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bioacoustics articles: Aquatic Living Resources 16(3)

Subject: bioacoustics articles: Aquatic Living Resources 16(3)
From: Dave Mellinger <>
Date: Thu, 03 Jul 2003 10:01:32 -0700
 Aquatic Living Resources 16 (3), 2003, in press
 Articles: <a  href=""; 
 Acoustics in Fisheries and Aquatic Ecology. Part 2
 EDITORIAL by J. Massé, F. Gerlotto & D.N. MacLennan
 FOREWORD by J. Massé & F. Gerlotto - Introducing Nature in fisheries
 research: the use of underwater acoustics for an ecosystem approach 
 of fish population.
 Gerlotto F., Paramo J. - The three dimensional morphology and internal
 structure of clupeid schools as observed using vertical scanning
 multibeam sonar.
 Gimona A., Fernandes P.G. - A conditional simulation of acoustic
 survey data: advantages and potential pitfalls.
 Holliday D.V., Donaghay P.L., Greenlaw C.F., McGehee D.E., McManus
 Sullivan J.M., Miksis J.L. - Advances in defining fine- and
 micro-scale pattern in marine plankton.
 Simard Y., Marcotte D., Naraghi K. - Three-dimensional acoustic
 mapping and simulation of krill distribution in the Saguenay -
 St. Lawrence Marine Park whale feeding ground.
 Soria M., Bahri T., Gerlotto F. - Effect of external factors
 (environment and survey vessel) on fish school characteristics
 observed by echo-sounder and multibeam sonar in the Mediterranean Sea.
 Getabu A., Tumwebaze R., MacLennan D.N.- Spatial distribution and
 temporal changes in the fish populations of Lake Victoria.
 Godlewska M., Swierzowski A. - Hydroacoustical parameters of fish in
 reservoirs with contrasting levels of eutrophication.
 Krumme U., Saint-Paul U. - Observation of fish migration in a
 macrotidal mangrove channel in Northern Brazil using 200 kHz
 split-beam sonar.
 Lilja J., Keskine T., Marjomäki T.J., Valkeajärvi P., Karjalainen J. -
 Upstream migration activity of cyprinids and percids in a channel,
 monitored by a horizontal split-beam echo-sounder.
 Taylor J.C., Rand P.S. - Spatial overlap and distribution of anchovies
 (Anchoa spp.)  and copepods in a shallow stratified estuary.
 Bertrand A., Josse E., Bach P., Dagorn L.- Acoustics for ecosystem
 research: lessons and perspectives from a scientific programme
 focusing on tuna - environment relationships.
 Hewitt R.P., Demer D.A., Emery J.H.-An eight-year cycle in krill
 biomass density inferred from acoustic surveys conducted in the
 vicinity of the South Shetland Island during the austral summers of
 1991-92 through 2001-02.
 Tegowski J., Gorska N. , Klusek Z.- Statistical analysis of acoustic
 echoes from underwater meadows in the eutrophic Puck Bay (southern
 Baltic Sea).
 Komatsu T., Igarashi C., Tatsukawa K., Sultana S., Matsuoka Y., Harada
 S.- Use of multi-beam sonar to map seagrass beds in Otsuchi Bay, on
 the Sanriku Coast of Japan.
 Ménard F., Marchal E. ? Foraging behaviour of tuna feeding on small
 schooling Vinciguerria nimbaria in the surface layer of the equatorial
 Atlantic Ocean.
 Paramo J., Quiñones R.A., Ramirez A., Wiff R.- Relationship between
 abundance of small pelagic fishes and environmental factors in the
 Colombian Caribbean Sea: an analysis based on hydroacoustic
 Thomas G.L., Thorne R.E.- Acoustical-optical assessment of Pacific
 herring and their predator assemblage in Prince William Sound, Alaska.
 Mitson R. B., Knudsen H. P. - Causes and effects of underwater noise
 on fish abundance estimation.
 Handegard N.O., Michalsen K., Tjoestheim D.- Avoidance behaviour in
 cod (Gadus morhua) to a bottom-trawling vessel.
 Wahlberg M., Westerberg H. - Sounds produced by herring (Clupea
 harengus) bubble release.
 Towler R.H., Jech J.M., Horne J.K.- Visualizing fish movement,
 behavior, and acoustic backscatter.
 Cardinale M., Casini M., Arrhenius F., Håkansson N.- Diel spatial
 distribution and feeding activity of herring (Clupea harengus) and
 sprat (Sprattus sprattus) in the Baltic Sea.
 Klevjer T.A., Kaartvedt S. - Split-beam target tracking can be used to
 study the swimming behaviour of deep-living plankton in situ.
 Skaret G., Nøttestad L., Fernö A., Johannessen A., Axelsen B.E. -
 Spawning of herring: day or night, today or tomorrow?
 Beare D.J., Reid D.G., McKenzie E. -Fish schooling behaviour in the
 northwest North Sea: interspecific associations measured by acoustic
 Gregory J., Clabburn P.- Avoidance behaviour of Alosa fallax fallax to
 pulsed ultrasound and its potential as a technique for monitoring
 clupeid spawning migration in a shallow river.
 Nilsson L.A.F., Thygesen U.H., Lundgren B., Nielsen B.F., Nielsen -
 Vertical migration and dispersion of sprat (Sprattus sprattus) and
 herring (Clupea harengus) schools at dusk in the Baltic Sea.
 Prchalová M., Dra?tík V., Kubecka J., Sricharoendham B., Schiemer
 F., Vijverberg J. - Acoustic study of fish and invertebrate behaviour
 in a tropical reservoir
 Brehmer P., Gerlotto F., Guillard J., Sanguinède F., Guénnegan Y.,
 Buestel D.- New applications of hydroacoustic methods for monitoring
 shallow water aquatic ecosystems: the case of mussel culture grounds.

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