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Birdline Victoria 

Published sightings for the week ending 5 Sep 2010.

Sun 5 Sep       Swift Parrot Boweya Forest 
Still some birds about in the forest, seen in two groups. 18 counted
though probably more. Using three food resources, on Mugga Ironbark and
hybrid box blossom, also lerp on Grey Box. 
Michael Ramsey 

        Brown Songlark Almonds 
In a wheat crop along the Wilby Road. First return for spring, a week
later than usual than seen in previous years. 
Michael Ramsey 

        Fan-tailed Cuckoo Collingwood Children's Farm 
Single bird calling next to the Yarra. 
Stuart Dashper 

Sat 4 Sep       Great Crested Grebe Tullaroop Reservoir 
Two birds sighted just below the dam wall at Tullaroop Reservoir - first
time I have seen this species at this site. 
Geoff Park 

Fri 3 Sep       Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater Diamond Creek 
Seen in rural area (private property) close to confluence of Scrubby
Creek & Diamond Creek. Initially seen in African Box-thorn, then moved
to a deciduous tree where photographed. Unusual in north-eastern
P S Lansley & Bill Wallach 

        Little Eagle, Pallid Cuckoo, Crested Shriketit etc Weeroona,
Woodlands Historic Park 
Little Eagle flew past & sat on tree branch nearby, 2 Crested Shriketits
very alarmed and harassing the eagle. Got some photos, but too dull to
get anything brilliant. Also 3 species of cuckoos calling, Pailled,
Fan-tailed & Shining Bronze-. 
Kevin Bartram 

        Pink Robin, Scarlet Honeyeater Darebin Parklands (Ivanhoe and
This morning about 11 am - working my way upstream along Darebin Creek
at the far north end of the Park - I had a brief sighting of a Pink
Robin (Petroica sp.) - a brown bird with buff wing markings and no tail
markings. It was perched in a small tree and hopped into bushes, moving
higher up the rocky basalt slope. Despite scrambling up the rocks I
could not find it again. (A few years ago I saw another a few yards up
the Darebin Path, about 50 metres north of today's sighting). As I left
the Park by the Pine Ridge Track, I saw a female Scarlet Honeyeater
perched on a tree-top - it flew off to the north side of the ridge and
dropped down towards the Creek. 
Anthea Fleming 

        Crested Shrike Tit Melbourne Zoo 
Two Crested Shrike Tits in the canopy above the Gorilla Exhibit 
Deb Crosby 

Thu 2 Sep       Variegated Fairy-wren, Australian Hobby Ouyen water
storage & bush track 
Variegated Fairy-wren: including at least 2 males in full colour. Near
old water storage dams (dry) (4). Australian Hobby: perched on dead
branches of tree over track. Stayed there some time (half an hour at
least) (2). 
Janine Duffy, Roger Smith 

        Rose Robin Kensington 
Close views of a male seen flitting amongst small trees alongside a
shared cycling/footpath. 
Chelsea Eaw 

        Swift Parrot, Australasian Bittern, Wood Sandpiper Western
Treatment Plant 
Following TF & HP's sighting on Tuesday, found 2-3 Swifties in woodlot
along Pt Wilson Rd near Paradise Rd. Also there an Olive-backed Oriole
and 2 Fan-tailed Cuckoo. At 35E-8 Cons Pond the/an Australasian Bittern
(sorry Dave...) seen in open along edge of pond, plus 2 Wood Sands as
reported earlier by MH. 
Steve Davidson - The Melbourne Birder 

        Rose Robin, Large-billed Scrub-wren Bunyip State Park 
2 male Rose Robin singing- 1 along Camp Rd near Tonimbuk/Gembrook Rd and
1 along Link Tk. These are spring arrivals in regularly held
territories. Also 3 LB Scrub-Wren in riparian scrub along Camp Rd near
Tonimbuk/Gembrook Rd; this species appears to be quite uncommon in the
Steve Davidson - The Melbourne Birder 

Wed 1 Sep       Brown Goshawk, Black Falcon Werribee Zoo 
An imm. female Brown Goshawk was found dead yesterday. An autopsy
performed by the zoo veterinarian revealed shotgun pellets and shotgun
pellet related injuries. On a brighter note the Black Falcon recorded
previously is still present and reported most days. 
Maarten Hulzebosch 

        Latham's snipe St Leonards college Bangholme 
Flushed one Latham's snipe from wetland this morning 
Tom Humphreys 

        Olive-backed Oriole Linton 
An Oriole has heralded Spring in Linton. With total cloud cover and
light rain, it was calling just after 7.00am this morning 
David Coutts 

Tue 31 Aug      Aus Bittern, Latham's Snipe Western Treatment Plant,
Very brief visit after a BOCA outing. Bittern on track south of 35E9 and
single Snipe in the open in 35E9. Lots of Zebra Finches on road going
east from the Little River crossing, and several Aussie Grebe in one of
the ponds north of that road. 
Dave Torr, Iian Denham, Virginia Moylan, Elizabeth Hurley 

        Swift Parrot & others Western Treatment Plant 
Approx. 6 Swift Parrot in plantation, Pt. Wilson Rd., 0.5Km. south of
Paradise Rd. also 1 O.-b. Oriole calling at same location. Cape Barren
Goose (pair nesting L.Borrie), Wedge-t. Eagle (pair at nest site), A.
Hobby ( 1 over Paradise Rd), Brolga ( 1 at T-Sect.) Wood Sandpiper ( 2 @
Conservation Pond west), Double-banded Plover (6 in breeding plumage,
Western Lagoon), Pallid Cuckoo (1 silent bird, Pt. Wilson Rd.), Zebra
Finch ( 200+ in two large flocks east of lower ford), Fairy & Tree
Martin ( hundreds in mixed flocks over the site), Orange- bellied Parrot
(3 seen & photographed by C.T.& S.D.) Total: 80 species. 
Tom Fletcher & Hugo Phillipps 

Mon 30 Aug      Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo Neilborough, north of
2 pairs happily perched in large pine tree. Flew off in westerly
direction to perch in other trees. 
Isabelle Gay 

        Swift Parrot Muckleford Forest, Pullans Rd, Maldon 
Countless Swift Parrots feeding on lerps on Grey Box at edge of my
property. Stood amongst them for 30 min, watching them darting about. I
have seen many flocks every day for the past few months. 
Nick Layne 

        Brolga St Albans Park, Geelong 
3 birds feeding on waterlogged farm paddock between Wilsons Rd and
Boundary Rd 5:30PM 
Ian Smissen 

        Swift Parrot Kooyoora State Park (Wehla) 
1 seen, 1 heard on Burkes Flat-Wehla Rd at 5.30pm. Musk, Purple-crowned
and Little Lorikeets common. 
Malcolm Cousland 

Sun 29 Aug      Shining Bronze-Cuckoo Mount Burnett, Dandenongs 
First bird of the season heard calling and a Fan-tailed Cuckoo this
morning ( 31st Aug ) 
Graham Beal 

        regent honeyeater Chiltern -Mt Pilot National Park 
3-4 birds observed for some time feeding high in large gum next to dam
on Green Hill Rd (near intersection with Magenta Rd) . Birds were
calling loudly and moving rapidly from one patch of flowers to another.
At least 1 had a band. Feeding in mixed flock of red wattlebirds and
fuscous honeyeaters. 
Janet Chapman 

        Tawny Frogmouth Brimbank Park 
Saw a pair of TF's on Sun, 29 Aug 10 in the Brimbank Park (Keilor). -
Gum tree/s on the LHS of the path as you approach the currently
overflowing concrete path to cross the river. We had been told of this
pair by a friend who saw them perched together. However when we spotted
them they were in 2 separate trees (domestic dispute ;-)). 
Andre Rasquinha 

        Powerful Owl Williamstown Botanic Gardens 
After hearing of a Powerful Owl seen flying in a nearby street the
previous night, we decided the obvious place to look was the Botanic
Gardens - and there it was 
Dave Torr, Iian Denham, Peter Gibbons 

        Swift Parrot Greater Bendigo National Park (Kamarooka section) 
Swift Parrots still present at Mulga Dam site. Approx. 40 birds seen
this afternoon. 
David Kleinert 

        Crested shrike-tit Banyule Flats Reserve 
1 in tree regeneration patch on path between windmill and Plenty path
junction. Also scarlet honeyeater, oriole, f-t cuckoo - 46 spp in all,
an excellent morning. 
Peter Bennet 

Sat 28 Aug      Painted Button-Quail, Collared Sparrowhawk Alexandra 
Found a single Painted Button-Quail in our car port, and trapped by two
wire doors. I picked it up and it squirmed out of my hands and took off.
Later in same day a Collared Sparrowhawk landed on the garden fence. We
have not seen Button-Quail in this district for some time now. 
Bob Tate 

        Collared Sparrowhawk Kensington 
Collared Sparrowhawk has been sighted around Kensington Banks off and on
for many months. 
Anne Palamountain 

        Australia Reed-Warbler Albert park lake 
These are the first reed warblers I have heard (and seen) so far this
spring. Could they have stayed over winter? 
Dave Dickson 

Fri 27 Aug      Yellow-rumped Thornbill Inner-city Geelong 
For the first time, I have observed four Yellow-rumped Thornbills in my
backyard. Unusual location and the Thornbills were being harassed by New
Holland Honeyeaters. 
Maarten Hulzebosch 

        Crested Shrike-tit Wyndham Park, Werribee 
Single individual seen feeding on young flowering gums growing on the
river banks. It was being hassled by hordes of White-plumed Honeyeaters,
but didn't seem to mind. 
Rohan Long 

Thu 26 Aug      Australasian Shoveler, King Parrot Chiltern 
3 (M,M,F) shovelers at Chiltern Dam #1 in the afternoon, 4 King Parrots
at Bartley's Block in the morning. The Chiltern Bird trail guide notes
that both these species are considered unusual in the area.
Interestingly, the King Parrots responded to me making a fool of myself
pishing, which is behaviour I haven't seen before - the birds responding
to pishing, that is. 
Troy Mutton 

        Grey Goshawk Private Backyard - Canterbury, Melbourne 
I saw what looked like a very large pidgeon with a very small hawk-like
beak, grey wings and barred chest, slightly wedged tail - think it was a
grey goshawk? Moderators note. Sighting unconfirmed 
Narelle Kossatz 


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