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special issue of Applied Acoustics

Subject: special issue of Applied Acoustics
From: Dave Mellinger <>
Date: Thu, 07 Sep 2006 14:00:58 -0700
Applied Acoustics has just produced a special issue on acoustic detection and localization of marine mammals, with emphasis on sperm whales. This special issue was done in conjunction with the 2nd International Workshop on Detection and Localization of Marine Mammals Using Passive Acoustics that was held last year in Monaco. The guest editor was Olivier Adam.
Please don't email me for copies of articles (except for my own paper), as I 
don't have them.


Adam, O. et al. (2006):
Overview of the 2005 workshop on detection and localization of marine mammals using passive acoustics.
Applied Acoustics 67(11-12): 1061-1070.

Adam, O. (2006):
The use of the Hilbert-Huang transform to analyze transient signals emitted by sperm whales.
Applied Acoustics 67(11-12): 1134-1143.

Ainley, D.G., G. Ballard, and K.M. Dugger (2006):
Competition among penguins and cetaceans reveals trophic cascades in the western Ross Sea, Antarctica.
Ecology 87(8): 2080-2093.

Cardellicchio, N. et al. (2006):
Optimization of microwave digestion for mercury determination in marine biological samples by cold vapour atomic absorption spectrometry.
Annali di Chimica 96(4): 159-165.

Desharnais, F. et al. (2006):
A generalized beamformer for localization of marine mammals.
Applied Acoustics 67(11-12): 1213-1225.

Filatova, O.A. et al. (2006):
Using a mobile hydrophone stereo system for real-time acoustic localization of killer whales (Orcinus orca).
Applied Acoustics 67(11-12): 1243-1248.

Giraudet, P. and H. Glotin (2006):
Real-time 3D tracking of whales by echo-robust precise TDOA estimates with a widely-spaced hydrophone array.
Applied Acoustics 67(11-12): 1106-1117.

Howard, R.S., J.J. Finneran, and S.H. Ridgway (2006):
Bispectral Index Monitoring of Unihemispheric Effects in Dolphins.
Anesthesia & Analgesia 103(): 626-632.

Kandia, V. and Y. Stylianou (2006):
Detection of sperm whale clicks based on the Teager-Kaiser energy operator.
Applied Acoustics 67(11-12): 1144-1163.

Lopatka, M. et al. (2006):
Sperm whale click analysis using a recursive time-variant lattice filter.
Applied Acoustics 67(11-12): 1118-1133.

Mellinger, D.K. and C.W. Clark (2006):
MobySound: A reference archive for studying automatic recognition of marine mammal sounds.
Applied Acoustics 67(11-12): 1226-1242.

Morrissey, R.P. et al. (2006):
Passive acoustic detection and localization of sperm whales (Physeter macrocephalus) in the tongue of the ocean.
Applied Acoustics 67(11-12): 1091-1105.

Nielsen, B.K. and B. M?hl (2006):
Hull-mounted hydrophones for passive acoustic detection and tracking of sperm whales (Physeter macrocephalus).
Applied Acoustics 67(11-12): 1175-1186.

Nosal, E.-M. and L.N. Frazer (2006):
Track of a sperm whale from delays between direct and surface-reflected clicks.
Applied Acoustics 67(11-12): 1187-1201.

Ridgway, S.H. et al. (2006):
Dolphin continuous auditory vigilance for five days.
Journal of Experimental Biology 209(18): 3621-3628.

Skarsoulis, E.K. and M.A. Kalogerakis (2006):
Two-hydrophone localization of a click source in the presence of refraction.
Applied Acoustics 67(11-12): 1202-1212.

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