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Dear all


finally here comes the list of bioacoustic articles in Animal Behaviour and Ethology from May to December 2021.

I know that the mailing has not been very effective this year, my sincere apologies, but I hope you still find it useful.


I wish you all a festive season, success with your work and above all good health.

With the best wishes





Animal Behaviour, Volume 175, Pages i-ii, 1-124 (May 2021)


The role of learning, acoustic similarity and phylogenetic relatedness in the recognition of distress calls in birds

Pages 111-121

Yingtong Wu, Anna L. Petrosky, Nicolas A. Hazzi, Rebecca Lynn Woodward, Luis Sandoval


Songbirds are excellent auditory discriminators, irrespective of age and experience

Pages 123-135

G. Narula, R.H.R. Hahnloser



Animal Behaviour, Volume 176, Pages i-ii, 1-208 (June 2021)


Anyone listening? No evidence for eavesdropping on male singing interactions in the great tit, Parus major

Pages 67-76

Nina Bircher, Kees van Oers, Marc Naguib


Vocal learning in Savannah sparrows: acoustic similarity to neighbours shapes song development and territorial aggression

Pages 77-86

Ian P. Thomas, Stéphanie M. Doucet, D. Ryan Norris, Amy E.M. Newman, ... Daniel J. Mennill


Is it all about the pitch? Acoustic determinants of dog-directed speech preference in domestic dogs, Canis familiaris

Pages 167-174

Anna Gergely, Katinka Tóth, Tamás Faragó, József Topál


An independent experiment does not support stress-mediated kin discrimination through red squirrel vocalizations

Pages 185-192

Alexander J. Hare, Amy E.M. Newman, Ben Dantzer, Jeffrey E. Lane, ... Andrew G. McAdam



Animal Behaviour, Volume 177, Pages i-ii, 1-304 (July 2021)


Sensing underground activity: diel digging activity pattern during nest escape by sea turtle hatchlings

Pages 1-8

Hideaki Nishizawa, Yuichiro Hashimoto, Mohd Uzair Rusli, Kotaro Ichikawa, Juanita Joseph


Dynamic visual noise promotes social attraction, but does not affect group size preference, in a shoaling fish

Pages 39-48

Samuel R. Matchette, James E. Herbert-Read


Spread the word: male manakins advertise the presence of display sites with neighbouring competitors

Pages 147-158

Elsie H. Shogren, W. Alice Boyle


The role of introductory alarm calls for song discrimination in Ficedula flycatchers

Pages 241-251

Louis Bliard, Anna Qvarnström, David Wheatcroft


How king penguins advertise their sexual maturity

Pages 253-267

Hannah Joy Kriesell, Thierry Aubin, Víctor Planas-Bielsa, Quentin Schull, Francesco Bonadonna, Clement Cornec, Yvon Le Maho, Laura Troudet, Céline Le Bohec



Animal Behaviour, Volume 178, Pages i-ii, 1-278 (August 2021)


Short-term predation risk and habitat complexity influence cheetah antipredator behaviours

Pages 175-184

Laura C. Gigliotti, Rob Slotow, Craig Sholto-Douglas, Charli de Vos, David S. Jachowski


Ionizing radiation alters male Acheta domesticus courtship songs that are critical for mating success

Pages 209-216

Tamara M. Fuciarelli, C. David Rollo



Animal Behaviour, Volume 179, Pages i-ii, 1- 354 (September 2021)


Individual vocal signatures show reduced complexity following invasion

Pages 15-39

Grace Smith-Vidaurre, Valeria Perez-Marrufo, Timothy F. Wright


Chimpanzees combine pant hoots with food calls into larger structures

Pages 41-50

Maël Leroux, Alexandra B. Bosshard, Bosco Chandia, Andri Manser, ... Simon W. Townsend


Consistency and plasticity of risk-taking behaviour towards humans at the nest in urban and forest great tits, Parus major

Pages 161-172

Ernő Vincze, Veronika Bókony, László Zsolt Garamszegi, Gábor Seress, ... András Liker


Does song overlap signal aggressiveness? An experimental study with repeated measures in free-ranging great tits

Pages 199-211

Alexander Hutfluss, Veronika A. Rohr, Saray Scheidt, Linda Steinbichl, ... Niels J.



Function of structured signalling in the black widow spider Latrodectus hesperus

Pages 279-287

Senthurran Sivalinghem, Andrew C. Mason



Animal Behaviour, Volume 180, Pages i-ii, 1-396 (October 2021)


Echolocation call frequencies of bats vary with body temperature and weather conditions

Pages 51-61

Huan Wu, Lixin Gong, Tinglei Jiang, Jiang Feng, Aiqing Lin


Using playback to test leadership in mixed-species flocks and compare flocking with mobbing

Pages 151-166

Liping Zhou, Indika Peabotuwage, Kang Luo, Rui-Chang Quan, Eben Goodale


Individuality, as well as genetic background, affects syntactical features of courtship songs in male mice

Pages 179-196

Luca Melotti, Sophie Siestrup, Maja Peng, Valerio Vitali, ... S. Helene Richter


Effect of sympatry on discrimination of heterospecific song by varied tits

Pages 307-314

Shoji Hamao


Exploring the interplay between nest vocalizations and foraging behaviour in breeding birds

Pages 375-391

Michaël Beaulieu, Michael Dähne, Jane Köpp, Coline Marciau, ... Thierry Raclot



Animal Behaviour, Volume 181, Pages i-ii, 1-186 (November 2021)


Keep calm and carry on: reactive indifference to predator encounters by a gregarious prey species

Pages 1-11

S.P. Henzi, T. Bonnell, G.M. Pasternak, N.J. Freeman, ... L. Barrett


Low-amplitude noise elicits the Lombard effect in plainfin midshipman mating vocalizations in the wild

Pages 29-39

Nicholas A.W. Brown, William D. Halliday, Sigal Balshine, Francis Juanes


Evolution of acoustic signals in Neotropical leaf frogs

Pages 41-49

Andressa de Mello Bezerra, Sergio Potsch de Carvalho-e-Silva, Luiz Pedreira Gonzaga


Is female mate choice repeatable across males with nearly identical songs?

Pages 137-149

Daiping Wang, Wolfgang Forstmeier, Pietro B. DʼAmelio, Katrin Martin, Bart Kempenaers



Animal Behaviour, Volume 182, Pages i-ii, 1-298 (December 2021)


Differential effect of aircraft noise on the spectral-temporal acoustic characteristics of frog species

Pages 9-18

Longhui Zhao, Tongliang Wang, Rui Guo, Xiaofei Zhai, ... Jichao Wang


An experience to remember: lifelong effects of playback-based trapping on behaviour of a migratory passerine bird

Pages 19-29

Javier Oñate-Casado, Michal Porteš, Václav Beran, Adam Petrusek, Tereza Petrusková


Might be of interest although not strictly dealing with acoustics

Sequential and network analyses to describe multiple signal use in captive mangabeys

Pages 203-226

Juliette Aychet, Catherine Blois-Heulin, Alban Lemasson





Ethology Volume 127, Issue 5 Pages: i-iii, 379-442 (May 2021)


Mobbing responses of great tits (Parus major) do not depend on the number of heterospecific callers

Pages: 379-384

Mylène Dutour, Christoph Randler


Pairing status moderates both the production of and responses to anti-parasitic referential alarm calls in male yellow warblers

Pages: 385-394

Shelby L. Lawson, Janice K. Enos, Niko C. Mendes, Sharon A. Gill, Mark E. Hauber


Ethology Volume 127, Issue 6 Pages: i-iii, 443-503 (June 2021)




Ethology Volume 127, Issue 7 Pages: i-iii, 505-619  (July 2021)


Female preference for artificial song dialects in the zebra finch (Taeniopygia guttata)

Pages: 537-549

Lucille Le Maguer, Sébastien Derégnaucourt, Nicole Geberzahn



Ethology Volume 127, Issue 8 Pages: i-iii, 621-673 (August 2021)


Structure and dynamics of mixed-species choruses in a tropical anuran assemblage: insights from network analysis

Pages: 643-650

Marina H. L. Duarte, Diego Llusia, Samuel S. Rodrigues, Luciana B. Nascimento



Ethology Volume 127, Issue 9 Pages: i-iii,  (September 2021)


Urban fox squirrels exhibit tolerance to humans but respond to stimuli from natural predators

Pages: 697-709

Anna Kittendorf, Ben Dantzer


Response to heterospecific calls in non-passerine species: can two Rallidae species recognise each other based on their vocalisations?

Pages: 710-719

Jan Jedlikowski, Marcin Polak, Paweł Koperski, Paweł Ręk



Ethology Volume 127, Issue 10 Pages: i-iii, 751-933 (October 2021)

Special Issue: The Evolution of Social Behaviour





Ethology Volume 127, Issue 11, Pages: i-iii, 935-1018 (November 2021)


Female Western Australian magpies discriminate between familiar and unfamiliar human voices

Pages: 979-985

Mylène Dutour, Sarah L. Walsh, Elizabeth M. Speechley, Amanda R. Ridley


Level of local human disturbance and feeding state determines escape behaviour in Eurasian Oystercatchers

Pages: 986-994

Bukola DA Azaki, Will Cresswell


Responses of a pair‐living, sexually monogamous primate to the simulated presence of solitary individuals: A field playback experiment

Pages: 1002-1018

Alba Garcia de la Chica, David Bechtel Wood, Marcelo Rotundo, Eduardo Fernandez-Duque



Ethology Volume 127, Issue 12, Pages: i-iii, 1019-1108 (December 2021)


Female bird song rates do not covary with population density in a North American species

Pages: 1042-1052

Lorraine Dargis, Lauryn Benedict, Nadje A. Najar





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