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bioacoustics articles: JASA 115(5), May 2004

Subject: bioacoustics articles: JASA 115(5), May 2004
From: Dave Mellinger <>
Date: Fri, 16 Apr 2004 14:00:51 -0700
Volume 115, Issue 5
 Echolocation signals of dusky dolphins (Lagenorhynchus obscurus) in
 Kaikoura, New Zealand
 Whitlow W. L. Au, Bernd Wursig
 pp. 2307--2313
 Potential sound production by a deep-sea fish
 David A. Mann, Susan M. Jarvis
 pp. 2331--2333
 A simple frequency-scaling rule for animal communication
 Neville H. Fletcher
 pp. 2334--2338
 Localization of aerial broadband noise by pinnipeds
 Marla M. Holt, Ronald J. Schusterman, Brandon L. Southall, David Kastak
 pp. 2339--2345
 Tolerance by ringed seals (Phoca hispida) to impact pipe-driving and
 construction sounds at an oil production island
 Susanna B. Blackwell, John W. Lawson, Michael T. Williams
 pp. 2346--2357
 [patent] Method and apparatus for attracting fish using a sound
 producing fishing accessory providing blind positive engagement to a
 Donald J. Link
 p. 1870
 The remainder of these are abstracts of presentations to be given at
 the upcoming (May 2004) ASA meeting.
 Some recollections of D. R. Griffin as a young man
 Robert Galambos
 p. 2372 (abstract)
 Variability of feeding buzzes in little brown bats (Myotis lucifigus)
 Donald R. Griffin, Gregory J. Auger
 pp. 2372--2373 (abstract)
 Bat echolocation calls: Orientation to communication
 M. Brock Fenton
 p. 2373 (abstract)
 Vocal communication of wild parrots
 Jack Bradbury
 p. 2373 (abstract)
 Performance constraints and the production of birdsong
 Roderick A. Suthers, Eric Vallet, Sue Anne Zollinger
 p. 2373 (abstract)
 Echolocation in wild toothed whales
 Peter L. Tyack, Mark Johnson, Peter Teglberg Madsen, Walter M. X. Zimmer
 p. 2373 (abstract)
 Array measurement of echolocation signals on the melon of harbor porpoises
 (Phocoena phocoena)
 Whitlow Au, Kelly Benoit-Bird, Ronald Kastelein, Ted Cranford
 p. 2374 (abstract)
 Echolocation click rates and behavior of foraging Hawaiian spinner dolphins
 Kelly J. Benoit-Bird, Whitlow W. L. Au
 p. 2374 (abstract)
 Stuttering: A novel bullfrog vocalization
 Andrea Simmons, Dianne Suggs
 p. 2374 (abstract)
 Impact of the chorus environment on temporal processing of advertisement
 calls by gray treefrogs
 Joshua Schwartz, Kenneth Huth, Jeffrey Lasker
 p. 2374 (abstract)
 Watching bats find food: Do we classify the signals, the strategies, or the
 James A. Simmons
 p. 2404 (abstract)
 Interaction of vestibular, echolocation, and visual modalities guiding
 flight by the big brown bat, Eptesicus fuscus
 Seth S. Horowitz, James A. Simmons
 pp. 2404--2405 (abstract)
 Bat's auditory system: Corticofugal feedback and plasticity
 Nobuo Suga
 p. 2405 (abstract)
 Neural mechanisms underlying the analysis of sonar and social vocalizations:
 Spectral and temporal integration in the mustached bat
 Jeffrey J. Wenstrup, Kiran Nataraj, Don Gans, Kianoush Sheykholeslami
 p. 2405 (abstract)
 Pinniped bioacoustics: Atmospheric and hydrospheric signal production,
 reception, and function
 Ronald J. Schusterman, David Kastak, Colleen Reichmuth Kastak, Marla Holt,
 Brandon L. Southall
 pp. 2405--2406 (abstract)
 Cognitive processes in bird song
 Jeffrey Cynx
 p. 2406 (abstract)
 Human listening studies reveal insights into object features extracted by
 echolocating dolphins
 Caroline M. DeLong, Whitlow W. L. Au, Herbert L. Roitblat
 p. 2406 (abstract)
 Biosonar performance of foraging Blainvilles beaked whales (Mesoplodon
 Peter T. Madsen, Mark Johnson, Peter L. Tyack, Natacha Aguilar de Soto,
 Walter M. X. Zimmer
 p. 2406 (abstract)
 Aerial hearing sensitivity in some pinnipeds is comparable to that of humans
 Colleen Reichmuth Kastak, David Kastak, Marla M. Holt, Ronald J.
 Schusterman, Brandon L. Southall
 p. 2406 (abstract)
 A computational model of echolocation: Transformation of spectrogram into
 the reflected intensity distribution for range discrimination of multiple
 closely spaced objects
 Ikuo Matsuo, Kenji Kunugiyama, Masafumi Yano
 pp. 2406--2407 (abstract)
 Role of standards in ASA: Animal bioacoustics
 Ann E. Bowles
 p. 2433 (abstract)
 Hearing in the North Atlantic right whale: Anatomical predictions
 Susan E. Parks, Darlene R. Ketten, Jennifer Trehey O'Malley, Julie Arruda
 p. 2442 (abstract)
 Song variation and environmental auditory masking in the grasshopper sparrow
 Bernard Lohr, Robert J. Dooling, Douglas E. Gill
 pp. 2442--2443 (abstract)
 Reduced temporal integration in Belgian Waterslager canaries
 Amanda M. Lauer, Robert J. Dooling
 p. 2443 (abstract)
 Changing the average frequency of contact calls is associated with changes
 in other acoustic parameters in the budgerigar (Melopsittacus undulatus)
 Michael Osmanski, Robert Dooling
 p. 2443 (abstract)
 An audiometric comparison of primate audiograms
 Mark N. Coleman
 p. 2443 (abstract)
 Influence of low-frequency vibration on changes of biochemical parameters of
 living rats
 Cezary Kasprzak, Zbigniew Damijan, Ryszard Panuszka
 p. 2443 (abstract)
 The perceptual organization of complex sounds by birds
 Micheal L. Dent
 p. 2457 (abstract)
 Passive acoustic localization for Sciaenid habitat in coastal water of
 Chang Tu, Ruey-Chang Wei, Hsiang-Chih Chan
 p. 2474 (abstract)
 Development of net cage acoustic alarm system
 Shih-Wei Hong, Ruey-Chang Wei
 p. 2474 (abstract)
 Generalized perceptual features for animal vocalization classification
 Patrick J. Clemins, Michael T. Johnson
 p. 2485 (abstract)
 Acoustic and behavioral analyses of gecker distress vocalizations in young
 rhesus macaques (Macaca mulatta)
 Erik R. Patel, Michael J. Owren
 p. 2485 (abstract)
 Artiodactyl and Perissodactyl acoustics: Identifying distress calls by farm
 David G. Browning, Peter M. Scheifele
 p. 2485 (abstract)
 Vocalization of Equus asinus: The hees and haws of donkey brays
 David G. Browning, Peter M. Scheifele
 p. 2485 (abstract)
 Temporal bone anatomy in Panthera tigris
 Edward J. Walsh, Darlene R. Ketten, Julie Arruda, Douglas L. Armstrong,
 Thomas Curro, Lee G. Simmons, Lily M. Wang, JoAnn McGee
 pp. 2485--2486 (abstract)
 Sound detection and production in the American lobster, Homarus americanus:
 Sensitivity range and behavioral implications
 Heidi J. Pye, Winsor H. Watson III
 p. 2486 (abstract)
 Probability density functions for hyperbolic and isodiachronic locations
 John L. Spiesberger, Magnus Wahlberg
 p. 2486 (abstract)
 Information entropy analysis of leopard seal vocalization bouts
 John R. Buck, Tracey L. Rogers, Douglas H. Cato
 p. 2486 (abstract)
 Localization of airborne pure tones by pinnipeds
 Marla M. Holt, Ronald J. Schusterman, Brandon L. Southall, David Kastak
 p. 2486 (abstract)
 Determination of West Indian manatee vocalization levels and rate
 Richard Phillips, Christopher Niezrecki, Diedrich Beusse
 pp. 2486--2487 (abstract)
 Measurement of Lombard-like response in the beluga whale
 Peter M. Scheifele
 p. 2487 (abstract)
 Comparative sensitivity analysis of transmission loss in beaked whale
 Eryn M. Wezensky, James H. Miller, Robert C. Tyce
 p. 2487 (abstract)
 Detecting sperm whale clicks in the presence of ambient and shipping noise
 using higher order moments
 James P. Larue, George E. Ioup, Juliette W. Ioup
 p. 2487 (abstract)
 Acoustic behavior of echolocating bats in complex environments
 Cynthia Moss, Kaushik Ghose, Marianne Jensen, Annemarie Surlykke
 pp. 2516--2517 (abstract)
 Dolphin and bat sonar: Convergence, divergence, or parallelism
 Darlene R. Ketten, James Simmons, Allyn E. Hubbard, David A. Mountain
 p. 2517 (abstract)
 Biosonar signal processing of bats during flight observed by a telemetry
 microphone on the head
 Hiroshi Riquimaroux, Yoshiaki Watanabe, Liang-Kong Lin
 p. 2517 (abstract)
 A portable system for marine mammal auditory-evoked potential measurements
 James J. Finneran, Dorian S. Houser
 p. 2517 (abstract)
 Ecological echoes observed by moving biomimetic sonar characterize objects
 Roman Kuc
 p. 2517 (abstract)
 How bats' ears probe space: A numerical analysis of pinna shapes
 Rolf Muller, John C. T. Hallam, Herbert Peremans, Alexander Streicher,
 Reinhard Lerch
 pp. 2517--2518 (abstract)
 Digital neuromorphic processing for a simplified algorithm of ultrasonic
 Lin Qiang, Chris Clarke
 p. 2518 (abstract)
 Off-axis signal processing of cetacean biosonar
 Walter M. X. Zimmer
 p. 2518 (abstract)
 The whistles of bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) from the Gulf of
 Carmen Bazua-Duran
 p. 2518 (abstract)
 Free-ranging finless porpoises acoustically inspect their frontal area in
 Tomonari Akamatsu, Ding Wang, Kexiong Wang, Yasuhiko Naito
 p. 2518 (abstract)
 Passive tracking of multiple diving sperm whales using single hydrophones at
 two mobile locations
 Rajendar Bahl, Takeshi Nakatani, Tamaki Ura, Junichi Kojima, Tetsuo Fukuchi,
 Masao Sakata, Yoshiaki Nose, Junya Ura, Kyoichi Mori, Harumi Sugimatsu,
 Masao Yanagisawa, Hideyuki Suzuki
 pp. 2518--2519 (abstract)
 The ``gunshot'' sound produced by male North Atlantic right whales and its
 potential function in reproductive advertisement
 Susan E. Parks, Philip Hamilton, Scott D. Kraus, Peter L. Tyack
 p. 2519 (abstract)
 Influence of ambient noise on the use of sound by marine animals
 Douglas H. Cato
 p. 2519 (abstract)
 The impact of observer dynamics on sonar perception
 Richard J. Rikoski
 p. 2519 (abstract)
 Model-based localization and tracking of marine mammals
 Ahmad T. Abawi, Michael B. Porter, Martin Siderius, John Hildebrand, Sean
 p. 2519 (abstract)
 The beginning of Holliday's underwater bioacoustics phase
 Paul E. Smith
 p. 2520 (abstract)
 Critical scales for understanding the structure, dynamics, and impacts of
 zooplankton patches
 Percy Donaghay
 p. 2520 (abstract)
 A tribute to Van Holliday: Completing the circle from plankton to whales
 William C. Cummings
 p. 2520 (abstract)
 Vertical array measurements of humpback whale songs
 Whitlow W. L. Au, Marc O. Lammers, Adam A. Pack, Louis Herman
 pp. 2520--2521 (abstract)
 Van Holliday---A role model for leadership in fisheries acoustics
 William A. Karp
 p. 2521 (abstract)
 Light and lunar cycle as cues to diel migration of a sound-scattering layer
 Kelly J. Benoit-Bird, Whitlow W. L. Au
 p. 2521 (abstract)
 Classification of bioabsorption lines at low frequencies: The Van Holliday
 Orest Diachok, Stephen Wales, Paul Smith
 p. 2521 (abstract)
 Bioacoustics and D. V. Holliday: A scientific tribute
 Kenneth G. Foote
 p. 2521 (abstract)
 Development of the sound localization cues in cats
 Daniel J. Tollin
 p. 2535 (abstract)
 Investigations into the application of a new sonar system for assessing fish
 passage in Alaskan rivers
 Deborah Burwen, Suzanne Maxwell, Carl Pfisterer
 pp. 2547--2548 (abstract)
 Ultrasound parametric imaging of coral
 Emmanuel Bossy, Anne Cohen, Robin O. Cleveland
 p. 2548 (abstract)
 Eavesdropping on elephants
 Katy Payne
 pp. 2553--2554 (abstract)
 Elephant low-frequency vocalizations propagate in the ground and seismic
 playbacks of these vocalizations are detectable by wild African elephants
 (Loxodonta africana)
 Caitlin E. O'Connell-Rodwell, Jason D. Wood, Roland Gunther, Simon
 Klemperer, Timothy C. Rodwell, Sunil Puria, Robert Sapolsky, Colleen
 Kinzley, Byron T. Arnason, Lynette A. Hart
 p. 2554 (abstract)
 The role of infrasounds in maintaining whale herds
 Roger S. Payne
 p. 2554 (abstract)
 Baleen whale infrasonic sounds: Natural variability and function
 Christopher W. Clark
 p. 2554 (abstract)
 Do manatees utilize infrasonic communication or detection?
 Edmund Gerstein, Laura Gerstein, Steve Forsythe, Joseph Blue
 pp. 2554--2555 (abstract)
 Low-frequency sounds and amphibious communication in Hippopotamus amphibious
 William E. Barklow
 p. 2555 (abstract)
 Ground sounds: Seismic detection in the golden mole
 Peter M. Narins, Edwin R. Lewis
 p. 2555 (abstract)
 Interactive patterns of vocal communication in African elephant herds
 (Loxodonta africana)
 Caitlin E. O'Connell-Rodwell, Megan T. Wyman, Lynette A. Hart, Shay Redfield
 p. 2555 (abstract)
 How many rumbles are there? Acoustic variation and individual identity in
 the rumble vocalizations of African elephants (Loxodonta africana)
 Joseph M. Soltis, Anne Savage, Kirsten M. Leong
 p. 2555 (abstract)
 Anatomy of infrasonic communication in baleen whales: Divergent mechanisms
 of sound generation in mysticetes and odontocetes
 Joy S. Reidenberg, Jeffrey T. Laitman
 p. 2556 (abstract)
 Spectrogram analysis of low to mid frequency marine mammal clicks
 George E. Ioup, Juliette W. Ioup, James P. Larue, Natalia A. Sidorovskaia,
 Stan A. Kuczaj, Grayson H. Rayborn, Christopher D. Walker
 p. 2556 (abstract)
 Propagation modeling for sperm whale acoustic clicks in the northern Gulf of
 Natalia A. Sidorovskaia, Ilya A. Udovydchenkov, Irina I. Rypina, George E.
 Ioup, Juliette W. Ioup, Jerald W. Caruthers, Joal Newcomb, Robert Fisher
 p. 2556 (abstract)
 Sperm whale identification using self-organizing maps
 Juliette W. Ioup, George E. Ioup
 p. 2556 (abstract)
 Multifrequency acoustic observations of zooplankton in Knight Inlet, B.C
 Mark V. Trevorrow, David L. Mackas, Mark C. Benfield
 p. 2557 (abstract)
 Abundance and diel migration of demersal plankton on a tropical coral reef:
 An acoustic pilot study
 Peter B. Ortner, S. Jack Stamates, Shailer R. Cummings, Sharon L. Smith,
 Peter V. Lane
 p. 2557 (abstract)
 Near-shore krill distribution around Livingston Island, Antarctica
 Joseph D. Warren, David A. Demer
 p. 2557 (abstract)
 Seasonal variation in the distribution of Calanus finmarchicus and its
 predators observed through multifrequency acoustics in the Irminger Sea
 Sophie Fielding, Alexander T. Mustard, Cairistiona I. H. Anderson, Andrew S.
 Brierley, Michael R. Heath
 p. 2557 (abstract)
 In situ and experimental observations of the relationships between
 euphausiid orientation, vessel lights, and acoustical scattering
 Mark C. Benfield, Michelle L. Ashton, Mark V. Trevorrow, David L. Mackas
 p. 2558 (abstract)
 Behavioral observations of in situ copepods with a multibeam sonar
 Jules Jaffe, Amatzia Genin, Moti Ohevia
 p. 2558 (abstract)
 Multifrequency analyses of fish distributions in the northwest Atlantic
 J. Michael Jech
 p. 2558 (abstract)
 The acoustic environment of the Florida manatee: Correlation with level of
 habitat use
 Jennifer L. Miksis-Olds, James H. Miller, Peter L. Tyack
 p. 2558 (abstract)
 Killer whale caller localization using a hydrophone array in an oceanarium
 Ann E. Bowles, Charles F. Greenlaw, Duncan E. McGehee, D. Van Holliday
 p. 2558 (abstract)
 Contribution of active and passive acoustics to study oceanographic
 processes feeding whales in a critical habitat of the St. Lawrence Estuary
 Yvan Simard, Nathalie Roy, Yvan Simard, Cedric Cotte
 p. 2559 (abstract)
 Sonar off-axis target classification by an echolocating dolphin
 Patrick Moore, Lois Dankiewicz, Dorian Houser
 p. 2559 (abstract)
 Unusual spatiotemporal patterns in fish chorusing
 Gerald L. D'Spain, Lewis P. Berger
 p. 2559 (abstract)
 Marine Mammal Active Sonar Test 2004 (MAST 2004)
 Peter J. Stein, Amy Vandiver, Geoffrey S. Edelson, Adam S. Frankel,
 Christopher W. Clark
 p. 2559 (abstract)
 Sources of uncertainty in Doppler sonar measurements of fish speed
 Cristina D. S. Tollefsen, Len Zedel
 p. 2559 (abstract)
 What happens when you want to talk to the animals: lessons of a career in
 animal bioacoustics
 Ann E. Bowles
 p. 2563 (abstract)
 Life as an acoustician in industry, academia, and government service
 Mardi C. Hastings
 p. 2564 (abstract)
 Selective auditory attention to features of complex sounds: A comparative
 Eduardo Mercado III, Itzel Orduna
 p. 2574 (abstract)
 Twenty-five years with Van Holliday in the development of high-frequency
 technology and analysis algorithms to measure zooplankton distributions
 Richard E. Pieper
 p. 2582 (abstract)
 Acoustic backscatter models of fish: Gradual or punctuated evolution
 John K. Horne
 p. 2583 (abstract)
 A nonlinear model-based acoustic inversion to estimate the abundance and
 biomass distributions of marine organisms
 Dezhang Chu, Peter Wiebe
 p. 2583 (abstract)
 High-frequency acoustic volume scattering from zooplankton and moving
 oceanic microstructure
 Andone C. Lavery, Peter H. Wiebe, Raymond W. Schmitt, Timothy K. Stanton,
 Tetjana Ross, Gareth Lawson, Nancy Copley, Karen E. Fisher, Fabian Wolk
 p. 2583 (abstract)
 Ocean acoustic backscattering: When you can ignore acoustic scatter from
 turbulence and when you can't
 Tetjana Ross, Andone Lavery, Rolf Lueck, Peter Wiebe, Gareth Lawson
 p. 2583 (abstract)
 Effect of orientation of euphausiids and copepods on acoustic target
 strength: Implications for measurements from down-looking and side-looking
 acoustic systems
 Malinda Sutor, Timothy J. Cowles
 p. 2583 (abstract)
 Comparing high-frequency scattering by a fish swimbladder and a gas-filled
 Kenneth G. Foote, David T. I. Francis
 p. 2584 (abstract)
 Some anomalous time domain back scattering phenomena from low contrast fluid
 spheres and cylinders
 C. Feuillade, D. Chu, C. S. Clay
 p. 2584 (abstract)
 Modeling of surficial sediment alteration by biology
 Dajun Tang
 p. 2584 (abstract)
 The Bergen multifrequency analyzer (BMA): A new toolbox for acoustic
 categorization and species identification
 Egil Ona, Rolf Korneliussen, Hans Petter Knudsen, Kjell Rang, Inge Eliassen,
 Yngve Heggelund, Daniel Patel
 p. 2584 (abstract)
 An echo analysis technique for estimating the fish population
 C. P. Anil Kumar, Sajith N. Pai, N. Soniraj, M. H. Supriya, James Kurian, C.
 Madhavan, P. R. Saseendran Pillai
 p. 2584 (abstract)
 Comparing spectral resolvability in chinchillas and human listeners using
 phase discrimination
 William P. Shofner, Kathryn Sparks, Yuanxing Esther Wu, Ellen Pham
 p. 2599 (abstract)
 Dolphin sonar detection and discrimination capabilities
 Whitlow W. L. Au
 p. 2614 (abstract)
 Inferring fish school distributions from long range acoustic images: Main
 acoustic clutter experiment 2003
 Deanelle T. Symonds, Purnima Ratilal, Nicholas C. Makris, Redwood W. Nero
 pp. 2618--2619 (abstract)
 Continuous wide area monitoring of fish shoaling behavior with acoustic
 waveguide sensing and bioclutter implications
 Nicholas C. Makris, Purnima Ratilal, Deanelle T. Symonds, Redwood W. Nero
 p. 2619 (abstract)
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