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Bioacoustic articles in Animal Behavior and Ethology October - December

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Subject: Bioacoustic articles in Animal Behavior and Ethology October - December 2020
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Bioacoustic articles in Animal Behavior and Ethology October - December 2020



Animal Behaviour, Volume 168, e1-e10, 1-242 (October 2020)


Different as night and day: wild bats modify echolocation in complex environments when visual cues are present

Pages 1-6

Kathryn A. McGowan, Laura N. Kloepper


The role of diversity in science: a case study of women advancing female birdsong research

Pages 19-24   

Casey D. Haines, Evangeline M. Rose, Karan J. Odom, Kevin E. Omland


Analysis of female song provides insight into the evolution of sex differences in a widely studied songbird

Pages 69-82

R. Wilkins, Karan J. Odom, Lauryn Benedict, Rebecca J. Safran


Comparative analysis of noise effects on wild and captive freshwater fish behavior

Pages 129-135

Rachel H. Pieniazek, Megan F. Mickle, Dennis M. Higgs


Cross-species effect of separation calls: family dogs’ reactions to pup, baby, kitten and artificial sounds.   


Fanni Lehoczki, Péter Szenczi, Oxána Bánszegi, Krisztina Lakatos, Tamás Faragó


Ultimate causes of antipredator vocalizations in a nonhibernating squirrel

Pages 225-230

D. Burnett, John L. Koprowski


Visual displays enhance vocal duet production and the perception of coordination despite spatial separation of partners

Pages 231-241

Paweł Ręk, Robert D. Magrath



Animal Behaviour, Volume 169, i-ii, 1-198 (November 2020)


The reliability of individual vocal signature varies across the bonobo's graded repertoire

Pages 9-21

Sumir Keenan, Nicolas Mathevon, Jeroen M.G. Stevens, Florence Nicolè, ... Florence Levréro


Testing the hypothesized antipredator defence function of stridulation in the spiny orb-weaving spider, Micrathena gracilis

Pages 103-117

Tyler B. Corey, Eileen A. Hebets


Ultrasonic courtship vocalizations of male house mice contain distinct individual signatures

Pages 169-197

Maria Adelaide Marconi, Doris Nicolakis, Reyhaneh Abbasi, Dustin J. Penn, Sarah M. Zala



Animal Behaviour, Volume 170, i-ii, 1-240 (December 2020)


Geographical variation of social calls and vocal discrimination in male Himalayan leaf-nosed bats

Pages 15-26

Congnan Sun, Tinglei Jiang, Hao Gu, Xiong Guo, ... Jiang Feng


Urban birdsongs: higher minimum song frequency of an urban colonist persists in a common garden experiment

Pages 33-41

Dustin G. Reichard, Jonathan W. Atwell, Meelyn M. Pandit, Gonçalo C. Cardoso, ... Ellen D. Ketterson


The function of avian mobbing: an experimental test of ‘attract the mightier’ hypothesis

Pages 229-233

Wei-Hsuan Fang, Yu-Hsun Hsu, Wen-Loung Lin, Shih-Ching Yen




Ethology Volume 126, Issue 10, Pages: i-iii, 947-1006 (October 2020)


NO articles in October



Ethology Volume 126, Issue 11, Pages: i-iii, 1007-1078 (November 2020)


Selection on ultrasonic call rate in neonatal rats affects low frequency, but not ultrasonic, vocalizations in adults

Pages: 1007-1018

Raffaela Lesch, Andrea Orozco, Margaret Shilling, Betty Zimmerberg, W. Tecumseh Fitch


Are northern mockingbirds classic open‐ended song learners?

Pages: 1038-1047

David E. Gammon


Anthropogenic noise affects female, not male house wren response to change in signaling network

Pages: 1069-1078

Erin E. Grabarczyk, Marcelo Araya‐Salas, Maarten J. Vonhof, Sharon A. Gill



Ethology Volume 126, Issue 12, Pages: i-iii, 1079-1147 (December 2020)


Song learning by prairie warblers: When, where, and from whom

Pages: 1079-1088

Bruce E. Byers, Michael E. Akresh, David I. King


Song matching in a long‐lived, sedentary bird with a low song rate: The importance of song type, song duration and intrusion

Pages: 1098-1110

Dean Ansell, Robert D. Magrath, Tonya M. Haff


Eavesdropping of an African ground squirrel on the heterospecific alarm calls of a noisy ground‐nesting bird

Pages: 1122-1130

Jane M. Waterman, Monica Mai





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