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Bioacoustic articles in Animal Behaviour and Ethology - January and Febr

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Subject: Bioacoustic articles in Animal Behaviour and Ethology - January and February
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Bioacoustic articles in Animal Behaviour and Ethology - January and February

Animal Behaviour, Volume 83, Issue 1, Pages 1-310 (January2012),

Different sensory modalities are required for successful courtship in two
species of the Drosophila willistoni group
Original Research Article
Pages 217-227
Jennifer M. Gleason, Amanda A. Pierce, Anne L. Vezeau, Stephanie F. Goodman

Copulatory song in three species of the Drosophila montium subgroup extends
copulation and shows unusual genetic control
Original Research Article
Pages 233-238
Yi-Feng Li, Shuo-Yang Wen, Michael G. Ritchie

Strong individual signatures and weaker group signatures in contact calls of
Spix's disc-winged bat, Thyroptera tricolor
Original Research Article
Pages 269-276
Erin H. Gillam, Gloriana Chaverri

Ecological and social factors affect the occurrence and outcomes of
intergroup encounters in chimpanzees
Original Research Article
Pages 277-291
Michael L. Wilson, Sonya M. Kahlenberg, Michael Wells, Richard W. Wrangham

Animal Behaviour, Volume 83, Issue 2, Pages 311- 570 (Februray 2012)

Food-associated vocalizations in mammals and birds: what do these calls
really mean?
Review Article
Pages 323-330
Zanna Clay, Carolynn L. Smith, Daniel T. Blumstein

Receiver psychology turns 20: is it time for a broader approach?
Original Research Article
Pages 331-343
Cory T. Miller, Mark A. Bee

Competitive masking of vibrational signals during mate searching in a
Original Research Article
Pages 361-368
Frédéric Legendre, Peter R. Marting, Reginald B. Cocroft

Kleptoparasitism by attacks versus false alarm calls in fork-tailed drongos
Original Research Article
Pages 403-410
Tom P. Flower, Matthew Gribble

Male and female Steere's liocichlas respond differently to solo and stereo
duet playback
Original Research Article
Pages 487-493
Yi-Shan Weng, Hsiao-Wei Yuan, Cheng-Te Yao, Chung-Fu Hsieh

Fowl communicate the size, speed and proximity of avian stimuli through
graded structure in referential alarm calls
Original Research Article
Pages 535-544
David R. Wilson, Christopher S. Evans

Signalling while fighting: further comments on soft song
Original Research Article
Pages e1-e3
Çağlar Akçay, Michael D. Beecher

Ethology Volume 118, Issue 1, Pages 1-105 (January 2012)

Long-Distance Calling by the Willow Tit, Poecile montanus, Facilitates
Formation of Mixed-Species Foraging Flocks
Pages 10-16
Toshitaka N. Suzuki

Responses to Variation in Song Length by Male White-Crowned Sparrows
Pages 24-32
Douglas A. Nelson and Angelika Poesel

Duet Function in the Yellow-Naped Amazon, Amazona auropalliata: Evidence
>From Playbacks of Duets and Solos
Pages 95-105
Christine R. Dahlin and Timothy F. Wright

Ethology Volume 118, Issue 2, Pages 107-213 (February 2012)

African Wild Dogs as a Fugitive Species: Playback Experiments Investigate
How Wild Dogs Respond to their Major Competitors
Pages 147-156
Hugh Webster, John W. McNutt and Karen McComb

Song Amplitude of Rival Males Modulates the Territorial Behaviour of Great
Tits During the Fertile Period of Their Mates
Pages 197-202)
Mathias Ritschard, Kees van Oers, Marc Naguib and Henrik Brumm

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