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Bioacoustic Articles in Ethology and Animal Behaviour June - September 2

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Subject: Bioacoustic Articles in Ethology and Animal Behaviour June - September 2020
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Dear all,

please find below bioacoustic articles from June until September 2020  in Ethology and Animal Behaviour.

I hope my message finds you well.

Stay safe!

Best wishes





Animal Behaviour, Volume 164, 1-292 (June 2020)


Underwater noise impairs social communication during aggressive and reproductive encounters

Pages 9-23

Julie M. Butler, Karen P. Maruska


Effect of noise on development of call discrimination by nestling tree swallows, Tachycineta bicolor

Pages 143-148

Andrew G. Horn, Marley Aikens, Ellen Jamieson, Katrien Kingdon, Marty L. Leonard


Logical inferences from visual and auditory information in ruffed lemurs and sifakas

Pages 193-204

Francesca De Petrillo, Alexandra G. Rosati



Animal Behaviour, Volume 165, Pages e1-e8, 1-154 (July 2020)


Experimental test of the communicative value of syllable diversity and syllable switching in the common chiffchaff

Pages 11-21

Javier Sierro, Jaime Sierro, Hans Slabbekoorn


Interspecific competition between two partridges in farmland landscapes

Pages 23-34

Tony Rinaud, Clément Harmange, Olivier Pays, Mathieu Sarasa, Vincent Bretagnolle


Complex distress calls sound frightening: the case of the weeping lizard

Pages 71-77

Mario R. Ruiz-Monachesi, Antonieta Labra


Contingent parental responses are naturally associated with zebra finch song learning

Pages 123-132

Samantha Carouso-Peck, Otilia Menyhart, Timothy J. DeVoogd, Michael H. Goldstein



Animal Behaviour, Volume 166, Pages 1-306 (August 2020)


Rival assessment by territorial southern white rhinoceros males via eavesdropping on the contact and courtship calls

Pages 19-31

Ivana Cinková, Adrian M. Shrader


Females don't always sing in response to male song, but when they do, they sing to males with higher-pitched songs

Pages 129-138

Alexander N.G. Kirschel, Zacharo Zanti, Zachary T. Harlow, Edgar E. Vallejo, Charles E. Taylor


A crescendo in the inner structure of snorts: a reflection of increasing arousal in rock hyrax songs?

Pages 163-170

Yishai A. Weissman, Vlad Demartsev, Amiyaal Ilany, Adi Barocas, ... Eli Geffen


Ontogeny of an interactive call-and-response system in Spix's disc-winged bats

Pages 233-245

Marcelo Araya-Salas, H. Andrés Hernández-Pinsón, Nazareth Rojas, Gloriana Chaverri


The genesis of giants: behavioural ontogeny of male northern elephant seals

Pages 247-259

C. Casey, I. Charrier, N. Mathevon, C. Nasr, C. Reichmuth


Conservation practices and the formation of vocal dialects in the endangered Puerto Rican parrot, Amazona vittata

Pages 261-271

Tanya M. Martínez, David M. Logue


Birdsong learning is mutually beneficial for tutee and tutor in song sparrows

Pages 281-288

Michael D. Beecher, Çağlar Akçay, S. Elizabeth Campbell



Animal Behaviour, Volume 167, issue still in progress (September 2020)


Song performance improves with continued singing across the morning in a songbird

Pages 127-137

Jason P. Dinh, Susan Peters, Stephen Nowicki


Ontogeny of vocal learning in a hummingbird

Pages 139-150

Katherine E. Johnson, Christopher J. Clark


Experimental manipulation of mixed-species flocks reveals heterospecific audience effects on calling

Pages 193-207

Brittany A. Coppinger, Stephen A. Kania, Jeffrey R. Lucas, Kathryn E. Sieving, Todd M. Freeberg


Leptin regulates song effort in Neotropical singing mice (Scotinomys teguina)

Pages 209-219

Erin M. Giglio, Steven M. Phelps




Ethology Volume 126, Issue 6, Pages: i-iii, 593-678 (June 2020)


Experimental study of alarm calls of the oriental tit (Parus minor) toward different predators and reactions they induce in nestlings

Pages: 610-619

Jungmoon Ha Keesan Lee Eunjeong Yang Woojoo Kim Ho‐kyung Song Injae Hwang Larisa Lee‐Cruz Sang‐im Lee Piotr Jablonski


Traffic noise and responses to a simulated approaching avian predator in mixed‐species flocks of chickadees, titmice, and nuthatches

Pages: 620-629

Hwayoung Jung Atira Sherrod Steven LeBreux Joshua M. Price Todd M. Freeberg


Habitat‐dependent advertisement call variation in the monkey frog Phyllomedusa nordestina

Pages: 651-659

David Lucas Röhr Felipe Camurugi Pablo Ariel Martinez Renata S. Sousa‐Lima Flora Acuña Juncá Adrian Antonio Garda



Ethology Volume 126, Issue 7, Pages: i-iii, 679-779 (July 2020)


Territory establishment, song learning strategies and survival in song sparrows

Pages: 694-703

Çağlar Akçay S. Elizabeth Campbell Saethra Darling Michael D. Beecher



Ethology Volume 126, Issue 8, Pages: i-iii, 781-863 (August 2020)


Phenotypic plasticity related to temperature induces song variation in the field cricket Gryllus rubens

Pages: 781-790

Oliver M. Beckers


Seasonal and diel plasticity of song type use in individual ovenbirds (Seiurus aurocapilla)

Pages: 824-838

Megan J. Thompson Kendriah A. Pearse Jennifer R. Foote



Ethology Volume 126, Issue 9, Pages: i-iii, 865-946 (September 2020)


Environmental and social factors influencing wolf (Canis lupus) howling behavior

Pages: 890-899

David E. Ausband Sarah B. Bassing Michael S. Mitchell




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