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Bioacoustic articles in Animal Behaviour and Ethology - Sept and Oct 200

Subject: Bioacoustic articles in Animal Behaviour and Ethology - Sept and Oct 2008
From: Ilse van Opzeeland <>
Date: Thu, 02 Oct 2008 09:51:11 +0200
Bioacoustic articles in Animal Behaviour and Ethology - September and
October 2008

--Animal Behaviour--
Volume 76, Issue 3 (September 2008), Pages 519-1102

Vocal mimicry in songbirds
Pages 521-528
Laura A. Kelley, Rebecca L. Coe, Joah R. Madden, Susan D. Healy

Alarm calling best predicts mating and reproductive success in ornamented
male fowl, Gallus gallus
Pages 543-554
David R. Wilson, Karen L. Bayly, Ximena J. Nelson, Michael Gillings,
Christopher S. Evans

Leaders and followers in katydid choruses in the field: call intensity,
spacing and consistency
Pages 723-735
V. Nityananda, R. Balakrishnan

Ultrasonic calling during fear conditioning in the rat: no evidence for an
audience effect
Pages 749-760
Markus Wöhr, Rainer K.W. Schwarting

The effect of signal complexity on localization performance in bats that
localize frog calls
Pages 761-769
Rachel A. Page, Michael J. Ryan

Reed warblers discriminate cuckoos from sparrowhawks with graded alarm
signals that attract mates and neighbours
Pages 811-822
J.A. Welbergen, N.B. Davies

Does common spatial origin promote the auditory grouping of temporally
separated signal elements in grey treefrogs?
Pages 831-843
Mark A. Bee, Kasen K. Riemersma

Parallel female preferences for call duration in a diploid ancestor of an
allotetraploid treefrog
Pages 845-853
Mark A. Bee

Female social networks influence male vocal development in brown-headed
cowbirds, Molothrus ater
Pages 931-941
Jennifer L. Miller, Andrew P. King, Meredith J. West

Nonmutual vocal mother?pup recognition in the greater sac-winged bat
Pages 1001-1009
Mirjam Knörnschild, Otto von Helversen

Does muscle fatigue limit advertisement calling in the oyster toadfish
Opsanus tau?
Pages 1011-1016
Steve Mitchell, James Poland, Michael L. Fine

Stability and change in vocal dialects of the yellow-naped amazon
Pages 1017-1027
Timothy F. Wright, Christine R. Dahlin, Alejandro Salinas-Melgoza

Mimetic song in superb lyrebirds: species mimicked and mimetic accuracy in
different populations and age classes
Pages 1043-1054
Richard Zann, Emily Dunstan

The structure, meaning and function of yellow-bellied marmot pup screams
Pages 1055-1064
Daniel T. Blumstein, Dominique T. Richardson, Louise Cooley, Jamie
Winternitz, Janice C. Daniel

Courtship song is more variable than calling song in the field cricket
Teleogryllus oceanicus
Pages 1065-1071
Marlene Zuk, Darren Rebar, Sarah Primrose Scott

-- Animal Behaviour--
Volume 76, Issue 4 (October 2008), Pages 1103-1452

Tied to the nest: male black-capped chickadees decrease dawn chorus movement
behaviour when their mate is fertile
Pages 1227-1233
Jennifer R. Foote, Lauren P. Fitzsimmons, Daniel J. Mennill, Laurene M.

When to be a dear enemy: flexible acoustic relationships of neighbouring
skylarks, Alauda arvensis
Pages 1319-1325
Elodie Briefer, Fanny Rybak, Thierry Aubin

Antiphonal calling allows individual discrimination in white-winged vampire
Pages 1343-1355
Gerald G. Carter, Mark D. Skowronski, Paul A. Faure, Brock Fenton

Acoustic directionality of red-winged blackbird (Agelaius phoeniceus) song
relates to amplitude and singing behaviours
Pages 1389-1401
Gail L. Patricelli, Marc S. Dantzker, Jack W. Bradbury

?Silent? signals: selective forces acting on ultrasonic communication
systems in terrestrial vertebrates
Pages 1423-1428
Victoria S. Arch, Peter M. Narins

Soundscape orientation: a new field in need of sound investigation
Pages e5-e8
Hans Slabbekoorn, Niels Bouton

Volume 114 Issue 9 (September 2008), Pages 817-936

No bioacoustic articles in this issue

Volume 114 Issue 10 (October 2008), Pages 937-1031

Effects of an Immune Challenge on Multiple Components of Song Display in
Barn Swallows Hirundo rustica: Implications for Sexual Selection
Pages 955-964
A. N. Dreiss, C. Navarro, F. de Lope, A. P. Møller

Free-Ranging Red Deer Hinds Show Greater Attentiveness to Roars with Formant
Frequencies Typical of Young Males
Pages 1023-1031
Benjamin D. Charlton, Karen McComb, David Reby

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