Supplement to Thomas & Thomas (Part 2)

Subject: Supplement to Thomas & Thomas (Part 2)
Date: Sat, 23 Mar 2002 15:58:03 -0400 (EDT)
Places:  I include all the T sites we tried and list all the birds we saw
which T says are there; birds in T which I omit we didn't see.
  Melbourne area:   Badger Weir ( Yarra Ranges NP),SE of Healesville: S
Lyrebirds displaying and loud July, though hidden in ferns; females tame.
Olive Whistler.           Mt St Leonard and Wirrawilla track, N on St
Leonards Rd from E side of Healesville; Mt SL -R at top of hill, go up
dirt rd to hilltop, track on R through gate: Olive Whistler. Pink Robin's
supposed to be there.  W track:  return to paved rd and continue N a few
more K, then R on dirt  Sylvia Cr Rd 4 K into Toolangi SF: boardwalk here
is said to have Pilotbird. Beyond boardwalk we saw Brush and Pallid
Cuckoos Dec.          Yellingbo Res, W then S from Yellingbo village, has
Helmeted Honey-eater and  apparently Beautifl Firetail, but you  need
permission.  See Bruce Quinn, Parks Victoria office in Woori Yallock.
     E of Melbourne:  Bogong Plateau SE of Mt Beauty: Crescent Honey-eater
near Falls Cr ski village at timberline.  Pink Robin is supposedly near
Wilson's Promontory NP: Forest Raven, Wombat. Crescent Honey-eater in
trees just W of Cotters L,  late Nov
McKenzie R track S of Princes Hwy W of Cann R on E side of McK R: Rose
Robin, late Nov
Croajingolong NP: S Emu-wren on path E from Shipwreck Cr
      Phillip I, 2.3: on  the rd across S side saw Cape Barren Geese in
pastures. Cape on S side of I: probable Kelp Gull.  The penguin viewing
center had many busloads of tourists but also good looks at penguins and
lots of Short-tailed Shearwaters flying in-too dark to see them well.
     Werribee, 2.5 - NE off M1 at Little R exit seemed to be the only rd
in (all unpaved) and there seemed to be only one rd open off that, the 2nd
R; this led into a maze of tracks among ponds.   It didn't look as if they
were closing these gates at all.  Didn't see much in Dec but in July,
accompanied by a very helpful local birder, we saw a lr.
     You Yangs, 2.6: Diamond Firetail.  Purple=cr Lorikeet near.  Helpful
ranger showed us Tawny Frogmouth across from his office at entrance.  July
Brisbane Ranges, 2.7, picnic area 2 K down Switch Rd (dirt) , the rd T
tells of: Musk Lorikeets.  Koalas o n track along creek  Nov
     Great Ocean Rd, 2.9: Rufous Bristlebird at Loch Ard Gorge parking,
Striated Calamanthus at l2 Apostles parking.  Sherbrooke picnic area is
gone; must've been W of Loch Ard. Ranger office in Pt Campbell said
Blue-winged Parrots rarely seen but possible on trail just W os Pt
Campbell along cliff.
     Illidge Sanctuary, l3 K  E of Naringal on rd from Warrnambool to
Cobden: turn S, the  R into sanctry.   Powerful Owl, Crested Shr-tit,
Koala.  White Goshawk said to be here.  Nov
     Clunes, 2.10- Nw from Clunes toward Maryborough, turn W into forest,
but T's directions don't help because there're many tracks all over.
Little Lorikeet, Oct.  Nothing at Kingower.
     Big Desert, 2.12: can drive 10 K S from Murrayville, but then it's
signed 4WD only. Inland Thornbill
     Wyperfield, 2.13: S from N entrance (L at sign into park) on Meridian
Track past Casuarina Capground (very sandy from here; we walked) then L on
Moonah Track, about 1 K,: Malleefowl was at mound on  R in Oct, just
visible in bushes but approachable.  Pink Cockatoo near N and S entrances.
S entrance: corner of Eastern Lookout Drive and Lowan Track (no sign
except one saying trail"s closed): Chestnut Q-Thrush and White-browed
W-Swallow near here.
     Hattah-Kulkyne, 2.14: near lakes saw Regent and Mulga Parrots, Mallee
Ringneck, Yellow Rosella, Black-tailed Native Hens.  No luck on Nowingi
Track nor in area W of railroad on W side of park W of the highway.
Didn't see NP sign T mentions.  Little Eagle.  Rained out, Oct.
     Chiltern, 2C.  July only: Regent Honey-eater, Swift Parrot.  Early
Dec only: Turquoise Parrot, Crested Sh-tit.  Black-chinned, Fuscous,
White-naped, Yellow-tufted Honeyeaters, White-browed Babbler, Brown
T-creeper.  All these near Honeyeater Picnic Area (by Cyanide Dam), the
2nd R off Cyanide Rd.  We heard Painted Honeyeater's possible at the
Bartleys Block section NW of Ch town on rd to Howlong
     Barren Grounds, 4.1: S of Wollongong turn W on Rt 48 toward Moss
Vale; 4k E of Robertson turn S on 80, Jamberoo Mt Rd; l4 k, then R; 1 K on
dirt rd to parking where Griffith Trail (8 K loop) starts. Walking
straight on from rd end we saw E Bristlebirds in high bushes around old
bldg here, and in low heath just past this saw S Emu-wrens-but only when
sun finally emerged after lots of rain. Emu-wren's probably on
Herbariumtrail by HQ.  Pilotbird possible around HQ early or late in day
(HQ is near entrance, on R). Neither the track down escarpment nor clear
area past stream in T are there.  We were told Beautiful Firetail's
unlikely till late summer. Rd down toward Jamberoo had S Lyrebird .  Nov
     Morton, 4.2: Fitzroy Falls area (touristy) -only the track R from
falls was open, and on it, by a stream just past Twin Falls Lookout we saw
Origmas,  Nov
     Nadgee, 4.6: the 2nd 9 K is bad road, After you cross Merrica river
you can't drive farther, so only serious hikers can reach the recommended
area, but you don't need prior permission.
     Green Cape: only sawA Gannet offshore. Wh-bellied Sea-eagle, Brush
     Royal NP, 4.7: the track from Audley is for hikers only.  Rained out.
     Sydney area: Zoo: Channel-billed Cuckoo along  E side, and you might
try the inlet on W side.      Ku-ring-gai NP: Aus Koel near the boathouse
on rd SE from HQ
    Dharug, 4.10Rd to Mill Cr picnic area had S Lyrebirds; trail from
picnic area: Bell Miner, Bassian Thrush, Brown Cuckoo-dove.       W of
Dharug on rd from Windon N to Putty up on ridgetop we hiked down a track
on the E and saw Glossy  Bl-Cockatoos.
      Pierces Pass, 4.11- only saw flowers in Nov (including Waratah)
     Barraba, N of Tamworth:s, we were told by Russ Watts, 02-6785-6510;
his bird brochure is at area tourist offices.
     Barrington Tops, 4.13: 10 K S of Gloucester turn W, go 5 K, then L,
about 14 K then L again (saw Glossy B-Cockatoos near here), 10 K to
campground. Along rd from here: S Lyrebird, Bell Miner. 14 K from
campground up steep dirt rd to Kerripit Rd, then about 4 K to end, where
we saw Red-browed T-Creeper and Bassian Thrush ib area.  Didn't even hear
Scrub-birds Nov.
Leeton Swamp, 4.17: Turn right not at a supermarket but at sign for
5bough(?) Swamp-5 something.
Nothing. Keith Hutton in Leeton, 6953-3945, was helpful.
     Binya SF: 19 K W of Griffith on Burley Griffin Hwy, just W of Whitton
Stock Route rd, S on Pine Dr (4WD) by hut; less than 1 K: Painted
Honeyeater, Oct.
     Deniliquin, 4.18: We paid Phil Maher, tel 5881-5278, to show us what
we couldn't find. It's $220 US for a day (can split this among
participants). Despite the dry year he showed us Aus Bitterns in one swamp
and in another Spotless, Aus and Baillons Crakes; he knew a  tree hole in
the Deniliquin riverside park with a S Boobook who came out when he tapped
the tree; at Gulpa SF he showed us Superb Parrots at a nest hollow,
Gilberts Whistler, Buff-rumpoed and Yellow Thornbills; and we finished the
day at a ranch N of Den with Orange Chat, Banded Lapwing, Aus Pratincole,
Tawny Frogmouth on a nest in Oct, an Owlet-Nightjar that came out of a
hole when he tapped, and after dark  in his spotlight one Plains wanderer
and 3 Inland Dotterels.    Gulpa SF: 23 K S of Deniliquin turn E on
Williston Rd; overe the bridge turn L and folllow Longmans Rd to where it
turns S facing an open area with poinelike Callitris trees: Superb Parrots
flew about here, and G's Whistler was in bushes near here-hard to see but
singing. Where Longmans Rd turns R here turn L and go to rd end, then walk
on along creek : Sup Parrot nest was in big trees near the creek here.
Refuge S of Hay had no sign. Nothing; Maher says it's probably no good any
Avalon Rd swamp: saw no accessible swamp here.          Tuppal (not Tuppa)
Cr Station: the track isn't marked No Thru Rd, and 2.2 K is wrong.
Pleasant area, but we only saw Diamond Firetail and some common parrots.
     Back Yamma, 4.19: No sign. Turn on Forest East Rd.  We followed T's
directions, R off this on side track to 2nd clearing, which had no track.
Turquoise Parrots here.  Hooded Robin, Little Eagle . Oct
     Round Hill, 4.20: Nothing but flies, though heard possible Red-lored
Whistler on track off to R near where main track turns 90 degrees L; this
must be by what T calls old field, but it's all bushes.
     Warrumbungle NP: trail along creek from Canyon picnic area: Koalas,
Little Lorikeet, Oct
   Gibraltar Ranges NP: Red-browed T-creeper, Brush Cuckoo , Black-faced
Monarch, Yellow-throated and Large-billed Scrubwrens
     Bundjalung NP: Baza.  At the S end, mainly in the adjacent Iluka Res:
Rose-crowned Fruit-dove, Regent Bowewrbird.  Nov
     Myall Lakes NP: rd from Bulahdelah to Myall Shores: Oriental Cuckoo,
Black-faced Monarch
     Tidbinbilla, 5.4: In Canberra go W from the circle just S of lake on
Adelaide St, then SW on Cotter Rd.  No gate but pay fee at visitor center.
Lyrebird Trail: Satin Flycatcher, Rose Robin; heard S Lyrebird
     Namadgi, 5.6: One Spotted Quail-thrush on Nursery Swamp Trail, less
than 1 K up.
     Brindabella, 5.7: after L at the T it's 9.5 K to a track on L at sign
saying 4 K to Blundells Cr Rd.  Saw nothing much.

     Manly, 6.1: take Cambridge Parade, the main street, down to
waterfront, R on Esplanade-but saw nothing at Yacht Club, though they're
building a "roosting island" at the tip.  Till then  it didn't look worth
trying.     Thornside: S on Manley Rd, E on Rickertt Rd, cross Tagalapa Cr
then N, then L to mangroves: Mangrove Gerygone.  On E side of Thornside
are mudflats which had Bar-tailed Godwit, E Curlew etc, Nov.
N side of Brisbane: mangrove boardwalks W and E of Bruce Hwy on Dohles
Rocks Rd just N of Pine R: Collared Kingfisher, mosquitoes
     Mt Glorious, 6.5: turn N off Mt Nebo Rd down to Bellbird Grove picnic
area; on the trail up Cicadabird, and heard probable Spotted Q-thrush.
Mt G is in Maiala section of D'Aguilar NP; just W of Mt G village is a
picnic area with trail from bottom R; this crosszes Browns Rd leading into
the trail in T.  Green Catbird, White-headed Pigeon, probable
Russet-tailed Ground-thrush but they never make the sound you need for
identification; heard N Pitta.  Nov
     Cunningham Gap (in Main Ranges NP): helpful ranger at station W of
pass; nearby picnic area had Bell Miner, Musk Lorikeet etc. Trail N from
Gap:Large-billed Scrbwren, Brown Gerygone, Green Catbird, Logrunner
     Tamborine NP,  Palm Grove Section: turn E at sign for Tam Mt School,
S side N Tamborine village. Logrunners, Wompoo , White-headed Pigeon, G
     Lamington, 6.7: resorty, full of tourists; need reservations even to
camp and the campground was closed then; and rained out. Regents Bowerbird
came to picnic tables by O'Reilly's.   Python Rock Track: Alberts Lyrebird
near end; N Pitta near start.  Topknot and Wonga Pigeons, possible
Russet-tailed G-thrush.  It's a pretty long walk to the scrub-bird area.
Girraween, 6.8.  The sign is to Gir NP not to dam.  We heard Turquoise
parrot's possible, but uncommon
     Bunya, 6.10: Scenic Circuit starts from bottom of campground below
ranger station.  They said Regent Bowerbird's occasionally seen at the
edge of this clearing. Female Paradise Riflebird and probably heard male;G
Catbird, Topknot Pigeon and White-headed, Brown Cuckoo-dove, Emerald Dove,
Bassian? Thrush
      L Bindegollly, 6.13: Freckled and Blue-billed Ducks, Aus Crake,
Spotted Bowerbird along abandoned rd jusr W of old bridge; ORANGE Chat and
Brolga NW of this bridge; White-winged F-wren.  July
     Eulo Bore, 6.14: about 50 K W of Cunnamulla; inconspicuous, though
there's a small sign  with a name beginning I think with P.
Chestnut-crowned Babbler.  Nearby: Pink  Cockatoo, Crested Bellbird,
Ground C-Shrike.  July
     Cooloola, 6.15: a section of Great Sandy NP.  47 K NE of Gympie on
Tin Can Bay Rd turn E onto Rainbow Beach Rd; S on Cooloola Way (unpaved),
then E on track by firebreak. It's more than 1 K to the bridge, which is
only planks, and there's no Road Closed sign.  We flushed Ground Parrots
out of the very low bushes right by the tracks which  went off to R and L
past the bridge a way; they flew low and quickly disappeared basck into
the cover-never saw them on the ground.  Nov
    Eungella. 6.17: Platypus at Broken R bridge (lots of tourists).
Dalrymplke Rd goes N from Eungella township.  July (as are all the
following through Cairns)
     Cape Hillsborough, 6.18: Rd toward it  from Mackay: Scarlet
Honeyeater. Rose-crowned F-Dove along trail toward Hidden Valley
     Townsville common, 6.20: driven out by a brushfire.  Aus Hobby
(probably because of the fire)
     Mt Spec, 6.21 Is Paluma Range NP.  Ivy Cottage:MacLeays H-eater,
Victorias Riflebird.   Spotted catbird and E whipbird around yard, and
Bowers Sh-thrush.  4 K W of Paluma, N on dirt rd 6.8 K to parking area on
L: Chowchillas on waterfall trail.  Trail across rd to possible bower very
unclear; couldn't find anything up it.
     Mission Beach, 6.23: on rd to MB from El Arish just past Laceys Cr
there are trails L and R.  The trail on L: R fork goes to open area with
gazebo where we were told if you sit and wait there's a chance of
Cassowary.  Wompoo F-dove near this trail.  Trail across the rd (on R): N
Pitta.  The Cassowary we saw was at Hull R boat ramp: go S through S
Mission Bch on Kennedy Esplanade, R on Jacky Jacky St.  On the rd from MB
to Tully: trail on the N had N Pitta, Emerald Dove, and too many walkers

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