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Bioacoustic articles in Animal Behaviour and Ethology - Sept/Oct/Nov 201

Subject: Bioacoustic articles in Animal Behaviour and Ethology - Sept/Oct/Nov 2010
From: Ilse van Opzeeland <>
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 2010 11:12:47 +0200
Bioacoustic articles in Animal Behaviour and Ethology ? Sept/Oct/Nov 2010

Animal Behaviour, Volume 80, Issue 3, Pages 349-594 (September 2010)

Call directionality and its behavioural significance in male northern
elephant seals, Mirounga angustirostris
Pages 351-361
Marla M. Holt, Brandon L. Southall, Stephen J. Insley, Ronald J. Schusterman

Song type sharing in common nightingales, Luscinia megarhynchos, and its
implications for cultural evolution
Pages 427-434
Philipp Sprau, Roger Mundry

Multiple signals for multiple messages: great tit, Parus major, song signals
age and survival
Pages 451-459
Hector F. Rivera-Gutierrez, Rianne Pinxten, Marcel Eens

Vocal greeting behaviour in wild chimpanzee females
Pages 467-473
Marion N.C. Laporte, Klaus Zuberbühler

Auditory sensitivity and the frequency selectivity of auditory filters in
the Carolina chickadee, Poecile carolinensis
Pages 497-507
Kenneth S. Henry, Jeffrey R. Lucas

An experimental test of noise-dependent voice amplitude regulation in Cope?s
grey treefrog, Hyla chrysoscelis
Pages 509-515
Elliot K. Love, Mark A. Bee

Forum articles
Have brood parasitic cowbird nestlings caused the evolution of more intense
begging by host nestlings?
Pages e1-e5.
James W. Rivers, James V. Briskie, Stephen I. Rothstein

The evolution of begging in cowbird?s hosts: a reply to Rivers et al. (2010)

Pages e7-e10
Giuseppe Boncoraglio, Nicola Saino, László Z. Garamszegi

The signal value of birdsong: empirical evidence suggests song overlapping
is a signal
Pages e11-e15
Marc Naguib, Daniel J. Mennill

Animal Behaviour, Volume 80, Issue 4, Pages 595-770 (October 2010)

Vocal communication at the nest between mates in wild zebra finches: a
private vocal duet?
Pages 597-605
Julie E. Elie, Mylène M. Mariette, Hédi A. Soula, Simon C. Griffith, Nicolas
Mathevon, Clémentine Vignal

Animal Behaviour, Volume 80, Issue 5, Pages 771-944 (November 2010)

Predator-deterring alarm call sequences in Guereza colobus monkeys are
meaningful to conspecifics
Pages 799-808
Anne Marijke Schel, Agnès Candiotti, Klaus Zuberbühler

Low-amplitude song predicts attack in a North American wood warbler
Pages 821-828
David Hof, Nicole Hazlett

Ethology, Volume 116 Issue 9, Pages 787-894 (September 2010)

No bioacoustic papers in this issue

Ethology, Volume 116 Issue 10, Pages 895-998 (October 2010)

Repertoire Sharing and Song Similarity between Great Tit Males Decline with
Distance between Forest Fragments
Pages 951?960
Hector F. Rivera-Gutierrez, Erik Matthysen, Frank Adriaensen and Hans

?Virtual Parrots? Confirm Mating Preferences of Female Budgerigars
Pages 961?971
Marin L. Moravec, Georg F. Striedter and Nancy T. Burley

Ethology, Volume 116 Issue 11, Pages 999-1126 (November 2010)

Sex Differences in the Electrocommunication Signals of the Electric Fish
Apteronotus bonapartii
Pages 1050?1064
Winnie W. Ho, Cristina Cox Fernandes, José A. Alves-Gomes and G. Troy Smith

Changes in Whistle Structure of Two Dolphin Species During Interspecific
Pages 1065?1074
Laura J. May-Collado

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