Photographs needed!

Subject: Photographs needed!
From: Ronald Orenstein <>
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 1997 14:44:04 -0500
I do hope this doesn't come under some sort of commercial-issue stricture,
but I apologize in advance if it does (and I also apologize for
cross-postings!). I have written a book on songbirds that will be published
this fall by Key Porter (Canada) and Sierra Club Books (US).  It will be
illustrated in part with about 100 colour photos.  We are faced with a very
tight publisher's deadline, and are still missing some of the photos we
need (we have been in touch with VIREO and a number of agencies incliding
the Photo Index at the Australian Museum).  I am therefore appending here a
want list, with the proviso that it is longer than the actual number of
photos we need (but we want the best).  We are looking for high-quality
photographs ONLY, preferably of wild birds showing interesting behaviour -
professional fees will be paid. I realize some of the birds I am asking for
may be impossible to get!

If you want to submit anything, we need it within TWO WEEKS.  Please do NOT
send photos to me as I will be in Europe from 29 March-11 April.  All
photos should be sent to:

Key Porter Books
80 The Esplanade
Toronto, Ontraio
Canada M5E 1R2

Attn: Michael Mouland

Phone: 416-862-7777
FAX: 416-862-2304

Michael's email: 

Here is the list, and thanks:

(PLEASE NOTE that unless you have an outstanding shot, please submit only
photos as specifically described)

Akiapolaau  - preferably showing woodpecker-like foraging behaviour; must
show bill clearly (we have received a poor photo and are looking for a
better one)
Bicolored, Ocellated or Spotted Antbird ONLY IF showing attendance at army
ant swarm; if not available other ant-following antbird in similar
circumstances will do 
Bare-throated or Three-wattled Bellbird - calling; preferably uttering call
into ear of another bird - similar shot with White or Bearded Bellbird also
Schlegel's Asity
Bird-of-Paradise - any good shots of these birds in display will do: the
following species are of special interest:
           Blue Bird-of-Paradise - in inverted display, preferably with female 
           King of Saxony Bird-of-Paradise - showing erect head plumes
           Ribbon-tailed Bird-of-Paradise - showing tail plumes of male
           Lawes' Parotia - male in display
Saffron-cowled Blackbird - especially showing association with
Black-and-white Monjita
Scarlet-hooded Blackbird - preferably male opening bulrush stem (ONLY
interested in good photo of wild bird)
Yellow-shouldered Blackbird
Bowerbird - good photos of male at bower, particularly in display, for any
species; following of special interest:
           Any Gardener Bowerbird - displaying at bower
           Golden-crested Bowerbird - "submissive" display at bower
           Satin Bowerbird - at bower
           Spotted or Great Bowerbird - showing erect nuchal crest
Bornean Bristlehead
Red-and-black Broadbill - showing nest; any other broadbill photographs
also of interest, especially of colourful species
        Straw-headed Bulbul in cage in Asian bird market
Snow Bunting    - at nest
Recurve-billed Bushbird - preferably foraging at heliconia stem
Pied Butcherbird - preferably singing or at food cache
Brown or White-throated Cacholote - showing size and shape of nest
Yellow-rumped  Cacique - preferably showing bird at nest in colony
Black-capped Chickadee foraging acrobatically
Grey-headed Chickadee - at nest showing large clutch - photo of other
chickadee or kinglet species showing large number of eggs also acceptable
Seaside Cinclodes - shown foraging on beach (already have one, looking for
Guianan Cock-of-the-Rock - male, must be in display
Pompadour Cotinga - male
Brown-headed Cowbird - male displaying to female; young cowbird (of any
species) being fed by foster parent in nest
Brown Creeper or other species - showing group huddling behaviour at roost
Red Crossbill - at nest in winter (lots of snow)
Any Crossbill species - showing use of bill while feeding at cones
New Caledonian Crow - tool use
Any Dipper - prefer good underwater shot showing foraging
European Dipper - in winter, with ice and snow
Dunnock - especially shot of male pecking female cloaca
Emuwren - any species
Yellow-throated Euphonia - pair at nest
Superb Fairy-Wren - preferably showing family group with adult male; other
fairy-wrens in similar circumstances also acceptable
Fieldfare (have one, looking for better)
Gouldian Finch - especially shot showing more than one morph, but wild
birds preferred;wild shot of nestlings showing brightly-marked mouth linings
House Finch showing males with varied colours
Any Galapagos Finch - shown using body to lever stones out of the way or
pecking at seabirds
Laysan Finch - eating seabird eggs or carcasses (have one but interested in
Medium Ground Finch - especially shot on Daphne associated with Peter
Grant's work
Woodpecker Finch - tool-use
Any Firefinch - wild shot of nestlings showing brightly-marked mouth linings
Firewood-Gatherer  - birds at nest, preferably on electrical installation
(have some, looking for better)
Cebu Flowerpecker
Dohrn's Flycatcher
Guam Flycatcher - NB species now extinct
Narcissus, Mugimaki or Japanese Blue Flycatcher - breeding males
Pied Flycatcher - especially showing courtship or mating
Piratic Flycatcher - at nest of oropendola or cacique
Variegated Flycatcher -  preferably bird on Toronto Island or other vagrant
individual (have one shot of Toronto bird but could use better one)
Vermilion Flycatcher  male in Galapagos riding tortoise
Black-headed Gonolek - pair duetting
Evening Grosbeak - shown cracking heavy seed
Rose-breasted Grosbeak - male foraging at buds
Common Smoky Honeyeater - showing facial "blushing"
New Holland Honeyeater - especially aggressive behaviour to own or other
White-eared Honeyeater - pulling hair from human head or other animal
Rufous Hornero - at nest (havre a good shot at partly-completed nest)
Village Indigobird - young in host nest, showing mouth linings
Florida Scrub Jay - family group
Golden-crowned Kinglet - huddling together for warmth; bird at nest showing
large clutch
Black-eared Finchlark - at nest
Spike-heeled Lark - showing bird matching colour of soil
Lapland Longspur   - at nest
Smith's Longspur - mating pair
Superb Lyrebird - male in display (have one, looking for others)
Australian Magpie - carolling group
Cassin's Malimbe - showing nest (or nest alone)
Club-winged Manakin - male in display
Long-tailed, Blue-backed, Blue, Yungas or Lance-tailed Manakin - males in
cooperative display
Wire-tailed Manakin - if possible, male displaying to female, preferably
showing tail-wires in contact with female's throat (need a good shot
clearly showing the tail wires)
African River Martin - aerial flock formation
Bell Miner - preferably a group
Campo Miner
Mistletoe-Bird - preferably eating mistletoe-berry
Northern Mockingbird - preferably singing
White-banded Mockingbird - preferably singing
Pied Monarch (Arses) - foraging on bark, showing spread tail and raised
ruff if possible
Black-and-white Monjita - with Saffron-cowled Blackbirds
Hill Myna - wild bird preferred, or in bird market
Rufous-backed Negrito
Clark's Nutcracker - showing full seed-pouch, or bird burying seeds
European Nuthatch - at nest, showing plastered entrance
Kauai Oo
Chestnut-headed Oropendola - birds in colony; especially with Giant Cowbird
Spotted Pardalote (have one, need better)
Cape Penduline-Tit - bird at nest showing false entrance (or nest alone)
Pilotbird - accompanying Superb Lyrebird
South Georgia Pipit - showing South Georgia scenic background (have shots
of bird against tussock grass - has anyone got a really spectacular one?)
Gurney's or any other brightly-coloured Pitta
White-capped Water Redstart
Curve-billed Reedhaunter
Rose Robin - male
Rook - showing group
Many-colored Rush-Tyrant
Noisy Scrub-bird
Black-bellied Seedcracker - especially showing range of bill types
Crested Shriketit  - preferably tearing bark
Red Siskin
Varied Sittella - preferably showing nest (have one, looking for others)
Skylark  singing in flight if closeup possible
(European)Tree Sparrow - preferably in Asian urban setting, especially in
Bali Starling (have one, need better especially in wild if possible)
European Starling - in orientation-cage or similar experiment; or
aggressive behaviour towards other nesting birds eg chasing bluebird
Gurney's Sugarbird
Golden-winged Sunbird
Malachite Sunbird
Scarlet-tufted Malachite Sunbird - showing erect tufts
any Sunbird-Asity - especially at flowers
Tailorbird - any species, showing nest structure 
Rufous-fronted Thornbird - showing nest, especially if other birds eg
troupials present
Bicknell's Thrush
Tristan Thrush - foraging on seashore if possible
Wood Thrush - at nest preferred, especially with cowbird young
Blue Tit - especially feeding at milk bottle
Great Tit - especially feeding young
Pygmy Tit
Australian Brown Treecreeper
White-throated Treerunner 
Troupial - especially at thornbird nest
Buffy Tuftedcheek - foraging at bromeliad
Cock-tailed Tyrant - especially displaying male
Strange-tailed Tyrant (have one nice but slightly out-of-focus shot)
Streamer-tailed Tyrant
Bare-necked Umbrellabird - male in display with inflated wattle
Nuthatch,  Sickle-billed or other unusual Vanga (eg helmetbird)
White Wagtail with prey
Aquatic Warbler - especially mating
Blackpoll Warbler - especially eating berries on migration
Cerulean Warbler - male or pair (have, could use better)
Chestnut-sided Warbler - male or pair
Great Reed Warbler
Kirtland's Warbler
Tahiti Reed Warbler
Willow Warbler
Yellow Warbler - bird at "multi-layered" nest
Baya Weaver - showing nest (have one, could use better)
Black-throated or Striated Weaver - nest showing flowers added to entrance
Social Weaver - showing most or all of nest (have one, could use better)
Village Weaver - bird building nest
Northern Wheatear (male)
Eastern Whipbird - pair if possible
Common Whitethroat
Shaft-tailed Whydah - displaying male
Long-tailed Widowbird - male in flight display
Yellow-shouldered Widowbird - male in display
House Wren - especially shown puncturing eggs of other birds, or feeding young
Marsh Wren - singing male
New Zealand Rock Wren (have one, could use better)

GENERAL - any shots of songbirds playing; preening and scratching; anting
behaviour in any songbird; removal of fecal sacs (songbirds only, of course!)

It might be worth saying that if the agencies have any really spectacular
shots of rare or beautiful species, or striking and odd behaviour, they
might want to send them for consideration.
Ronald I. Orenstein                           Phone: (905) 820-7886
International Wildlife Coalition              Fax/Modem: (905) 569-0116
1825 Shady Creek Court                 
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L5L 3W2          Internet: 

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