't they always come in threes?); Rufous & Golden Whistlers; Grey Shrike-thrush; Brown-headed Honeyeater; Grey Fantails; 1 female Red-capped Robin & a host of others birds. See photo of juvenile Shining Bronze-cuckoo with a hairy caterpillar.
Kevin Bartram

Long-toed Stint Western Treatment Plant, Werribee
The breeding plumaged Long-toed Stint still present in the T-Section lagoons, this time with four Sharp-tailed Sandpipers.
John Barkla

Common Myna Woolshed Swamp near Boort
Silo-Woolshed Rd just north of reserve (3). First record near Boort :(
Malcolm Cousland

Little Lorikeet Glen Waverley Railway Station
Similar to other recent reports of Little Lorikeet in eastern suburbs, have noticed at least 8 birds currently using the large gum that sits above the railway station platform (Coleman Pde side)
Luke Shelley

Plains wanderer Melton
Immature female, found in a loading dock at a Melton Shopping Centre. A security guard had been feeding it bread and milk for the last five days, thought it was something special and wanted to protect it from the large feral cat population. Now in care at Melbourne Zoo. If it survives it will be released, not sure where yet.
Deb Crosby

Thu 17 Mar Grey Goshawk Portland West, Victoria

Dale, Viona & Kodey Pfeiffer

Wed 16 Mar Horsfield's Bronze-Cuckoo The Marsh (South)
(1). Perched on dead tree. First Marsh full and overflowing.
Malcolm Cousland

White-bellied Sea-Eagle Laker's Cutting, Swan Bay, Queenscliff
Juvenile seen in flight, being harrassed by a pair of Masked Lapwings
Hugo Phillipps and Tom Fletcher

Long-toed Stint, Bar-tailed Godwit, Sooty Oystercatcher Western Treatment Plant, Werribee
As seen on Sunday 13th at the T-Section Lagoons a Long-toed Stint in breeding plumage feeding with 6 Sharp-tailed Sandpiper also 27 Royal Spoonbill. Along the shoreline between Gate 4 and the Bird Hide 31 Bar-tailed Godwit and 2 Sooty Oystercatcher.
Ian Ashton, Murray Grant and Helen O'Donnell

Tue 15 Mar Little Lorikeet Dendy Park, Brighton East
Found 3 in SE of Dendy Park at 0900 after hunting all around Brighton Secondary College for 45 mins (car hops and walks). I would love to have details of where James Bailey saw 25 as the school is in 'my' City of Bayside patch.
Michael Norris

Magpie Goose, Nesting Australasian Grebe. Bicycle Track Nth of Edithvale Rd adjacent to wetlands
Temporary wetland on left hand side of path heading Nth provided sightings of one single Magpie Goose, a nesting pair of Australasian Grebe, Buff-banded Rail plus many other species. This tranquil scene was disturbed by an irresponsible German Shepard owner, the dog running completely rampant through the wetland.
Keith Humphreys

Nankeen Kestrel Old Williamstown Racecourse Seaholme
Pair of Nankeen Kestrels feeding. One was very happy to perch and let me take some great shots.
Raoul Symons

Mon 14 Mar Inland Dotterel, Painted Snipe Mincha-Canary Island Road NW of Pyramid Hill
Inland Dotterel reported to me this weekend, on private land on north side of road, c.1km east of junction with Loddon Valley Highway. Paddaock has short grass, roly-poly, and some has been ploughed. Private, so only look from road. Along the same road, but further east betwen Ruddocks Road and Newstead Road, about one month ago, 2 Painted Snipe reported, Only recorded because of a farmer wiht a keen eye and some interest. Clearly there are many more unfound rarities out there in the quiet backblocks.
Paul Hercott per Simon Starr

Southern Emu-wren Heath west of South Walkerville
A couple of parties of emu-wrens found next to firebreak track west of South Walkerville. Adults and juveniles observed. Also Eastern Whipbird, heard, but not seen. Crescent Honeyeaters, all juvenile, present. 2 Wedge-tailed Eagles.
Kevin Bartram

Collared Sparrowhawk Rhyll, Phillip Island
Whilst observing half a dozen Whimbrel, a hundred or so Red Knot, a few hundred Bar-tailed Godwits (some in nice breeding plumage) & 3 Common Greenshanks from the Hill overlooking the Nits, all the waders were spooked by something. I looked up where a bunch of Welcome Swallows were calling and there was a juvenile, probably male Collared Sparrowhawk being mobbed by 6 swallows. Collared Sparrowhawks in my experience aren't very common on Phillip Island. Also 2 Mistletoebirds in area.
Kevin Bartram

Grey Goshawk(White Morph). Mt Pleasant, Ballarat
Single bird drinking from our bird bath in our backyard @ 1130 Hours
Warren Palmer.

Red-necked Avocet Western Treatment Plant, Werribee
200 metres west of Beach Rd boat ramp. Single Red-necked Avocet standing in shallow water among gulls, Sooty and Pied Oystercatchers and a flock of Bar-tailed Godwits including several in breeding plumage. Multiple sightings on both sides of the river of Buff-banded Rails including a special sighting of 2 adults chaperoning 5 chicks accross the track near Lake Borrie.
hedley and Irena Earl

Australasian Darter Serendip Sanctuary, Lara
Single bird flying over Lake Serendip, flying towards Marshland in the early evening. The first Darter we've recorded at Serendip.
Paul Dodd & Ruth Woodrow

Rufous Fantail Woodlands Park, near Tullamarine Airport
We had a short afternoon stroll through 2 parts of the park, seeing both Rufous and Grey fantail towards the Somerton Rd carpark, and Rufous Whistler and 2 Eastern Shrike-Tit near the Aboriginal cemetery.
J and A .Flack

Singing Honeyeater Jack Smith Lake
(3) First I have seen here in a number of visits. Field guides and indeed Birdata indicate this is a very easterly coastal record. Also some shooters getting an early start to the duck season.
Tim Bawden

Turquoise Parrot, Olive-backed Oriolr, Crested Shrike Tit Chiltern
1 pair of Turquoise Parrots near the Honeyeater picnic ground 150m east of car park. Also quite a few Olive-backed Orioles in the same area. At number 2 dam plenty of Crested Shrike-Tits and all through the park plenty of Painted Button-Quail.
Greg and Janice McKay

Sun 13 Mar Lewin's rail Western Treatment Plant, Werribee
Young individual near the foreshore hide.
John Manger

Eastern Bristlebird, Painted Button-quail, Azure Kingfisher Cape Howe Wilderness Area
Eastern Bristlebird: Observed Howe Flat Beach Access Track (1). Painted Button-quail: Fem. Observed along Howe Flat Beach Access Track (1). Azure Kingfisher: At East end of Beach Walk in tall Melaleuca scrub (2).
Gavin Masters & Mal Chicksen

Gang-gang Cockatoo Serendip Sanctuary, Lara
heard at first - my attention was drawn by the call, then seen flying over Group BBQ area towards east. Around lunchtime. (1). I believe it's the first time I've seen one at Serendip
Janine Duffy

Common Sandpiper Swan Lake, Phillip Island
Lots of water, lots of birds, including a Common Sandpiper. 10 species of Anseriformes recorded: Black Swan, Cape Barren Goose, Musk Duck (male displaying), Hardhead (2), Australian Shelduck, Wood Ducks, Aust. Shoveler, Black Duck, Grey Teal (with young) and Chestnut Teal. Also 3 Kelp Gulls, 1 Yellow-biiled & 2 Royal Spoonbills.
Kevin Bartram

Spotted Quail-thrush, Diamond Firetail, Rose Robin Mitchell River National Park
Male and 2 female Spotted Quail-Thrush on Mitchell Road, 30+ Diamond Firetail on Park Road including many juveniles. Good rainforest birds at Den of Nargun.
Tim Bawden

Sat 12 Mar Brown Gerygone, Rose Robin, Olive Whistler, Pilotbird, Rufous Fantail, Large-billed Scrubwren Mt Worth State Park, Uralla Nature Reserve Trafalgar
Spent the Labour Day Weekend (Victoria) in West Gippsland visiting Mt Worth State Park (~30 species) and the Trust for Nature reserve (Uralla) south of Trafalgar (25 species). Nice to see and hear a suite of wet forest birds and walk some lovely bush tracks in rainforest. Found juvenile Brown Gerygone's at Uralla and heard Rose Robins in most large forest areas we visited. A recommended part of the state if you'd like to see these species. Link takes you to the Parks Victoria Visitors Guide for Mt Worth State Park.
Martin O'Brien, Kaye Trainor

Fri 11 Mar Diamond Dove Campbell Road, Kamarooka section, Greater Bendigo National Park
A couple of Diamond Doves flew up into a dead tree along Campbell Road, near Distillery Dam.
John McRae

Thu 10 Mar Major Mitchell Cockatoo Hattah General Store
3 Major Mitchell Cockatoos flying east over the general store late afternoon
Alf Forbes

Tawny Frogmouth Bridge Street, near McCormack St corner, Port Melbourne
After dark, approx 9.30pm. A single Tawny Frogmouth flew onto a power pole as we watched. Stayed for some minutes, then flew off. We have heard Tawnies in this area in the past, and again just recently.
Janine Duffy, Roger Smith

Tue 8 Mar Grey Goshawk Serendip Sanctuary, Lara
white morph. Flying over gully in Windermere Bush, perched and stayed long enough for a good look and a few photos. Magnificent! (1).
Janine Duffy

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